My baby struggles to poop but the doctor doesn't listen: Advice?

So I keep trying to talk to my pediatrician, but she keeps passing the issue off as normal. My baby struggles severely to poop. She will go all day, straining grunting, crying, pushing only to pass gas. She’s up all night doing this. When I first brought her home, it was normal for her to eat and then poop right after, but now she’s just in so much pain trying to poop, and she’s up all night. She is not constipated because once she finally does pass the bowel movement, it’s very soft, she just can’t get it out. The pediatrician keeps telling me newborns can go up to 5 days without a bowel movement, but I know my baby, and she is struggling and is up all night just trying to poop. Is this normal? I’ve tried doing the bicycles I’ve tried doing the thermometer trick I’ve tried rubbing her belly I’ve tried doing tummy time I’ve tried letting her fuss in her crib for a few minutes to see if she can work it out and nothing helps. And her belly gets really hard. I’m just at a loss, and I’m tired of seeing my baby struggle and in pain.


Movicol from the chemist.

My granddaughters dr put her on Mirlax.

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Ask dr to change thr formula. It will make a big difference. Maybe a sensitive kind.


Gripe water will help make her more comfortable.


Are you breastfeeding or are you using formula. You should change doctor’s if you feel that he/she is not taking your concerns seriously. If your baby drinks formula well you might need to change it bur only under doctor supervision


Sounds like colic, try gas x and change formula to soy


Gripe water and switch formula. Obviously her belly doesn’t like it

Probiotics in the bottle helped my guy alot!

Carroll syrup in her formula will help her go. Just put a little in every bottle until she starts going normally. You can find it in the baking section.


Then be firm and throw a fit if u have too.

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Definitely change doctors or get a second opinion at least.


Try gentelease formula bc regular is too harsh. Or she could be lactose intolerant which usually makes diarrhea but you never know. And do NOT give a baby water. They arent supposed to have water until a yr old.

Gripe water!!! And a nice warm bath…

Prune juice mixed with water worked for my kids

If breastfeeding maybe consider something in your diet. If I’m formula, look into changing formula to a sensitive kind. My youngest was the same way. I got probiotic drops for newborns and one drop in the bottle once a day was enough for him to not struggle as much when he pooped. His poop was always soft too even without the probiotic and gripe water helped with gas.

Cooled boiled water a couple of times a day often helps. Did the trick with several of mine when they were babies. Doesn’t have to be a lot. A few ounces here or there. Its the easiest and gentlest way.

I HIGHLY recommend gripe water. Helped my daughter tremendously You know your kid and if you think something isn’t right your probably correct. Definitely consider switching doctors for a second opinion. Good luck :heart:

Karo syrup and water

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My son who is now 7 had pooping problems like that as a baby. At about 2 mos old the dr had me add just a couple tablespoons of prune juice to total comfort formula and the results were amazing.

Carol syrup in her milk

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Sounds like what my daughter went through. We ended up changing milks a few times until we tried nutramagien. Baby girl did so much better after switching & finding out she’s lactose

Pear juice what the Dr gave my granddaughter 2 weeks old

Sounds like she needs a different pediatrician . But you could change her formula to soy for sensitive tummies which could help also try sitting her up to help belly muscles to strengthen up for she could have low muscle control till she’s old enough to sit up by herself ,for with my grand and after seeing a pediatric GI was told that he has what they call slow gi track can’t remember the medication they put him on.

My daughter had to change formulas same thing with their like boy!!

Yup Karlo syrup in her milk worked for mine too


Find a new pediatrician. You know your baby better than anyone and you are their voice. If the doctor doesnt respect and listen to the concern you have for your child then it’s the wrong doctor for your family.


My daughter has the same problem when she was newborn. I would make her chamomile tea with a little bit of Karo syrup.

Warm bath and Karo syrup in with her formula




I would try gripe water or mylicon.

If your using formula don’t pack the scoop or dilute with a little more water then normal. Find out if it is possible to introduce small amounts of prune juice.

I wonder if she has fissures? Google it as my grandson had same symptoms

I’m so sorry your baby is going through this. There is a probiotic for infants called Evivo. I mixed this into my breastmilk and gave this to baby daily and it helped her so much. It truly helps with gut health which equates to good immune system. It’s a bit expensive but I feel my 2 yr old benefited from this a great deal. She’s only been sick once. Very healthy all the way through and I attribute this to the probiotics early on. My first baby didn’t get this and she was sick multiple times a year.

It’s been 35 years …but there is an herbal tea …cant remember the name. Warm baths. Are you nursing?

So many unknowns… how old is baby? breastfed or formula?.. sounds like formula. The switch to formula can give constipation. They sell baby gas tablets, she might just be gassy. Massage and stimulate her bootie hole gently, forget the thermometer.

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If she’s not crying don’t worry about it. If she is crying put a little Citrucel in her bottle

When my niece was around 6mos she was struggling we gave her baby food prunes,and it did the job, so maybe give baby I little prune juice

I always had to help my oldest daughter. I would push her knees up into her belly. She stayed constipated and at 16 she still struggles with it. Also used Karo syrup.

I went through the same thing with my son who is now 19.
Still bowel issues. He also has medical issues. The pediatrician told me no not constipation because it was soft…his was like paste…sold but very thick and pasty. His stomach doctor told me that was the worst kind of constipation. Nothing completely worked. We were on miralax, did Karo syrup, fruit juices that start with p…some would work for a while than stop so we would go to the next. Never got a solid reason.
Sorry for the long post with no definite fix but wanted you to know I was there. Keep taking to the doctors until they take you serious.

If newborn go to doctor…do not give facebook remedies…if breastfeeding see local breastfeeding association

It could be the formula id try changing it but i Highly recommend Karo syrup its gentle on them, you can use in warm formula or water ive seen alot of infants with this issue if it continues with using the Karo seek another pediatrician for a check up.

how old is baby and is she breastfed? is she is exclusively breastfed it is normal for her to go anywhere up to 10 days without pooping.

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find a diffrent DR…2 of my kids had and one still has this going on…its the milk it needs to be switched to sensitive or soy…and if child is drinking regular milk try 1%…and if you are breastfeeding focus on what you eat and keep a log of how your foods affect the poopoo

Probiotic!! Helps wonders for both my kids. If she’s struggling and uncomfortable I wouldn’t see that as something normal.

Karo syrup, gripe water, hell maybe even change formula if she is on it she may just have a sensitive stomach and to formula is messing with her belly and that could also be a reason. I would get a new pediatrician the saying mother knows best wasnt made for no reason

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Get another dr … might want to ask the old dr if he would mind going five days without pooping! What an ass your dr is … especially if she is in distress !


Give her some olive oil to swallow!

Dark karo syrup in her juice/formula … formula plays hell on babies stomachs I used dark karo for all four of mine…

Diluted prune juice if not switch to lactose free I did both mine

This happened to my son. As well as being super fussy. Everyone told me he was colicky but I knew something was wrong. Turned out he has a dairy allergy. We switched formula to similar ailmentum (no cows milk protein that’s the allergy) and it was a huge change after a week.

Also whoever suggested you dilute the formula is so wrong. That’s horrible and dangerous advice. Please don’t listen to that.

I know it’s hard with so many different people saying they’ve tried different things and what not and can be overwhelming but yeah that advice was dangerous.

Hopefully you’re able to find a solution soon.

I was recommended to try 1 oz of prune juice mixed with formula from my doctor back in 2016. No more than 2 oz per day. I would mix 1oz prune juice with the 4 oz of mixed formula. It helped but was not instant and didn’t harm or upset baby. It took maybe a week to work through before having normal movements. He drank prince juice like this up until he started eating baby food. Then I was able to sub with Vegi’s and fruits that would do the same.

My baby was having the same issue when she was only a few months old. When I talk to her Dr he said sometimes when they start to get the urge they clench instead of relaxing to let it out he told me I could try glycerin suppositories to train her sphincter muscle to relax and release. It helped her tremendously! I couldn’t find baby ones so he said I could get children’s ones and just cut them in half. I would definitely look into getting a new doctor.

I had the same issue with my son! I switched his formula to enfamil reguline that worked wonders! We tried using soy and it made it worse! We also bought probiotic drops for him and also helped regulate his tummy, hope it helps!

My son was very similar and it was wind pain. I was BFing and had to get off all dairy. Massive improvement in bowels. We used gripe water and bio Gaia and that helped too. You know your baby best - trust your mumma instinct. Hope you work it out

Get a 2nd opinion and even a 3rd, not normal for pediatrician to ignore concerns

I had issues breastfed/bottle. We had to do the thermo, and depositories and when we switched formula (cause I wasn’t milking enough) it helped.

I would change drs she could have intestinal issues but try karo syrup in her bottle or even this mommys bliss babys conspitation ease plus prebiotics you can find it @ wal mart

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A pediatric gastroenterologist!! My grandson had terrible gastro issues as a newborn and only a gastro could help. He’s 8 now, but still has digestive issues from time to time.

Go get another Dr right away

I would find a new Dr. asap and see what they would recommend. My grandson had the same issue, they tried Karo, sugar water etc and turns out he has crohns disease. It took them almost a year to finally get a Dr. to listen to them. Not trying to scare you or say that is what is wrong, I’m just saying push to find a dr who will listen to you and diagnose correctly. Prayers to you and your daughter.

My cousins baby’s bottom part of his colon was actually dead. And had to remove it

My grand baby use to cry so bad when she had to poo and it was hard for the poo to come out sometimes but she grew out of it and I use to have to help push out her poo but thank god she grew out of it.

If your baby’s old enough try prunes, when my son was 4 months he was having a hard time as well and the doctor prescribed him stool softener but I didnt wanna give him that so I tried prunes and it helped him a lot.

Gripe water worked for my daughter. Helped to get all the gas cleared so she could go much easier.

She may need a new formula

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If your doctor is refusing to acknowledge your concerns as a mother, please find another doctor. It may be nothing but the failure to address your concerns and offer interventions/solutions to a problem is not helping you or your child.


Tbs caro syrup in her bottle

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Omg! Poor child is suffering, try prune juice for children, or another doctor.


If baby is breastfed, it’s normal for them to go a week without pooping because breastmilk has less waist! That’s coming from a pedi :heart:


My daughter did that too. I would have to move her legs like she was riding a bike and hold her legs to her chest while she would strain to go to the bathroom. She would scream in pain like she was having gas pains. I called the doctor and they said it was normal. I said no it’s not she’s in pain. He said well what do you want me to do? I said change her formula so they said what are you thinking. I said soy because I’m thinking she’s lactose intolerant. They said Ok try it. I did and it was the best decision I ever made. I had a happy baby that never strained again.

A little kao syrup in his bottle. NATURAL lax

Karo syrup in water in her bottle


Give her 1 tsp. Miel karro clear in her bottle of formula

Try soy formula or goats milk could be the milk…give i tsp clear karo syrup in formula once day

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Change doctors immediately.


What we see a soft poop for them is actually constipation for them. Try mommys bliss. Its for constipation what seems soft to us it hard for them. My baby girl (3 months old) was in the same boat. I give her half a serving a day and she poops with ease. You could also try giving her a warm bath and massaging her tummy to help.

I wouldnt switch formula just yet because switching formulas could make it worse for her.


My little girl was exactly the same. We tried lots of things. We switched formulas, tried changing how much and how often she ate, did the exercises to help things move through her system, Karo syrup, prune juie, apple juice. She was checked for intestinal issues. She was one miserable girl when she didn’t go. Karo syrup worked when she hadn’t gone in a day or two. Apple juice was added to her bottle daily. That was our solution. Try a few different things though. Our pediatrician said not to give her Karo Syrup because it wasn’t pasteurized. But we did any way.

Try Gentle Ease formula or Gerber probiotics for infants. My granddaughter is newborn and she has the same issue. Both of these work. We now just feed her one bottle a day of gentle ease, the rest of the day is regular formula and everything is flowing smoothly.

You need to find a new pediatrician. We are our own advocates we know ourselves and our children better than they do. They see us for 5 minutes and give us text book information because that what insurance requires before they run test or truly diagnose, that’s what it has come to. You have to fight for your right to be heard. Find someone that will listen and be firm. I learned the hard way but now I fight for my family and I never accept the first diagnose and make them look farther. Go to urgent care and make them listen and tell them you know your child and something is not right. Stay strong and don’t give in.

Find a new Doctor…


My 7 week old baby does this …it’s normal for some babies it called infant dyschezia…a condition where they don’t fully understand how to use there muscle…so they are pushing with all the muscles at once instead of the one to open the anus.your baby is fine.

New doctor…one thing a parent does not need is a dr that won’t give consideration to anything they have concerns about. Go to the e.r. for immediate results…

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My daughter had this exact same issue , her pediatrician told me to give her Nutramigen formula within 48 hours she was perfectly fine using it without screaming in pain when she did poop

My baby had the exact same issue and 3 doctors told us it’s normal which was very frustrating. And I found somewhere that giving spinach juice helped them to poop. Blend it really well with water. And feed twice a day

Tell your pediatrician you want them to document their refusal to treat her in her chart. And demand to get a second opinion

Soak prunes in boiling water for 20 minutes then give bubby a full bottle of the prune water. Guaranteed poo nami the next day

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Cool boiled water with a drop of fresh orange juice , 1 part to 5. My granddaughter was having the same issue. It did the trick. Good luck.

I’d say it’s normal for little babies to do this especially if breastfed. They also don’t know how to get it out very well for the first couple of months. If her poo isn’t hard then don’t go giving her any juice or stuff like that cause she’s clearly not constipated. Both of mine used to keep me up at night with their straining and wriggling and most of the time they’d eventually get out some gas. My now 6 month old used to go a few days without pooing and gradually get worse with his straining the longer it went. But he always went in the end. It’s just one of those things they have to learn to do.

Give baby a very small amount of castor oil. Within a few hrs loosens motions .my grandchild struggles to poo so we do this quite regularly.

My youngest was like this ended up having to have a small operation to relax the muscle that controls the bowel . She was in trouble from day one with this problem …Please ask for a referral to another doctor …
She grown now but still has the tendency for the problem

How old is your little one

My baby also does the same thing. She’s not up all night but she does have a hard time pooping. My pediatrician said to give her suppositories.

Sounds like she’s gassy.


I’m sorry but is this serious? Sorry for your baby but you need a new pediatrician!

Yeah suppositories will have that poop out in a matter of minutes they have special ones for babies. Maybe change what your feeding her. If you do formula try a different one . Water with a tiny tiny drop of peppermint can help sooth gas and belly pains too.

Give ur baby a warm bath have them lay in it…they will go in the restroom in the tub but trust me they will thank u

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My daughter had this issue, suppositories helped a bunch!

Get a new pediatrician