My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Me to Continue My Pregnancy

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"I have been seeing my bf now for almost 2 years he has two kids and I have 3 kids all on school the youngest is 3 getting ready to go in headstart . I have been on birth control for 6+ months now and have recently found out I was 5 weeks pregnant and he was the first o told. He wants me to get an abortion because this pregnancy wasn’t planned. I do not I want to keep it because I don’t believe in it. What should I do or how should I handle this?"

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"If you want your baby, you keep it."

"Your body. Your choice. Do what YOU want. Not what someone else wants. Idc who it is."

"Your body your choice yeah, but you can’t force him to be responsible for that baby. He stated he doesn’t want it. So that would be fully your responsibility."

"Then keep it and have him terminate all rights"

"Dump him and keep the kid"

"Keep the baby if that’s what you want. Who cares what he wants, good thing it’s not his body. He has no say"

"Your body your choice. But he’s made it clear he doesn’t want it so don’t expect him to stay"

"If you can afford to raise the fourth on your own, then keep it. Terminate his rights and leave him be."

"Keep baby and let him relinquish his rights- so you can’t claim maintenance too. If he steps away thats his choice."

"It is your body your choice, but men have rights also…. if he doesn’t want this baby you can’t force responsibility on him so I would have him terminate his rights and do it on your own."

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I am pro life. If he does not want it there is always adoption. My young choice of choosing to have my daughter at 18 as a college freshman put me on this path. If I choose to terminate it I would not have her and two beautiful grandchildren. It is your choice in the end. Just some food for thought.

Adoption is another option. Plenty of women are unable to have children and your baby could go to a good family of your choice.