My baby is breech...advice?

I’m 35 weeks today and baby is still sitting breech anybody have any luck with baby flipping this late? I’m sooo scared. This is my 5th child and never had trouble with a breech baby after 20+ weeks.


They had me do exercises to turn my baby they had me rock on my hands and knees forward and back ward but honestly I don’t remember the others that was 6 years ago but try looking up exercises online it may help.

I had a successful ECV at 39 weeks with my 9lb middle child. She stayed head down after and was born via water birth on her due date.

I literally had this problem at the exact same week. My baby girl was frank breech. I went for 38 week ultrasound and she was head down. All I did was swim and invert my body a few times. Seemed to work

My second was a breech. Wouldn’t turn for nothing. I had a wonderful C-section. Much preferred it to the vag birth I had with my daughter. Try not to stress about it too much. Baby will do what baby wants to do, just let the docs get them out safely. Best of luck!


If you decide to have your baby flipped have them induce you. I went in to have one of mine…4th baby flipped and she had already flipped herself. Went home and around her due date she had turned back. Ended up with a c-section because that far its to dangerous to try and flip her. Wishing you the Best!!!

Had a scheduled C-section cause my daughter wouldn’t turn. It was better than being in labor for 15+ hours. Lol

I went into labor at 36 weeks so I’m no help there are ways to turn baby but it may put you in labor and has its risks

Baby turns before you go in. The Dr knows how to turn baby if needed before delivery.

Happened to me with my third of five. I am from UK and they insisted on turning her there despite my protests. I knew she had turned back almost immediately. We were leaving for the US two weeks later for husbands job. I was quite far along and probably should not flown but I did with no problems. First thing we did was find a Doctors office. I had a letter and record of all dr visits in UK. American Dr could not believe that they had turned baby. He told me go back to hotel, remove pillows from bed and lay flat with pillows under my feet. Do this a few times each day. First time I did it I felt her flip the right way for birth!

They tried all sorts of ways to turn my son, nothing worked. Went in to labor 36 wks was forced into an emergency c-section found out at birth the cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times they believe that’s why he wouldn’t turn.

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My girl flipped on her own at 39 weeks!

I had a scheduled c-section for my son because of him being breeched. He was so big they didn’t think he would flip, so i didn’t do anything. My son ended up flipping the morning of my c-section so I had him vaginally! So yes! There’s hope the baby will flip!

It’s a variation of normal :woman_shrugging:

My daughter turned at 39+5