My boyfriends family complains when they do not get invited...but then do not show...advice?

My boyfriends family is so frustrating. Whenever they see part of the family get together or just you out and doing something in general they always get snarky and say “nobody invited me, thanks for the invite” but as soon as you invite them to something they don’t come. Or they don’t even reply to your text inviting them. It’s just annoying.


I don’t know how to explain it but sometimes even though I know I am not going I still like to be invited because it makes me feel included… Perhaps this is the case here as well?


Sounds like a them problem and not a you problem. Invite them if they come they come they don’t they don’t. As far as including them in everything you do again that’s a them problem. I wouldn’t let it bother you not worth it

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Invite them and tell them if they don’t reply and or don’t show your not going to Invite them anymore. Enough of them wasting your time…

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Thats toxicity. I don’t have time for that in my life. Nobody should tolerate that bullshit. However, I’m also a petty bitch. I would send an invite every single time, they don’t respond. Call them on it- publicly. No show, call them on it- publicly. I’m that person :rofl::woman_shrugging:

Only buy food, drinks & favors for those who rsvp, if they show and there isn’t enough food, not your problem.

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And just that be annoyed and move right along. Hand holding is for children.

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Invite them and point it out every time

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Stop inviting them and delete them off whatever they’re using to few your outings🤷‍♀️ problem solved