My baby seems hungry after I feed her: thoughts?

So my daughter is gonna be 4 months this month and right now she’s been eating 4 ounces every 3 hours. But lately she still seems hungry so I give her another 2 ounces and she eats the whole thing. The only problem with that is in 3 hours she doesn’t wanna eat the whole 4 ounces she wants to eat about 2. So I was thinking maybe I could feed her 6 ounces every 4 hours instead, I just don’t know if she’s ready FTM (and I know a lot of people say don’t use a schedule but I’m pretty sure she genuinely likes her schedule because she only cries for food right before the time she’s supposed to eat)


Try it and see how she does. She will tell you if it works or not better than anyone on facebook :blush:


You’ll just have to try it and see

For Heaven’s sake, do some thinking for yourself!


My son just turned 4months old and he eats 6oz every 4hours, and does completely fine and his pediatrician said that it was okay!

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My 2 are preemies and were on schedules in the NICU. My first ate like clockwork and she ate 3oz every 2 1/2-3 hours. My second eats triple that every 4 hours. I like the schedule personally. Never hurts to try :blush:

Try it and see. If she doesn’t take all 6 oz and still wants those extra 2 oz later then give it to her. You don’t need an okay from a pedi to feed your baby more. Feed on demand.


Feed on demand. About that age mine started eating 6-8oz every 4 hrs

We went up to 5 then 6. Ease her up to it

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Start introducing baby food start with fruits. 4 months is when my pediatrician said its ok to start

You can also use a little rice cereal to help .

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We did 6 oz every 4/5 hours. Strict schedule. It was easier to tell hunger from dirty diaper to not feeling well. Plus kept her weight on right track and didn’t stretch her stomach.

We did about 5 oz when our baby was 4 month, we also started using a little rice or oatmeal cereal so he would be full since it seemed like he was always hungry. We also had our baby on a schedule so I don’t see anything wrong with that. I suggest trying to give your baby alittle rice or oatmeal mixed with formula to help fill them up better. But stick to your judgement, you may be a FTM but you know your baby best!!

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We were told just give her what she wants. It’ll even out soon. She’s growing but still finding out how much she wants.

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I know a lot of people now say no food till 1 but I started all mine on rice cereal thinned with couple ounces of formula at 4 months with Dr and wic approval. Then oatmeal and baby food at 6 months to allow for adjustment period to solids. If 3 oz extra causes not to be hungry at next regular feeding then you can do one of 2 things drop down to an extra oz or 2 at most (cut down extra formula amount) so little one still eats at same time stretch or keep the extra formula amount higher and stretch out the feeding time an extra half hour to hour (how ever long baby allows). I personally would feed more with longer time span in between because that 1 gives you more time in between feedings to do daily tasks, rest or what ever 2 starts getting baby use to a more normal (3 or 6 small a day) meal schedule as they get older and closer to handling that. 3 betters the chance of sleeping through night if not already.
Above all just listen to your baby and your instincts.

I say just give her the 6 ounces and let her eat however much she wants then if there is any left put it in the fridge to save if for the next feeding and you can always add more if need be

You can play around with ounces and schedule to find a fit for you and baby but pls wait on solids. I have 3 kiddos and by #3 I thought I was expert… she was showing signs of wanting things at 4 months. I started them and totally regret it. She was sensitive to everything. We had to stop everything and reintroduce baby gaps style.

Do what you feel is right. No one knows your baby like you!

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This is common sense… as their belly grows they eat more at a time and don’t need to eat as often… they will transition from every 3-4 hours to 3 meals a day with a bedtime feeding. If she’s hardly eating when you feed her again why would you not wait until she is hungry to try? Babies are not meant to be fed at certain times just to have a schedule. They need to be fed when they are actually hungry… Also by 4 months it’s time to start introducing a spoon and feeding your child actual food. Always start with veggies first. Fruits are sweet and will make it much harder to get them to eat the veggies later if they have started on fruit.


Just keep doing what she needs lovely. My son was the same and he did grow out of it xx

Dont give her rice cereal, it has basically no nutritional value. Baby food should also wait until closer to 6 months. All she needs right now is formula and its totally okay to feed on demand and a adjust amount and timing based on her needs.

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I have a 4 month baby and he weighs 16 lbs and well within his rights to be hungry. He used to eat 6 oz every 4 hours, but he still would cry in 2 hours for more. It was frustrating for him and I because I was told not to overfeed, but he was obviously hungry. I got stage 1 baby foods - veggies and fruit, and he eats about half a can of food, then takes a 4 oz bottle with a bit of rice cereal. And he is good for 4 hours and no longer cries. Try to do 6 oz first, but if she continues to cry try to mix in some baby food and rice cereal in her milk.

Mom of 3 my son was born Sept 25. He takes in 4-5 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. You need to up it one oz not 2 sounds like

Do not give her food yet. Adding rice cereal to the bottle is a chocking hazard. If she genuinely likes her schedule (my son is the same way) do the 6 oz every 4 hours. Adjust as you go until she is happy with the schedule. But please dont give her food yet. Their little bellies are not ready for it that little.

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My daughter is 4 months and she eats anywhere from 6-8 oz every 3-4 hours. I have given her food to taste but not as a meal, pediatrician recommends waiting til 6 months to incorporate real food.

Sounds like a solid plan.

Please consult her pediatrician before starting solids prior to 6 months, as your intuition told you.

More formula on a different schedule poses zero risk. Starting baby food too early MIGHT have severe risk including aspirating food.

I’m not interested in stories about “i gave my baby food at 4 months and they’re fine,” so refrain from coming at me with those, please. I’m glad your baby is fine and I’m absolutely not saying its not an option. I’m just saying to talk to her pediatrician before to get a professional opinion and learn about the signs that her 4 month old baby is ready.

But I’d always recommend before the age of 6 months to attempt bigger bottles over anything.

You got this, momma. Your instincts are great.

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I would move her to 6oz every 4 hours. The bigger they get the more you can give and wait longer between feedings. If that doesn’t seem to be working you can adjust accordingly.

You know your child better than anybody follow ur instinct or do women even have those anymore :thinking: some of the questions on here really make me wonder…

I give my son who is now 5 months I started him on puree foods and now he only wants a bottle every 4-5hrs he’s has 180ml which is I think is 6oz he weights 4.8 kg

some cereal and formula wont hurt especially if the baby an eater and formula not filling upall 3 my kids ate cereala bout 4 mths and there 23,6,&7 they didnt seem to get enough and babyfood about 6mths. but do what u feel is best.but dont put the cereal and formula in a bottle.

My son had always ate ALOT as a newborn & baby. But he’s came out at 9 pounds 11 ounces :crazy_face: if she can handle it you can give it to her. Just try and see. She will be just fine if she’s still hungry feed her :slight_smile:

Do what u think is right. If she usually has 4 ounces, maybe up it to 5 ounces. Push feeding back by 30 mins-1 hour. She will let u know when shes ready lol. Mine did hahaha. Cereals and baby foods usually dont start until 6-7 months old.

Do you feed the baby baby food

Formula goes up as they get older. So yes incress the amount. Please dont start solids or adding crap to the bottle. This isn’t safe or recommended anymore.

Its really up to you on what YOU want to do or ask your pedi on what to do.asking for opinions is one thing but in the end you need to do what is best do what you think is right.but I myself had the same issues with my daughter I just give her 6oz every 4 hours and feed her cereal morning and night but I feed her with a spoon not through the bottle (my daughter is 5 Months) but again you are the mother only you know what’s best no one else