My Boyfriend Refuses to Let Me Go All Out for My Son's Easter Basket

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"My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now…we met just after easter last year. I have a 5-year-old son and love going all out for him for easter but my boyfriend who just moved in basically yelled at me and said I was doing too much…that easter was not a second Christmas… but I like spoiling my kid on holidays so now I feel torn… I don't want drama with him but I wanna go all out for my kid…how do I handle this?"

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"Is he paying for it? Are all your bills paid? Then it shouldn’t matter"

"Kid over boyfriend. Period."

"Your child not his. Kid over boyfriend. I’d say bye to that dude"

"That’s your child and he is not your father. You should not fear his reaction"

"He is right, it’s not a second Christmas but I’d never let a man dictate what I can and cannot do for my children!"

"It’s your kid do what you want. The bf doesn’t get to tell you what to do when it involves your kid"

"Tell him to stop being jealous over a child. Smh I go all out for my kids and idc who doesnt like it. My kids are happy."

"If you’re paying the money for it, do it. It’s your son and it sounds like this means a lot to you."

"Your kid, your decision. Spoil your kid. Maybe get a new bf"

"Your kid. He doesn’t have a say unless you’re using his money."

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It is none of the boyfriend’s business how you choose to celebrate a holiday with your child. If you are not harming your child, it is really not anyone’s business what ways you celebrate anything. The boyfriend needs to realize that everyone celebrates differently. This is YOUR way, and it is not “wrong”. Boyfriend can move out and be replaced. Child can not move or be replaced. No brainer really. Buh bye boyfriend!

If you are living together then it’s past time to discuss parenting / child rearing philosophies. In my opinion, your boyfriend has a good point about spoiling the kid, every holiday does not need to be a gift bonanza… but that’s me. The most important thing is that you 2 adults need to come to an agreement regarding parenting. And you need to decide if you want a partner who issues orders to you.

That’s her son he not the father he just a boyfriend his opinion is nothing

Ummmm excuse me but he’s only been involved for a year and you’ve been doing this for your son going on 5? He has no say. Not even close. And if he actually yelled at you for how you handle holidays with your child he hasn’t been around enough with yet then leave his butt and have the most epic easter ever with your child.

Easter should be a second Christmas as it represents the Jesus coming back to save us all.

Bye sir. This is why I’m eternally grateful my mom didn’t even date after my dad left, let alone move in with anyone.

Your child, your choice. Maybe don’t go as overboard as usual, but it’s up to you, not him.

Just make you get him a Easter basket too lol

It is none of the boyfriend’s business what you do for your child. If it is not harming the child in some way, then it is not his business. Everyone celebrates holidays differently. Boyfriend can move out and be replaced, child can not move out or be replaced. No brainer. Bye boyfriend.

Oh my you need to rethink the live in boy friend. It is your business what you do fir your child. If he yells at you for this you are in trouble.

He just moved in, why didn’t you move in with him? Why didn’t you get married before letting a man move in with you and your child? What is his financial status? If he is paying all of your bills, then his objection makes a little sense but if he’s not, kick him to the curb.

The bf shouldn’t be in a position to “let “ you do anything. You are a grown woman. Beyond that I am going to offer up some unpopular advice. Make the holidays about experiences, not all about more stuff. Your child won’t remember the toys, but will remember outings that you did together. Make it memorable for reasons other than material things. I am not saying to give nothing, but even at Christmas, it’s not about more stuff.

Keep the kid, lose the boyfriend. Big red flag