My boyfriend completely forgot my biirthday and made plans with his friends....advice?

No ultimatum…find someone that treats you like a queen!! You will appreciate it later!!

Just make plans for yourself and avoid the drama.

Probably not gonna change. Move on.

You need a better boyfriend!

What ultimatum? Are you satisfied in your relationship? What do you want to do for yourself? Obviously, you can’t make him prioritize you or your feelings. Do what is best for you. Seek counsel to resolve why you need validation from others to put yourself first.


Get rid of him you deserve better.

Ultimatum has come and gone. Just walk. Be an adult and save your time and heart for someone who knows how to be another adult…in an actual relationship.


Prayers for you in Jesus mighty name Amene

Close the door and don’t look back. It’s time to be happy :blush:

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Time to move on!!! You ain’t getting what you actually deserve. :metal:t2::white_heart:

He doesn’t have any feelings for you at all! Time to move on and find someone who appreciates you!


If you’ve been asking him to change for years and he hasn’t, then it’s time to walk away. His response shows that he just doesn’t care and isn’t interested in things that are important to you. He didn’t even apologize. How do you even forget your significant other’s birthday after years of being together? He doesn’t seem invested in you. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. No man, who is genuinely in love with a woman, is going to treat you the way he does. If a man who loved you forgot your birthday, he would show remorse, apologize, and do what he could to make up for it.

You will be so much happier when you find someone that appreciates you. It’s time to leave and put yourself first. Don’t look back.

It will not get better, even with an ultimatum. I completely understand how you feel! I could if written this. Move on. You deserve more.


Honestly I think it’s time to leave that relationship, you deserve better and someone who respects you and your feelings, things aren’t going to change if you’ve told him how you’ve felt and expect. You definitely don’t sound like your a priority you need to move on


It’s not easy walking away from a relationship; but believe me, you’ll be glad you did! Leave now! The longer you wait, the harder it will be!


Skip the ultimatum and run

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RUN!!! If he treats you like that, now?!
Trust me, it won’t get better!!
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I would definitely leave. I got so depressed in my last relationship and didn’t realize how bad it was until I ended it. I felt so free after that and instantly like a weight was lifted


Sounds like you’ve already told him your feelings. However, as another commented, how is the relationship the rest of the year? If it’s great and he’s just bad at birthdays then you have to decide if the birthday thing is worth losing him over. However, if it’s not and I suspect that’s the case, leave. Somewhere out there is someone who will respect and love you.

Oh hell no!!! No you don’t need that kind of man! Time for a change honey :heart:

I hung on to a relationship for seven years hoping he would treat me better. I finally learned that putting up with being treated badly just tells them it’s alright. Leave!


Ultimatum? Just leave. He obviously does not care.
You deserve better and complaining or threatening wont make him the man you need. When he is gone at work, pack up and LEAVE.

When a man does not change behaviors after you explain and bare your heart to him… he does not care. The fact that he laughs at your face is so sad. Being alone is so much better that leaving in a one sided relationship.
Much love and luck to you.

Yes it’s time. You obviously aren’t important so you are wasting your time.

Go on a trip yourself and treat yourself with respect to yourself.

Always pray be thankful for another year :pray:

On my 50th Birthday . I took a trip to Big Island and enjoyed it so much.
My husband didn’t plan anything. He was busy carrying for his mother.

I had the best birthday ever. I went to a not so fancy restaurant . But food was yummy had a great lunch and glass of magarita drink. Took a long nap that day. Frankly I was well rested and felt so good when I got up.

Birthday Lady Love yourself and take good care of yourself❤️
Happy Bless Birthday to you🎂


Life is too short to wait for people to change , move on , find happy cause that’s not happy … good luck :slight_smile:

Maybe when his bday comes around, do it in return & see how he likes it! My bf is also “lame” when it comes to bdays & holidays. I always went above & beyond for him & he hardly did anything for me so I started matching him. What he does, he gets in return. Unfortunately it hasn’t made a difference for me, but maybe it could for you. Worth a shot! Hang in there momma


Leave? Like this is the second year. He’s screaming you don’t matter to him and you’re accepting that

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GO :walking_woman:or kick him out .!!!

I think the only ultimatum you need to give him is how he’s going to pack his bags and leave. Don’t let someone who doesn’t appreciate you stop you from finding the person who will worship you.


It sounds like the time for talk is long passed. It is time to cut your losses and move on. There are plenty more men that will treat you how you want and deserve to be treated.

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When someone shows you how they feel , believe them . If you’ve had years of letting him know how it hurts you , and nothing changes … it won’t ever change . You can either take it how it is and deal with it , or cut your losses and find someone who values you and appreciates you .


It’s time to reevaluate your relationship and what you’re getting from it. From what you’re saying he’s getting everything he needs but you’re not getting anything. Is this how you see your life? He’s not going to change.

leave him!!! he sounds like he doesn’t care about you or your feelings


Get out just leave. You have a freewill must be you like situation

I think it’s passed the ultimatum stage. He’s flat out disrespectful and it shows that he does not care. Like people are saying, leaving would be the best thing. you deserve someone that cares for you and prioritizes you.

That’s not a caring boyfriend that’s a man child and an ultimatum won’t phase him at all. Don’t allow the mistreatment. Pack your stuff and move on because he already has, and he’s shown you by the way he treats you.

Nope…you have been doing this for years…your words…he has shown you over and over you and your feelings are not important…time to start putting yourself first and let him go he is never going to give what you give to your relationship

You’re not an option you are a priority walk away and find someone who will treat you with respect and kindness know your worth 

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Sweetie! Move on he’s not worth you! It’s not your loss it will be his when he wakes up!!

Run. If you’ve expressed these issues over and over already, then it isn’t a lack of communication, it’s a lack of respect. For me, respect is the MOST important aspect of a relationship. If you do not respect your significant other, then there is nothing there. Love doesn’t keep a relationship intact, respect does. So by choosing his friends, and laughing at you, his lack of respect is blatant. Run now. Do not waste years begging this man to love and respect you. If he cared at all you wouldn’t have to beg for the bare minimum. If he isn’t choosing you now, it will only get worse later. :woman_shrugging:t4:


You need to give yourself an ultimatum. Are you prepared to deal with this for the rest of your life? Because he’s not going to change and it’s silly to think he will. Either leave or make peace that that isn’t a priority for him and never will. I left and found someone who gives me the most beautiful hand picked cards for every holiday.


Time to leave he’s given you enough “clues”

It was time for an ultimatum years ago! This is not ok in my book! If he doesn’t care about your feelings, he doesn’t care about your soul! You deserve to be appreciated and happy! If this is his nature, maybe y’all aren’t naturally meant to be together! Find your happiness! At whatever cost it is right now! You deserve it!

You can find a man that will remember your birthday and want to celebrate it. Especially he has been giving you apologies with no changed behavior…that isn’t being sorry. Easy for me to say since it’s not me but I think it’s time to move on.

Bail… the sooner the better. This won’t end well for you

Boyfriend ? Not husband ?? Leave before he becomes ur husband if this bothers u so much lol :laughing: and it should

That is a narcissistic trait, they will ruin special occasions. Happy birthday :birthday:. Love yourself and let him go.

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Living together is not the same commitment as marriage, not too surprised !

No ultimatums, it’s time to leave the toxic relationship.

If you give an ultimatum you need to live by it so don’t say anything you’ll regret. Take a long weekend away from the bf and figure out what YOU want.

From years of experience just leave and don’t go back. Just. Leave. And. Never. Turn. Back. It was the best decision I ever made

You don’t want to be with this person it is always more of the same. You should ask yourself why do you take it. I hope you aren’t desperate. Believe me there are other men out that there that will appreciate you .

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You deserve better. Leave. If he can’t even be bothered to care to remember your birthday, he probably doesn’t care too much about the relationship.


The longer u let someone treat poorly the more poorly they will treat u. U allow this behavior it will never get better

Leave him. He clearly doesn’t care about you.

I had a friend who would buy herself a gift and put it on his credit card.Usually nice perfume.

It’s one thing not getting gifts but a whole other not even making your day about you by spending time and wishing you a happy day. That to me would speak volumes, we can all say leave as that’s what we would do but you need to decide that for you. Are you happy being someone else’s second thought? Why would you need ultimatums if you have already said to him time and time again about how it makes you feel and he hasn’t changed. He won’t change so do yourself a favour a move on without him otherwise you will be left feeling this way for another however long your together and then regret not moving on sooner.

Op should give herself a new boyfriend for her birthday. And while she’s looking “forget” his birthday and Christmas gift.

Get over it. U will have a lot more to come

We don’t do birthday,gifts or anything in my house! No feelings hurt! As long as the kids was always remembered!

Why are you still with him? Girl leave this trash outside your door

Laughing in your face about it? No…he doesn’t care about your feelings at all and frankly, you deserve better. I would get rid of that “boyfriend”.

Get you some one who appreciates you! The best advice I can give, is get someone older. Like 10 years older. My husband is 10 years older than I am and I have a few friends who are also married to older men. No it’s not money lol. They just usually genuinely know how to treat a woman and how to be a real man. And if not, then leave him anyway and anyone who treats you unlike you want to be treated then you demand it or walk away. It won’t get better. His disrespect will grow along with your anger about it. Move on.

Go!! Just go!! You are not valued and you are just wasting your precious years. It may be hard leaving but it WILL be worth it!!

If you have been openly expressing your feelings to him for YEARS, you’re past the time to set an ultimatum.

He clearly has shown you what you mean to him. When someone shows you what you mean to them, believe them.

It’s time to end the relationship.


If you have already talked to him about how you feel and he still hasn’t put you first. Then it is time to go, there are plenty out there that will be more than happy to make you their number one.

Your 1st mistake was explaining your feelings for years…just be single if you don’t feel loved or appreciated by your BF

He doesn’t care. Leave his ass…NEXT

Not the for an ultimatum, time to walk. If you’ve spoken to him about how it bothers you on more than one occasion and nothing has changed then nothing will change with an ultimatum.

He’s shown you how he feels for you and YOU ASKED US WHAT YOU SHOULD DO??? Leave this person and get a life girl.

Say good bye. Unless you want to hurt for the rest of your life. Speaking from experience.

I would forget I have a boyfriend

He is clearly showing you that you are not important to him at all… Merely a convenience… WAKE UP

He’s showing you by his actions that you’re not a priority. Time to move on.

Come on, girl. He’s showing you who he is. Pay attention. If you want to be treated this way, fine. Otherwise, get out of this dead-end relationship. You know the answer.

Be done you should be priority actions speak louder than words

Get rid of him quickly!!!

Get out. Make a plan and work it. You are just a second Mom to him. You don’t need a boyfriend, you only need yourself. The right man will really want to be with you, treat you like you’re special (because you are too him). Don’t stick around when you’re on the outside of a two person relationship. If he doesn’t see you now, he’s not going to see you later.

It’s not time for an ultimatum, he has shown you how he feels. It’s time for you to pull up your big girl britches and LEAVE because he will not change

Forget the ultimatum and just leave. He laughs in your face, doesn’t care about your birthday, doesnt try to change when he knows that something he does hurts you? When people show you who they are BELIEVE THEM. You deserve better.

Happy birthday. U deserve respect and ur not getting it. Run.

Sounds like my ex husband

No ultimatum. Just leave. You deserve better. And he’s never going to change.


Know your worth. Walk away.

Move on. Nothing is ever going to change.

What you allow will continue. This has been going on for years because you’ve let him do it. You shouldn’t have to tell a grown ass man how to treat you. If he truly loved you, he’d treat you well to begin with.

Honestly it’s time to move on. He doesn’t deserve you. Time to find someone who will appreciate you.

Ultimatums always come too late. If you have to threaten to leave, you should just go ahead and get your affairs in order and actually leave.

If they want to they will … let that soak in .

Leave him, I had a bf that did the exact same thing on my birthday, but he made excuses instead of say he forgot, I just dumped him and moved on, I’ve been dating a wonderful guy now for 7 years and he never forgets my birthday. Know your worth :sparkles:

If you didnt state the problem and how you feel clearly you are being paddive agressive. If you did and he shrugged it off leave.

Think about the girl in your life you love the most, is it a sister, mother, daughter, best friend… what would you tell her if she was in this position? Would you tell her to stick it out because he’ll change if she just does this one thing or that one thing, if shes just better or lower maintenance? Or would you tell her she deserves better, she shouldn’t put up with this, there are plenty of fish in the sea?
Now that you’ve told that girl she deserves better, tell yourself you deserve better, you deserve more, you deserve love, you are worthy and most of all tell yourself I love you, I am strong and beautiful and I don’t need to scrape the bottom of the barrel to search for the crumbs that resemble love.

Hes not treating you well. I would think about moving on.

Doesn’t sound like a happy home, and he is just a boyfriend? It’s time to get out of the relationship.

No ultimatum because that leaves the decision up to him when it should be up to you .last year when he laughed in your face should of been the straw that broke the camels back.he definitely don’t appreciate you as a are basically there just to fill his everyday needs and nothing more

Wake up and smell the birthday cake hun. You deserve better. By that i don’t necessarily mean another man. You owe it to yourself to be happy especially on the say you were born. You deserve to feel like a queen and appreciated on your birthday. I pray you have the strength and courage to walk away. Actually don’t walk run. Life is too short not be happy everyday.

For one, treat his birthday as he does yours. Two, make plans with others for your birthday and stick to them, do not rely on him to make the plans especially since he has showed you over and over that he won’t.

If your daughter or best friend was going through that, what would you say? Leave.