My boyfriend has started pushing my away: Thoughts?

. My boyfriend and I have been together for four months. Everything was great between us. We talked all the time, hung out all the time; he stopped at my work and visited for a few minutes. And in January, his mom was in a really bad car accident. She has gotten worse over the last month. My boyfriend has pushed me away. I message him something every day. We send a handful of messages a day. If that. He’s taking this really hard. I always listen when he’s ready to open up, but that’s rare. I’m not sure how else to help him. Any advice, please?


Let the boy focus on his mother please. Don’t be clingy. You may like him alot but allow him proper time to handle the situation. Just be there for him. Let him vent if necessary. Don’t throw things in his face or make him choose. This is his mother not a friend. Your boyfriend will appreciate it much more if you are supportive no matter what.


He needs his space and to be with his mum for now, if you really love him and want to support him then you will take that step back and just be there for him when he does say / reach out… My partner is like this and closes off when he doesn’t wanna talk about what’s troubling him but I give him space and he comes to me when he is ready.


Did he push you away or is he going through something emotionally tough? Don’t be toxic

Be his peace in the storm not his lightening.


Offer to be a quiet space for him, maybe he wouldn’t mind company but doesn’t want to talk. Dealing with a parent’s mortality is tough stuff. He may be uninterested in dumping on you or he may just feel like he needs to spend all his time with his mom. If you offer to be there and wait patiently- it’ll all work out as it should. If you like the guy and see a future, it is worth the wait.
Offer space, see if there is anything you can do to help from a distance. Sometimes space is helpful, sometimes people don’t know what kind of help they want. I would offer to make freezable meals if you are the cooking kind. Something he can heat them up and share with his mom.


Make dinner and bring it to him (and his mom if she is home) but let the guy be with his mom and give him space if he wants it. If his mom is able to comprehend things and you know something she likes, bring it over. Ask him what she likes to eat. Does she like flowers? Whats her favorite fruit if she can eat or ice cream. Don’t focus on you and him. Focus on him and his mom.


Give him the space he needs. You’ve only been together a few months. His family is going through a lot. Don’t be clingy and annoying. Let him know you are there without being overbearing.


Just tell him that you’re there if he needs you with a heart emoji. Prayers to his mom.

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Maybe now isn’t the time for a relationship. Be a friend somebody he can lean on when he needs it but let him focus on his mother


Look up holding space for someone. I would try explaining it but I’m just the worst at it. But know this is not about you, so don’t make it about you. Just hold space for him.


Send him gift cards once a week & some side gifts that way your not been annoying by messaging him all the time id get pissed off if someone was on my back all the time it might make him feel better who knows :grin:

Be patient and dont push him. Let him know you love him and you are there for him. Also there is No thing wrong with telling him you feel left out. Id say I know youre going through alot right now amd I want to be here for you and I want you to know that im here for you. I just need reassurance that you still love me. My insecurities are getting the best of me. I just want to make sure for me that we are ok.

There is nothing wrong with that at all. But be patient and love him through it even if its at a distance.

Give him time. He’s dealing with a lot right now. His concentration needs to be on his family not on you. No offence at all but this is his mom. You have been with him for 4 months, just be there for him when he needs you and if you can’t do that then leave him alone. He needs time to be with his family. Not a needy girlfriend wanting attention.

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Imagine if you could possibly lose your mother. He’s having a very hard time. Just let him know you’re there for him, but otherwise leave him alone.

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You’ve only been together for four months. He’s known his mom his whole life. I think his priorities are elsewhere at the moment. Just give him space until he’s ready to focus on your relationship again.


Be his peace … not his chaos! He’s going through something, this isn’t about you! :roll_eyes:.


Hang in there. Mom’s are not always there you’re love may be the only thing that can help him with the hurt .

Send him gift cards once a week is ridiculous!!

He’s literally dealing with his mom deteriorating from a car accident and you’re worried that he’s not talking to you all day everyday. It’s not about you babes.

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If someone is backing away. That is their way of saying they need space.

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This isnt about you. He’s obviously dealing with a lot so give him space not some clingy woman wanting his attention when u know for a fact his attention is on his mom who isnt recovering very good.

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Give him some space.

Just be there for himand offer to help made setup a meal train so that they don’t have to worry about meals, offer to help around the house, spend a few hours a week with his mom so he has a chance to get a break etc

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He needs to focus on his mom right now. Just give him the space he needs. Just send the occasional “I’m here for you” text, but don’t bombard him.

STOP being so clingy give him space :roll_eyes:

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Give him some space. Let him know you’re there when he needs you but don’t try to force it.