My boyfriends phone randomly makes a weird noise...what could it be?

Ladies my boyfriend’s phone randomly makes a noise that sounds like a walkie talkie or a static like someone was talking and is now listening or someone is typing really fast on the phone. It can just be sitting on the couch between us and goes off for roughly 1-2 seconds sometimes 3-4 seconds and has just happened 3 times in the past 15 minutes we are just sitting on the couch quiet (it just happened again a minute after the last time) any ideas of what could be causing this he thinks his phone was hacked


Is it an older phone? I remember not too terribly long ago, I’d say within ten years or so, when radios would make odd static noises seconds before a text or call would come through. Maybe it’s the same type of th qing, or maybe it’s just time for a new phone.

You should probly bring this question to his service provider instead of facebook


My guess would be a weird ringtone that he has chosen. Those sounds are text, Snapchats, or maybe even WhatsApp notifications. Have you looked at the phone?


My brother in law has ring/text tones that sound exactly like whats being described on his android phone

Snapchat lol when someone is typing