My boyfriend started a new job and changed his phone passcode...thoughts?

So, my boyfriend recently started a new job… he’s been extremely distant and just all around different since starting it… he says it’s just stress about not wanting to mess this job up but he doesn’t talk to me, he plays his game until I fall asleep at night and then goes to bed, and I said something to him tonight about it and he doesn’t say anything until i say “you know?” He just says “babe I love you but I’m going to bed” well we get on each others phones…and tonight I noticed he changed his password??? And yes we’ve had issues in the past but I’ve always tried to work it out and forgive but… I don’t want to do that anymore if it’s happening again.


Good job my daughter looked at her ex husbands phone,
Hence the word ex.

We women give men the benefit of the doubt far too often. He has a history of misbehavior and he’s being evasive, rather than hearing you. Tell him you need to schedule a time to talk. Then tell him your concerns and what you need. If he isn’t open about what’s going on or if he refuses to talk, you have your answer.


Oh girl tell him spare moment u wanna see his phone if he dont let u then u know ur answer u deserve be happy however who ever I’d is on life


Sounds like he is being unfaithful again…


Don’t worry his going to be a good puppy! AMENE!

You already know.
Cut your losses and get out.


Its definitely happening again. Its gonna hurt but you gotta let him go. You deserve someone who hears you and respects you, your feelings, and your relationship.

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You already know the answer to your question

Locked phone (especially suddenly when out of norm) is a huge red flag. I would definitely lay down the ultimatum of unlock the phone and weekly time set aside for just the 2 of you to talk, reconnect and spend time together or walk and follow through.

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Red flags here,he’s cheating with someone at work or plans to

The phone issue is tantamount to checking his underwear with a blacklight when he walks in the door, your real issue seems to be his pullback of interaction with you, his new job is a big change in life for both of you and if he wont engage with you when home then change your status

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Why do people go through each others phones ffs. If you have to do that then you have no business being in a relationship