My baby will not sleep unless on top of me...advice?

My baby is a month old and for the past couple days will not sleep anywhere that’s not on top of me I can’t get much of anything done until my husband gets home from work and can take the baby. The baby carrier I have he isn’t a fan of, so I’m looking for recommendations on baby carriers that your baby loves and that helps you get things done around the house! Thank you in advance!


Get a wrap! They are amazing for helping mommy with baby! And like others have said enjoy these moments. Your laundry and dishes will still always be there.

Just enjoy these moments they grow up so fast


My kiddo enjoyed the moby as well. And since I’m larger chested it fit the best on me and kept baby safe.

We have Moby wrap and lilly baby carrier,bub preferred the lilly baby and it felt more secure to me.
Hes a month old you deserve the rest still sit down with a coffee (and tim tams) and enjoy his cuddles :grin:

my advice, enjoy these moments they wont last long

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And also Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep

I have a Moby wrap and my baby loves it

If mine wasn’t on me she would sleep in the swing. Have you tried the swing if you can watch them then it is fine. I would lay her down and clean the house or cook. Only way I could. She hated all baby carriers

Mama all I can say is. Nothing else in the world matters rn. Hold that baby if that’s where they feel most comfortable. they was just growing inside you, you’re baby wants it’s home back :smiling_face: and that’s ok. The laundry can wait, who cares what the house looks like f them dishes. Rest up and let your baby be with you. My kids are now older but I held them any and every chance I got and still do. Because it may not seem like it now but when they are older and you look back you would wish you just sat and held your baby.