My Boyfriend Cheated on Me, What Should I Do?

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"I been with my guy 6 years we are not living together because alot reasons a lot red flags. We been having a lot fights about me not answering his calls or texts right away because I am at work and sometimes I am in meetings. Anyways up and down but we always talked about it and then we are good again. I just found out he was cheating with this young girl and he got caught and she works at my job so I called him and confronted him but he denied it all she texted me and send me pictures of him and her and a video and he is there now he is begging me to put everything behind and my head is saying no I can’t but my hearts is saying him another chance. I don’t know what to do I am confused because this has never happen to me. He is 52 and the girl he cheated with she is 24."

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"Leave. Not only did he cheat he then had the cheek to out right lie when you flat out asked him"

"Dump him. He is not worth your time. You deserve better. Move on."

"You already know what you need to do, if you need someone to confirm it for you, yes, leave. Run far far away"

"You said it yourself red flags and cheated on top of it girl love yourself your worth more move on"

"Leave. It will never get better."

"No. Thats disgusting. Move on. Your heart will get over it, your head won’t"

"Once a Cheater always a Cheater…run sis"

"Move on once a cheater always a cheater there will be trust issues if you try to work out things"

"If you take him back you are saying this is okay."

"Leave him or ask him to leave you but no return at 52 he knew the consequences of cheating and now does not want to face the reality so ….BYE BYE"

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