My Brother Punched Me In My Head

Please keep this anonymous. I am 30 years old living with my boyfriend of almost two years in my family home (my grandfather owns it) we needed help with bills so after my 35 year old brother got out of detox I allowed him to come live here he got a job paid one time March 31 he was supposed to pay again 2 days ago and didn’t so I said something to his girlfriend about it since she and their kids together live here as well she brought it up to him and he was drinking again he got all mad and barged in my room I said his name get out ur being recorded he ripped my camera off my wall and still would not leave remind u his kids were in doorway watching this ( he started drinking again not long after moving in and long story short he wouldn’t leave my room so I threw my cold coffee at him in a plastic cup which barely touched him he then came closer he was already in my face that’s why I did that to begin with because he wouldn’t leave. Well he started to punch me in my head multiple times breaking his hand and I’m at loss on what to do because his girlfriend begged me not to press charges and we need help with bills. He keeps apologizing but idk what to do everyone is saying call cops but if I do we have no help anymore. I’m scared to be home alone with him now his girlfriend has not been home since this happened and my head has hurt constantly since than. I also was born with hydrocephalus and had multiple operations as a baby on my head. I love my brother but he needs help and I’m so lost on what to do right now. Please I need advice. Sorry if this is all over the place… I live in Delaware and this happened on the 15th!