My boyfriend is critical of my weight

I’m almost 8 months pregnant due to give birth here at the end of July. I weighed roughly 125lbs before and now I’m up to about 160lbs. My boyfriend expects me to drop back down to my pre pregnancy weight basically right after I give birth. I told him that’s a little unrealistic and that it would probably take some time. He didn’t like that. He says he doesn’t like how much I’ve put on and that he finds me unattractive and thinks I eat too much. I feel like I don’t eat near as much as I’m supposed to. Plus I’m a server so I spend every night running around a restaurant working my ass off. Most of my weight is either baby or butt at this point. My belly isn’t even really that big. He’s making me feel really crappy about myself and I don’t know what to do.

I am so sorry. I don’t get why some men at like this. They don’t understand how many changes we go through.