My Boyfriend and His Girl Best Friend and Went on a Trip Without Me

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"I just need to make sure I am not over reacting. My boyfriend has had a girl best friend for 3 years before I came in the picture. They went on a trip this weekend and he’s been taking forever to reply he’s a bad responder but worse then normal. I’ve expressed my concerns and doesn’t seem to care. I don’t know her all that well and I try to respect their friendship but I feel like a boundary is being crosse here. Am I wrong or should I trust him"

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"If you’ve expressed how you feel and he doesn’t care, why do you? Don’t allow yourself to be disrespected when he has made it clear he doesn’t care."

"No you are not wrong. Is it ok he has a girl best friend and they are close - yes BUT there is a level of respect that needs to be maintained ! And your feelings should be taken serious. Personally my husband wouldn’t go on a trip alone with a girl- not that I don’t trust him but he wouldn’t want me going with a guy friend - it’s a mutual respect thing"

"The issue isn’t the trip. The issue is you have a boundary that you feel is being crossed and he’s not respectful of. For me, if my husband can’t respect my boundaries (vice versa) we have huge problems."

"He obviously doesn’t care about your feelings. Sounds like he cares way more for her than he does for you."

"If you don’t trust him he deserves for you to let him go"

"There isn’t a lot to go by in this post. But I’ll give it a shot. If he hasn’t given you a reason to not trust him, then just trust him. If she was his best friend before you came in the picture and she still hung around after y’all got together then she is his best friend. If you have met her in the three years y’all have been together then I would trust that she really is his best friend, but if he hasn’t even introduced y’all or y’all haven’t “hung” out with each other, then I would say there may be room for worry. If he acts completely different when he comes back from his trip with her, then I may question if they fooled around on their trip. I hope this gives some insight"

"Men and woman can be friends. They were friends first so if u trust them and get no vibes more than that ok but if not I would step back and realize this isn’t the one"

"My guy best friend is a huge part of my life. That’s the first person anyone I’ve dated has met. Always will be. His gf and I became pretty good friends too. Because we are both in his life. No way no how."

"U create your own boundaries. You know this isn’t okay. Idc if they’re a really hooking up or not. He’s disrespecting u"

"If you are uncomfortable - it’s a problem. He should at least be doing things to make you feel more secure and comfortable."

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