My baby likes to fall asleep in his do I stop this?

Im a first time mom, My son is going to be 1 in a couple weeks and ever since he learned to stand up in his crib I have a hard time getting him to fall asleep in his crib, I have to put him in his swing until he falls asleep and then transfer him, after that he sleeps through the night, but eventually he will outgrow his swing and I don’t want him to grow dependant on his swing to fall asleep. He did great before he could pull himself up but now I’m at a loss on what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


We found a 50 pound weight limit swing and our son fell asleep almost every nught there until he was 3.5 :woman_shrugging:
I work 12 hours shifts and the swing was a constant no matter which parent was home and worked great for us. 2nd child hated a swing and had to exhaust herself before going down…she is still that way at almost 7

He will eventually fall asleep in his crib if you just leave him in there. Even if he pulls himself up he will get tired and go to sleep. I’m not saying put him and ignore him but just don’t give into him immediately, give him a chance


Leave him in his cot. He will eventually fall asleep. If he stands up just lay him back down so he knows it’s bed time.

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You have to just leave him there! He will eventually fall asleep


Rock him to sleep yourself then transfer?

Just make sure than he can’t throw himself out of the crib , and just leave him there , he gets up because he knows you will put him on his swing, so just STOP

Quit putting him in it…:thinking:

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Get a rocking chair and rock him to sleep then put him in his crib. This will also build a special bond between you and your son.