My breastfed baby is starting to get teeth...advice?

My baby is 7 months old and is currently still nursing. Problem with that is she has two teeth almost fully popped through and she definitely is learning to bite! I bought nipple guards and it worked for maybe a day but now she’s biting them too and somehow it still hurts through them. Is there something else I can do? This is the longest breast feeding journey and I don’t want to to quit. Pumping is not an option and neither is quitting. Thank you!

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My first born got all four front teeth by 4 months and it only took me breaking latch with a gentle tap/flip into the cheek at corner of mouth and stopping feed twice and she learned that if she wants to eat she has to play nice. We made it to 10 months then she took to a sippy cup and weaned herself.

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My baby cut teeth pretty early (maybe 5 months) and we managed to extend our bf journey long after. I know they are little but you have to teach them that biting is not ok while nursing (or at all). When she bites, gently take your boob away. If she knows the action will lead to a reaction she doesn’t like, she’ll stop. It’s a tough adjustment at first, but you can definitely get through it. Good luck Mama and congrats on getting this far :heartpulse:

Start implying cues where if she bites, she gets no boob. (Obviously not that you’re gonna starve her) but when she bites, take boob out and say “no biting” or something along the lines and try again. It might take a while for her to catch on but she’ll get it eventually.

The longest journey I have made thus far is my 3rd and last baby who is now 12 months old with 4 working on 2 more teeth currently. My first 2 baby’s I could only breastfeed for 2-3 months (they were nicu baby’s) lots of issues. But she has on occasion bite me, but not on purpose or anything. Unfortunately we react out of instinct because hey that $h!t hurts!! Best advice I have ever been told from a mom who has breastfeed 12 kids. She said every baby is different and do different things when it comes to feedings. The worst thing you can do is accidentally make a game of it when the bite happens, meaning your reaction is funny to them which encourages the biting even more, the 2nd thing is when in a bite to pinch their nose (not hard) and they will release to get a breathe then tell them No in a firm assertive tone and not allow the baby back on for a minute or 2 and then try again. Repeat until they get the hint of not to bite.
But like I said I never had an issue with biting really… now when she was a newborn oh man the scratches… looked like my titties jumped up and walked through a briar thicket by themselves and then reattached. She still to this day loves to squeeze and “itch” my other tit.

I’m not sure nipple guards won’t make the biting worse. Check that your boob is in the right position so it’s not a case of trying to grip on and remove the nipple if it does get bitten and reposition. I managed to keep going until 19 months so it is possible x

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Pump and put in a bottle.