My boyfriend has unrealistic expectations about finances and I don’t know what to do

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months or so and I’m 4 months pregnant right now. Not only am I 19, but he’s 18 so we’re quite young. It’s not that I am unfit to be a mom or anything, But I believe that my boyfriend isn’t quite ready. He always says “yes I’m ready” , “I can’t wait to have our baby” but he refuses to get any sort of job. The only thing he wants to do is continue to play video games all day and “stream” and make money that way. But I’ve already put so much money into getting him a Gaming computer for his birthday, as well as a lot of other impractical things. Every time I kind of say no to buying something he gets upset and thinks I hate him. My best friend absolutely despised my boyfriend and tries to tell me to get him off his butt and do something but it’s so hard. My car also recently started acting up so I need a new one and he is being extremely picky about which one I get and expects a student to afford an $18k car, and calls my choice of a “good price” second hand car shitty. Right now I’m living in his parents house with him because rent was way too much and I can’t afford it on my student loans. My boyfriend also gets mad whenever I mention I’m trying to find a job because he “doesn’t want me out of his sight”. But I’m starting to grow crazy and hating every single moment sitting in this house while I’m trying to do my schoolwork and he’s screaming while playing video games and I just want peace and quiet, and help in what to do because this is becoming way too much and I’m getting stressed and it’s causing my crippling anxiety and depression to come up more than it used to.

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He’s controlling you babe and you need to either get out or talk some sense into him. And quite frankly, the second option here isn’t going to work.
What he’s doing is a form of abuse and it’s not okay - do you want your baby growing up to learn that this is how people treat others? Please hun, you are young and should not have to deal with this shit

Get up and get out. Your situation will never get any better, in fact, it will get much worse. Save yourself and your baby and move on…now.

So true. I was in a relationship with a man who had awful spending habits and priority ideas. He belittled me all the time. Getting out after 8 years was a relief. Walk away now before he damages you mentally