My boyfriend is rude, what should I do?

So many women in this situation already know what needs to be done. Still stay in a situation thinking that a man will change. He has showed you his true side and you looking for something else to show. Be okay
With leaving something that is more working regardless of the years

You need to tell him that you are tired of his rudeness, that you deserve better, and that if he continues this rude behavior…that you have not interest in continuing into marriage. Marriage won’t make it better. Communicate with him though. It’s very important.

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Leave him…it seems like he doesn’t want to be bothered

Walk away
He is rude and won’t change

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Why are you with someone who doesn’t value your worth?

Walk away you deserve better

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Then don’t! You don’t have to spend your life with him period! Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t even want to be seen with you in public! Or spend time with you as a family? He’s not the one for you!


Girl if these things are true , he doesn’t love you. I’m sorry, that is a disconnected heart. What you described was similar to my experience with my ex-husband. He was cheating on me for almost a year while out of town at work. Please have enough common sense to SEE the truth. Do what you need to, so you can get away, and live for yourself, and child.

Fuck his best friend then dump him

He sounds like a douche. I would hate to live my life like that. Walking around with a constant frown because home life sucks. Nope. Leave that boy cause he damn sure ain’t a man.

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Don’t ! Your happiness matters!

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He has no respect for you so why do you think you need to show any loyalty??
He will never change stop wasting your life, leave!! There is always a man around the corner that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

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Don’t waste any more time on him

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I would not Marry him if I were you.

Read your paragraph…would you tell your Bestfriend to marry this man? There’s your answer.


Time to end this chapter.

7 yrs?! Sounds like 6 1/2 too many!

I know if im typing somethimg like this and i go back to proof read it. Its time to leave the relationship. You already sent 7 yrs with him. It sounds like your hurt and misreable. I think if you pack your daughter’s and your stuff too and leave he wouldn’t even care or notice. Im so sorry your going through this.

Just leave him. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life or any of my time with someone like that. You’re wasting time you’ll never get back with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or your time.

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Your already questioning the relationship with this post so tell him to leave. Don’t let him come back. He sounds like a flog. Respect yourself more to leave his sorry ass ways.


Get out of there!!! Run……

Leave him and don’t look back

Most importantly, would you want your daughter to grow up thinking this is ok? Would you approve of her being with someone like that? Sorry you’re going through this.

Walk away, you need him for what?

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Hell no girl!!! You deserve so much better !!!

Read this back to yourself imagine this is your daughter telling you this what would you tell her


If he doesn’t want to be in public with you,you should know what to do.move on and find a man who appreciates you bcuz he surely does not

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Get out and don’t look back

Leave this douche canoe is a jerk and doesn’t care about you at all, and just an FYI, he will NEVER change

It’s not worth the stress. Time to leave.

Red flag!! Abort mission!

So by staying you’re showing your kids it’s ok to be verbally abused, which is child abuse of it’s own.
Get the hell out…

I’m sorry… But, it is time to think of yourself and your daughter. Time to leave the boyfried.

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Sorry for what u going thru

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The answer is fuck no. And if he wanted to he would. Don’t compromise for shitty behavior

He isnt gona change.let him go

I am going to tell you the same I told my self when I walked away from my daughters father. If the person your with is not a man you would want your daughter to marry then he isn’t for you. Remember whoever your with is a role model to your daughter


Girl let that mess go

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Why in the world are you putting up with that? Read this to yourself… I truly believe you know what you need to do

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Then don’t, you’re not married yet it’s Simple.

Take your daughter and run. Don’t look back.


One life, time to move on.

Anybody else think he seems a lil narcissistic? :sweat_smile:


Pack ur ish and leave. You deserve better

Sounds like you answered your own question! Life is too short!!

Too-da-loo!! WHY would you put yourself through that?!

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I really do believe people can change & yes these could be red flags especially if it’s a pattern but maybe he’s dealing with some unresolved trauma/anger/insecurities/etc because he definitely sounds very bitter, defensive, & angry. I really think you should sit down to talk with him & tell him how he’s reverted back to his old ways & how it’s making you feel because you want the changes to stick as well as wanting him to be happier. Then I would suggest couples therapy or something similar. But always remember you’re not responsible for his feelings nor can you make him change & you absolutely don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Wishing you the best of luck & more peaceful times to come!

Leave. He clearly don’t care about how he talks to you or treats you. He is showing you he don’t care about spending time with you if he doesn’t ever want to do family things.

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He’s using you to watch his kids

Dump his dumbass you dont deserve to be treated like that

If anyone doesn’t value who you are as a person then they don’t value a place in your life. I wouldn’t be with someone like you say he is, but at the end of the day no one can tell you what you should do only you can do that. Good luck with what ever you do.

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Pack your bags and start your car. Life is too short… find someone who loves you and shows it. :heart:

No you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone like that
It’s time to move on

That’s way too much noise for me. Id have been out the first time he came sideways out of his mouth with me. If you are gonna talk to me like someone on the street ya ass can go be out on the damn street. bye.

I would walk at that point.People don’t change unless they want too.

All men are rude!! Get use to it


Time to move on. If he hasn’t changed by now, he never will!

Fuck that, I’d be OUT!

Omg run for the hills! Straight up narcissist right there


You answered your own question, you don’t want to spend your life Lila tgat

You don’t! Leave now and cut your losses

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Don’t put up with that BS!

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It’s not going to get any better. Get out yesterday, hun. Yes, 7 years is a long time but look at what you’re teaching your daughter. Is this the relationship you want her to have? If the answer is NO, then take your own advice and get out… hugs and prayers that you will make the right decision… :heart:

Abort run away so fast and never look back

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It’s obvious he doesn’t want a family…u deserve better

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So your side dude is now your main dude? The fact that you put fiancé in quotation marks tells you right there what it is. When you told him your divorce was finalized what did you want him to say or do? I guess jump for joy lol he is just there cause you are allowing him he don’t give two fucks for real y’all been together for 7 yrs and it’s going to continue until he either leaves or you kick him out or move out. Let it go

LEAVE. I’m sorry to say but it sounds like it’s pretty much over already. Good thing you didn’t marry him yet, he’s not going to change and I feel like if you DID marry him, it’ll only get worse.

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Get out while you can. You’re a babysitter and your kids don’t need to see you treated this way.

My question why are you still with him! He’s a loser!

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Get away. You don’t deserve that at all and especially your daughter doesn’t either. You both deserve happiness!!!

You don’t have to put up with that. Don’t settle for less like some people do.

Id walk out leave him to himself he’ll never change u c ant put old shoulders on young ones,all men are rude& disgusting, if he hastbt changed now he never will,you deserve more,good luck love x

packyurbags and say bye nice known yu ,yu deserve better.

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How is whether you should spend your life with someone like that even a question? Absolutely, hell the fricken no, you shouldn’t.

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And why are you still with him now??? Oh yeah…the dick. Gotta be insanely good.


Well reading what you wrote I see no positives for you to stay… so I suggest leave. He’s a piece of shit, straight up.

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If he hasn’t changed now, he never will. Take this from experience. The only difference is that my other wasn’t rude, and he enjoyed doing family stuff with me and the kids. He was never what I needed him to be even though I told him constantly for 5 ½ years. I wanted him to be romantic and I wanted him to have time for me and give attention (I don’t mean just intimate attention). After 5½ years I’d had enough of him being miserable and not appreciating me, so I ended it.

I’m telling you now that I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. I’m so much happier and the kids are happier. Because I’m happier I’m so much more patient with the kids and I do more now with then too. We have a routine and me and the kids have lots of valuable time together.

The whole world of Facebook could tell you to leave him and move on, but its ultimately your decision. If you feel like you could do it, then do it. You have to do what’s best for you at the end of the day. Good luck in whatever you do❤

All this man bashing. What about his side. Maybe she has issues too

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Dump his sorry ass!!

Was your ex like him? Sounds to me like you went after the same breed again. Pack yours and your daughters :poop: up and get the hell out of there. If you stay, as your daughter gets older, she’ll lose all respect for you. There’s no reason why you two can’t have a happy healthy life together without him. Give it at least a year b4 you even think about heading into another relationship, and for gods sake try a different breed next time. :purple_heart: to you both.

Walking papers immediately

You don’t have kids together you both seem unhappy so both move on and find compatible partners

Sometimes I really don’t understand why people have to ask these questions…if you have to ask you already know you need to leave.


Only you know that answer. Does he make u feel good. Does he help around the house. Will he watch a movie with u since he don wanna go out. It’s for you to answer. I got $$ that’s says u won’t leave. But I got hopes that u do. You will GLOW I feel if u do leave. Either way can WE the People get an update.

That my dear is a narcissist! Fucking run! I spent almost 14 years with one and it was a nightmare. Get out!

U both sound unhappy, u know the answer to the question… u need to separate and be happy

Don’t worry about that bus there is always another bus coming and it may have a smoother ride.

Leave … he ain’t gunna chance. Feel bad for his kids.

Why do you see the need for anyone else’s opinion, surely you can work that one out, it’s not rocket science

Sounds like you can do better

Hummmm open the door darling and get out

Spent 22 years with man exactly like this. He never changed. I met the love of my life about a year after I finally kicked his ass out. It’s like night and day, I didn’t know that you didn’t have to fight all the time or be miserable. You are wasting your life and teaching your kids that love is hateful.

If you have doubts now they will just turn into regrets later and even resentment. Find someone who will treat you the way you feel you need to be treated. They are out there!

He will not change!! Run fast!!

Leave him , before you get pregnant by him girl

Get out while you can , he is not for you or your kid,

You need to leave him. You have a narcissist boyfriend and narcissistic abuse causes BRAIN DAMAGE! Leave him now!

Why are you with him exactly? Seems as if you’ve lowered your expectations too much. Raise the bar and if he can’t reach, then find someone who can. But in the mean time I suggest you do you and take care of those kiddos.

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Get out, you and your daughter deserve better someone who will respect and love you both

No life is too short