My baby is measuring small: Advice?

So I’m 20 week’s pregnant, and I just got back from my ultrasound! Our beautiful daughter is gonna be a big sister to a beautiful little baby girl! So blessed! Her Heartbeat, and everything is Healthy! She got all ten fingers and toes! But I’m nervous now. They just put me in a high-risk pregnancy. She is very small. She is in the 1 percent tile. She is supposed to be in the 10th percent tile. So now we have to go see a high-risk OBGYN along with my normal OBGYN.Has anyone else had this problem with their baby being smaller than they are supposed to be? This is my 3rd pregnancy. 1st went great! 2nd had a miscarriage. This is my 3rd.


I was small entire time delivered at 37 weeks. 5 lbs and she’s great!

I was with both my babies! I had to do monitoring the whole last trimester and was induced with both, my son was five pound nine ounces, and my daughter was five pounds one ounce. They are both perfectly healthy just tiny babies

I’m 37 weeks and my little guy is measuring 2 weeks smaller then he should at 5lbs Definitely has me worried. Just waiting for insurance to approve it so I can get an ultrasound to check on him. Hes been good and healthy the whole pregnancy so :crossed_fingers:. I’m also very small. I was only 90lbs at the start of this pregnancy.

Have them do a better ultrasound of the babies heart. Cardio babies cant be on the smaller size, might not be anything but worth the extra look. (I have a cardio baby) Dates could also be a bit off


Currently dealing with a small and big baby. Been going to an MFM (high risk specialist) because I’m pregnant with twins. Different circumstances, but I’ll be delivering at 34 weeks because baby A is 2lbs11oz and B is 3lbs3oz. B is stealing all the nutrients from A, so diff circumstances, they’ll just montior the baby, and make sure she grows, will help you come up with a nutritional diet inorder to help baby grow & if they feel there’s concern. They’ll take the steps inorder to help you have a healthy baby. Im 30 weeks.

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My 35 year old sister and 39 year old brother were both 4lbs babies when they were born. My 41 year old brother was 5lbs. I was my mom’s biggest at 6lbs. We’re all here and healthy. Just try to keep calm and don’t let your nerves get to you. Also, those measurements aren’t always correct. My best friend thought she was going to have a massive 11 or 12lbs baby cause they kept telling her how large he was measuring. He was around 7 or 8lbs at birth. My daughter measured small but was just shy of 7lbs at birth.

I had to see a high risk obgyn for a a ultrasound on my 2nd baby girl and honestly it went good. She only had to see me 1 time asked me some questions I answered them and that’s it. My reg obgyn said that at 36 weeks she’s breeched and we had to do a c section but instead was induced as the last ultrasound said she was 5lbs and she wasn’t gaining a pound. After she came out she was 6lbs 5ozs

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Both of my babies are small. Current pregnancy at 36 weeks and shes 5lbs 12 oz according to ultrasound. First one was delivered at 6 lbs even. Small babies aren’t always bad, and I’ve been high risk with both. Keep calm momma, and look at foods that will help baby grow if it worries you that much.

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My daughter measured small most of my pregnancy. We had to go to high risk ultrasounds. But she was born on Friday and was 6 pounds and 6 ounces!

Did they mention how many ounces she is ?

I was small with all 3, they were all preemies also. All of them came out healthy as can be at 4lbs 3oz

All 3 weighted the exact same

My son was in the 5th percentile when he was born at 5 lbs 6 oz at 38 weeks. He was born via emergency C-Section because his heart wasn’t handling the contractions well. The only complications were that he couldn’t be held the first day because he was having respiratory issues as well as a slight heart murmur. He also had a slight issue with jaundice. Right now he is a perfectly healthy 6 week old!

Ugh, Dr. told my baby was on the smaller side and wasn’t ready to be born for another week or so, he came out the next day 8’9oz 21 inches :weary:

My son was measured small at 4lbs 3oz so I was induce at 38 weeks and he was 8lbs even

I went through exactly same thing. Induced ar 37 weeks, she weighed 4lbs 11oz. Healthy as can be.

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My 2nd one was classified as IUGR she was measured to be around 5 lbs but when she was born she was 6lbs and 2 oz which is about average.