My boyfriend doesnt see an issue with this but I do how would you feel about this

I would like to know how would other moms feel about this type of situation. My boyfriend of 8 years is looking up nude pictures of teen girls to get off to and videos. We have three daughters together so this is disturbing to me. I would just like other people’s opinions on this and how they would feel about it. Thank

Yes i would be bery disturbed if i had teens at home and my husband was looking up teen nudes. I would talk to him and tell him to stop because you guys have teens at home and its just not right.

Our daughters are 6 years and 5 years and 3 months old. When I try talking to him he says it’s just older woman acting like teens and it’s not really teenagers

As a mother of 4 kids, 2 of which are girls, I would be highly disturbed by this. Typically, once men have girls of their own, this fantasy burns itself out. However, I do not feel that it is okay for any man to be looking at children to get his rocks off.