My C-section scar hurts, will that be an issue if I get pregnant again: Advice?

Okay, my son is nine months old, and my husband and I would like to try for another child. My son is not my husband’s bio child, but he has been there since before my son was born and been there every day since. I had my son but c section because of the cord being wrapped. My scar has slight pain, and I was wondering if anybody has anything on that if it will stop anything with having another child. I have spoken with my doctor about it just wanted other opinions. Is the slight pain at scar during sex gonna be a bad thing if I get pregnant? Please no hate


I’ve had 3 sections and the most I had was the annoying ness of it being itchy as it was healing
But I never had pain
I would def look into this further
The fact that the dr is not concerned is a concern for me


Go to another dr. For second opinion. You don’t need uneducated opinions on things like this.


Mine still hurts but only when I sneeze. But pain during sex would concern me.
Your concerns are vaild. Get a aecond opinion.


Have had 3 medically needed c sections my blood pressure too high n seizure chances risk- scars r sore for awhile healing n myself never had any issues with that in future births ,

It means its not healed yet in the inside… My doctor advised to give at least 3 years gap for 2nd child. But if your willing and to help consider another child then you need a close monitor with your doctor.

I would definitely wait your body needs time to heal!


I’m only post c section 4 m but I only have pain every once in awhile with my scar and it’s only if I bend too much at the waste or try to strain myself

I’ve had two. I still feel numbness and sometimes itching at my incision sites and it’s been 6 years since my last c-section. No pain though.

The adhesions behind the scar pull and hurt. I’ve had 4 c-sections and everything went fine


Mine hurt for a year and was longer and cut lower than most its literally centimeters from my peepee hole :joy: and im prego with # 2 and its totally fine im 4ft 6 with 9 pound breech babies so its more then likely your scar tissue streching or still trying to heal

I had 3 c sections n no trouble.I would see another Dr.If u have adhesions or something the scar tissue itself hardens n pain with sex should not be.Definetely wait till checked by another Dr.An adhesion can be behind the incision forming a infection .Good luck honey my last one I was told could be natural but his cord wrapped n he was blue n needed oxygen 2 days.Good luck

It’s been almost 8 years since I had my last c section and the scar still hurts me from time to time

Is there scar tissue at the c-section? Could you have a hernia? I would def go to another Dr & get a second opinion!!


I have had 3 c-sections. Your not supposed to have any pain with sex that is not normal and as far as burning the same thing i would difenitly get another opinion and go from there


Should be fine its been 9 months


No. I’m pregnant with my second kid and I had a c section with my first. My scar doesn’t hurt.

Yes I had a c-section and got pregnant 4 months later not planned just happened like that but my second delivery was a vaginal delivery and it turned out fine I ended with 5 kids and only my first was a c-section

You should try massaging the scar tissue. You probably have adhesions

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my sister got pregnant a few months after a c section. It was not discovered until a routine sonogram at about 6.5 months pregnant that one wall of her uterus was paper thin and would have ruptured if she went into labor, with serious consequences. They did an emergency c section. This likely does not pertain to you, but it might be a good idea to have this and other health matters looked at before you get pregnant right away. Your body may not have fully recovered from pregnancy and c section. If the scar hurts now, it might be uncomfortable to have it stretched by pregnancy.

I’ve had 4 c-sections. My youngest is 8 years old and I still have tenderness sometimes at the scar area. I’m assuming it’s scar tissue attached to the muscles. I think it’s fairly common

I am 10 weeks post cesarean, while sex does not bother me, the did a certain type of cesarean in case I decided to have another child vaginally. But, after a traumatic pregnancy and labor I would not do it again.

Youre not healed yet…

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I had a c section with my 1st son and got pregnant 6 weeks later with his brother… It required another c section but no complications.

Let your body COMPLETLY heal and later you should have no problems. I had two c-sections… My latest was four months ago… It does hurt from time to time but very slightly. Take it easy…and give yourself enough time before getting pregnant again.

Obviously doctors opinion would have to be put before anyone else’s, everyone’s body is different. Maybe yours still needs to heal?

Give yourself time and you can go for it again. Mine hurt afterwards but not during another pregnancy and once it heals completely it is now just numb. Good luck

I had 2 c sections. My scar was painful and itchy for awhile. My 2 c sections were 14 months apart. You’ll be fine.

There shouldn’t be any pain still. I’ve had 4, emergency ones. My first I was staples shut and it popped back open causing me to lose more blood than I should have. But it never actually hurt.

You don’t have to have a another C-Section. My first birth was a C-Section and my other 2 birth was Viginal delivery

Its just a little nerve pain and it will go away. I would wait a few more months to get pregnant again, and give the uterine wall time to heal a little more. Mine took about 16 months. Good luck!

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Definitely go to another doctor for a second opinion… that it still hurts shouldn’t be a normal thing. And for the second baby part… please give your body enough time to heal…

The nerves are sensitive after a csection. I talked to my doctor and even sneezing to hard hurts and my baby is 2yrs now. Our bodys are diffrent then others even after giving birth. Im sure your ok

I would wait C sections take like 2 years to heal. They cut all of your muscles so why be in a hurry?? Enjoy your 9 mo old

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I was always told to wait two years after having a c section. I have had 4 c sections. If you don’t want to wait that long, I would wait at least 18 months.

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Physical therapy can help with releasing scar tissue

They recommend you wait 18 months minimum between having a cesarean and the next baby because it takes that full time to heal completely. That said, you should see your doctor about the pain. I’ve had 3 and never hurt like that. Itched like crazy even to this day many years later occasionally but not hurt.

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The outside is healed up but the inside takes a while do not rush things I had two c sections take my word for it you have time

I’m unfollowing journeys of a woman it’s become a joke even more so than before

Sometimes I have that pain too. Mine is mostly numb though. You can still pinch the bottom of my stomach as hard as you can and I can’t feel a thing.

It can take over a year to completely heal from a c section. A big reason why providers say to wait 12-18 months before conceiving again. I’ve had 2 and each pregnancy after I’ve had pain around my scars but it goes away when I got further along.


It does take everyone different amounts of time to heal. My cousin has 6 kids and each was a C-section… it’s up to you on the pain scale

Mine still hurts from time to time and it’s been over a year.
Nerves continue to heal and scar tissue can get irritated as well. I have friends who are in the same boat who had more kids and it was fine.

I got pregnant 11 months after my c-section with twins. My scar was still super tender at this point and I was very concerned. At first it was a little more sore. Ached and itched a little more like it was fresh and I had to be a little more careful with bending onto counters and stuff that was waist level. After a few months though, it definitely desensitized and I could touch the scar without being in pain or uncomfortable. The closer I get to delivery, the more sensitive it is becoming again, but not inherently painful like I had feared.

I had my c section 2 years ago and I still have on/off pain… They recommend waiting until 18 months after a csection to try again that way your body has healed properly

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Iv had 3 c sections my 4th will be on Halloween its not really bugged me while being pregnant my kids are 7, 4 an 2

Mine is from 6 years ago and it still gets pain here and there. I had a vbac 15 months after my c section. I’m pregnant again now.

I had 3 kids via c-section spaces about 2 year apart. I had the occasion pain but after my third and I let my body totally heal I don’t have pain- just a weird numbness.
I would definitely ask your OBGYN what length of time they would recommend (usually 12-18 month I think)

My first c section it look me awhile to heal, however I don’t remember the scar hurting… just being numb. My second c section was 7 years later and I had staples for that one. I found my second c sectioned didn’t hurt as much as the first, once the staples were out I was able to move ALOT better. 15 months later, it’s still just numb on my incision.

Man mine hurt for years just the end though. Then I got pregnant again 7 years later and ended up w another C-section. And I still deal with the pain

I have had 3 c sections going to have my 4th here soon it shouldn’t be a problem and the scaring hurting its probably phantom pains take some tylenol if its hurting that bad but it will get better

My son is 6 months old and my scar is pretty numb but at times still bothers me or itches. It’s still pretty sensitive

My doctors said your be okay after a year. Didn’t advise any sooner but I’ve heard of women getting preganet again after 6 months

You have to wait at least 12 months

I didn’t, but my kids are 10 years apart, so… lol

Was told you should wait 18 months between pregnancies to fully recover

My son is almost 13 yrs old. My incision still is tender.

I got pregnant 3 months after having a c section and was perfectly fine throughout the whole pregnancy

I just had my 2nd child via csection in Aug. The 1st was somewhat painful for about 6 months. This time it hurt more. Pain isn’t unbearable but I know it’s there. Also I am 42 but was in good health during and after pregnancy. I can tell already this one will take a yr or so to get back to normal. Hang in there and take care of yourself before trying for another child. Let your body heal 1st.

I waited 3 years after my csection to get pregnant again and girl I swear it feels like I’m gonna bust open at my scar and baby is gonna fall out lol it didn’t really bother me until 24ish weeks I’m 1 day shy of 32 weeks now, pain has only gotten worse

It takes your body 19 months to completely recover from a c section, there’s no rush. why not give your body time to fully heal?! Pain is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right

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This is actually pretty common. It takes quite some time for it not to feel weird/tingly/painful/what have you because there’s actually quite a lot of nerve damage there that has to heal up which does take years sometimes.

I had a c section with my twins and found out I was pregnant 3 months later. I had some pain but it wasnt horrible it wasnt always there either. Im totally fine now i wven had a natral vaginal birth my son is only 10 1/2 months younger than my twins lol I was was super scared while I was pregnant. Good luck trying to concieve :blush:

I’ve had 3 csections including one just 2 months ago. My scar hurts only if I move wrong and stretch it weird and sometimes when it’s cold. Lol

My son is almost 11 months old and I’m almost 17 weeks with #2. My c-section scar was/is still tender at times but so far it hasn’t gotten any worse being pregnant. I haven’t gained much with the baby yet though so I don’t know if that might change the bigger I get, but so far it’s no different then when I wasn’t pregnant.

I’ve had 3 no problem. There has been pains between and after each. My scar randomly hurts from mild to super sharp double over pain. Super strange but besides that everything’s good. Nothing I can’t handle.

Have had 3 sections in 3 years. You’re good

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My daughter is 6 almost 7 in feburary and baby due may but will be having another c section end of april. My scar hurt for a good year
Not hurt but relevant for i think a year. And a half.

I’ve had 3 c-sections. The only one that bothered me was my first. They finally figured out it had lots of scar tissue on the inside that was attaching to other things. They went in and cleaned it up and I was good as new. Thankfully this didn’t happen with my other 2 c-sections.

Was told to wait 18 months between babies after csection :woman_shrugging:

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You could still do vaginal birth next time

You should wait at least a year until trying for another child.
Your body is still not fully healed and will still be tender for some time.
10 months later and when my man puts his arm over me just right it hurts. Or when my kid decides she is gonna put her weight on my belly.

If you wait a little longer and let us body heal some more if you make it to 2 years since ur csection you will be able to try for a vbac if you were interested In that

I still have occasional pain and my kiddo is 7. Every c-section is am increased risk. Are you okay with a repeat c-section? I think what I got told was if another pregnancy occurred in the first year it couldn’t be v-bac, but ask your doctor.

Talk to your doctor. But waiting a couple more months would probably be best.
A little mom advice…i am a mom (4boys) 14, 4, 3, 1 (sept 16th was his bday) And im 8 months pregnant. I wish i would have waited. Its overwhelming having babies back to back.

Ypu likely have a keloid scar. When you go for your next csection they’ll remove that for u.

My C-section scar still hurts if it gets bumped just right and my son is 2.5 years old. Stomach is still numb in spots too. He was my 2nd section baby. My first one was 4 years before him. No other problems than that though. Had my tubes tied during my last section too.

I was told you have to wait a year before you should try for another baby after a CS so everything is for sure 100% healed. Being they did have to cut into your utures, something that wi have to support another baby and placenta for 40 weeks.

I had a csection with my daughter and she is 2 and half. Mine still hurts my mom had a csection with my sister who is now 36 and hers still hurts her sometimes.

I would ask a different doctor to get another opinion then go from there to be honest. I would definitely try for a VBAC though

My first was 16years ago and I still get tender pain and lighting pains threw it