My Best Friend Might Be Pregnant With My Brother's Baby: Help!

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“I am in a pickle…my best friend of 15 years stepped out on her husband and she doesnt know i know…yes, she has even kept it from me…but i asked to use her phone once and she didnt hear me so i just grabbed it and when i picked it up…she was texting my BROTHER. I went to text my mom from her phone because i couldnt find my charger and needed to contact her…i read the messages AND SHE IS PREGNANT…whoch she also has not told anyone yet…my brother denies its his but she thinks it is and this is about to get messy…should i approach her about this? trust me i know how this sounds…but this is my life now and idk what to do with the information.”

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“This is a situation where you keep your lips closed and let them sort this out. Not your business, not your place.”

“Don’t even involve yourself at this point. This is their mess and they need to fix it. The consequences are coming up real quick.”

“Let it come out as it comes. Not your business even if it is your best friend and your brother. You could be starting a lot of drama if you bring it up and it ends up being her husband’s baby in the end anyway. Let them figure it out.”

“She’s been your friend for 15 years so just mind your business and continue being there for her. What’s done in the dark always comes to light and by the sounds of this messy situation she will need a true friends support and love.”

“Not your business and also if she didn’t tell you that you could use her phone you are in the wrong for snooping. Just leave it alone you don’t wanna be in the middle.”

“This affects your Brothers life and your friends life. More then anyone else and you should NOT stick your nose where it does not belong that is between your brother, your friend and her husband. Know one told you , you found out by “açcident”. Now take what you “accidentally” found out and mind ya business and let them mind theirs. It’s NOT your place!! Everything done in the dark always comes to light.”

“So you stole your friends phone, read her private texts & want a bunch of strangers to tell you to do something with that info. My advise, mind your own business & stop looking for drama.”