My Boss Has Made It Unbearable to Work for Him

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"We are understaffed and the yelling has been going on for days. He slams stuff and curses to himself while he walks away from us. I don’t even know where to start. Is there anything I can do. My coworker just walked out for the day because she close to breaking down from all the unnecessary yelling. What do I do? There’s no HR it’s a small business and we are the only 2 employees. Please help"

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"Have a serious talk with him. Try to go in with a plan to help relieve stress. Be proactive. If he flips out, quit. This is not show a boss should behave."

"Look for other work. Lots of people hiring."

"All of you walk out at the same time and tell him why"

"Tell him to knock it off or you’ll quit. You don’t have to tolerate it."

"Stand at a safe distance with an escape route and tell him you can’t work in that situation anymore. Either he changes or you leave."

"So you quit and find some place else, so many job openings it’s not even funny"

"you can tell him “now, you’re really short staffed” and quit. plenty of jobs out there. Let him lay in the bed he made."

"Tell him if he continues to behave in that manner you will be looking elsewhere."

"He is understaffed. Make it clear you will work for a different place leaving everything on them if the working environment does not change. This is not the only job available"

"It doesn’t matter how stressed out he is. You don’t have to tolerate the disrespect….stand up for yourself and tell him to stop talking to you like. Or, quit and find something BETTER! Best of luck"

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