My boyfriend imagines another girl when he is with me: Advice?

Id be willing to bet that many men live out fantasies in their minds while having sex with their girlfriend/wife. I think women would be shocked to find out how often it happens. Men would never admit it to their woman though.

I’d say I imagine a bigger D… kick him to the curb.


Tell him to fuck off

Meh I’d be pissed but same time u allowed the fantasy to happen. Should always talk to your spouse openly and sexually and tell each other what ur fantasies and fetishes are and set boundaries, like k I’m cool with this but not so much this or this makes me uncomfortable but we can do this. Etc :confused: if u guys fuc to prn and u were cool with that u should’ve known that he’s gonna be watching the prn and fantasizing about that… :woman_shrugging: just my two cents. I’m sure there is tons of things men do lol and us women have no idea about lol either work thru it . Or move on

Just don’t be a door mat ever

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I’m sorry but you opened the door to that when thinking adult movies are okay and nothing will become of it. Men are already visual and watching certain things feeds into that and it usually ends up with the wife/girlfriend who often feels insecure because of what is being seen.

No your boyfriend is verbally abusive there’s no reason why you would tell your partner that aside from aiding to hurt them and make them feel insecure


Screams Narcissistic tendencies

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Jesus Christ y’all are unrealistic sometimes. Just about every single person, man or woman, has imagined another person while having sex. Human nature. It’s normal. Probably not normal to tell you though…

You should have told him… what a cowenkey dink. I started to pretend you were the guy in the video but I couldn’t because he was smokin hot in the movie and your such a lousy lay I couldn’t pretend you were him. Snappity snap! Now go find that guy in the movie because you deserve better.