My breastfed baby will not latch: Advice?

Ijust gave birth a few days ago and my baby has not been wanting to latch…what could be the reason for this? my other babies latched just fine but she just will not latch and its making me so sad…she takes the bottle just fine


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Most likely ties? Tongue, lips, cheek? I would find a good IBCLC in your area they are amazing. Maybe you could try nipple shields to see if they help?


Possibly tongue tie? You can get breast feeding advice from your mid wife or a breast feeding specialist. My daughter gets easily frustrated when i try her I don’t think my milk is coming quick enough for her and she is working so hard to get it. I’ve been pumping to keep my supply up and also topping up with a bit of formula when needed

Definitely check for ties but also try pumping before trying to latch. My youngest wouldn’t latch once my milk came in because I was too engorged. Once I got some of the milk out he was fine.

I felt the same my baby for two days got water as the midwife said maybe her system needed cleaning out this is way back in the early eighties. I had enough of being squished by the midwife trying to get her latched on I accepted she would prefer bottle and god when she got the bottle she drank 3and half ozs straight off… I felt awful listening to that woman and should have followed my instincts.

I breast fed then swapped to mixed before weaning and a midwife explained to me in short that a baby has to learn the way to hold their mouth which is really hard when they can’t even speak yet. The bottle is more round like an O sound where as a human one needs a E shape sound. Not much help I know but a reason behind the problem. Talk to a professional and they will help with positioning too

Where did you give birth? I had my baby 3 weeks ago at Renown and they gave me a referral for a lactation specialist that I see one on one once a week. Maybe worth asking one of your nurses?

I just had a baby 11 days ago, and we spent 3 days in the hospital, she didn’t wanna latch and didn’t latch til the 3rd day. She just needed time to adjust I guess. Give it time momma.

My son wasn’t able to latch due to tounge tie, they didn’t realise he had tounge tie until three days after I had him.

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Our sons latch became 100% better after less than 2 days with a pacifier.

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Keep trying and consult a lactation specialist in the mean time.


Get baby assessed for lip and tongue tie. My 11 week old had a tongue tie and couldn’t latch.

Baby could have a tongue tie or lip tie, look for that. Also maybe try using a flange. And get a hold of a lactation consultant.


My twins were just like that I just had to go with what they wanted and except it.

So many reasons possible. Most of them fixable

Probably confused if your also using a bottle. Use on or the other.

Check for ties (lip, tongue… So on)

You need to see someone face to face and not get online advice over this

Can your midwife not help?

Nipple shields, they are a life changer. I’d get a few sets so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them in the middle of the night. My daughter was a preemie and she couldn’t latch for a few weeks. She now latches great, nipple shields saved me


Maybe try to let some milk out before you feed. It will soften the nipple and can make it easier to latch
I had seven. One with a palate issue that needed special bottles. She still tried. My last had a tongue tie and they were worried she wound have trouble but she didn’t.
Don’t be upset. I could only pump as well as fed due to lack not latch until the last two did properly.
It could also be your stressing out about it so what she’s getting is stress milk as well
Breath she’s gonna be awesome no matter what. And it’s not your fault.

Try different positions with the babe and holding your breast in different positions. And seek a lactation consultant. Also please message me if you’d like. I am not an lc but I’d be more than happy to help

Pump if possible feed by bottle… it’s hard mentally… been there! They are still getting what they need… not every baby is the same

Some just won’t don’t force the boob.nothung wrong with bottle my son would when I finnaly gave in and gave him the bottle my whole world changed totally different baby man oh man he was Hungary

Mine I thought wouldn’t but she couldn’t. Had no issues with bottle. Went to lactation consultant and found out she had a high pallete. Nipple wasn’t hitting the roof of her mouth so she didn’t know how to latch correctly. Go see a lactation consultant if you haven’t already they could help

Try a nipple shield, they are amazing! Just make sure to get the right size

It took me 6 weeks and multiple lactation consultants to get my first to latch properly. Keep working at it if it’s what you want and try to see a lactation consultant.

Go see a lactation consultant and inquire about getting fitted (yes there are multiple sizes) for a nipple shield. These things helped me tremendously w my babies.

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Try a nipple shield!! Also join the group Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support Group . There are tons of IBCLCs in there to give you great advice. :heart:


Why are you sad that she won’t latch? It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t breastfeed.

Maybe a tongue tie or could be your let down is to fast try pumping alittle before putting her on

A group called Extended Breastfeeding Support can help point you in the right direction. You can even post anonymously and still answer people’s questions. Someone very well may know of someplace in your area that can help.

Maybe she’s just a bottle baby. Pump and just give her the bottle ?


I breast feed 4 of my 5 babies. Number 4 would never latch properly. I worked with a lactation consultant and it still did not work. He had a high palate and later had to have surgery because his soft spot closed early, so it was apparently an anatomical issue, though he was healthy otherwise. I ended up pumping and later supplementing with formula. But it taught me not to judge people who bottle fed. I tended to silently do that in the past. We don’t know another person’s story. Baby 5 nursed fine.


Lip or tongue ties maybe or ur letdown might be too fast or too slow … but some baby’s just don’t like breastfeeding …

Baby might have a tie of some sorts. I tried to breastfeed my little but she never latched either. No one checked her but turns out she had a lip tie. I asked her doctor if there was something we could do so I could breastfeed and he told me when she gets to walking, she’ll bump her mouth and it’ll naturally break like that. :roll_eyes: I had to switch to formula because I stopped producing from just pumping (with the wrong shields cause no one helped me with that either)

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Go to lactation consultant free at hospital. They will do it

Does baby have a lip or tongue tie?
Do you produce?
Position issues?

Possible Tongue tie, or lip tie. Contact a lactation consultant :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

Try using a niple shield

Could babes have a tongue tie or lip tie?