My cat has been hissing at everyone: Advice?

Is it normal that after you bring a kitten home, your other cat will hiss at everyone…including the kitten and your whole family? is this part of the process or should i be concerned…he all of a sudden wotn let anyone near him and it has been a week


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My cat has been hissing at everyone: Advice?

Yeah, he’s probably mad. Just give him some time and love.

My cats were like that when we got a new kitten. It’s going to take a while for them to warm up definitely if they were the only cat before.


You just changed their world. Give it time. Mine do that when a familiar come home from the vet or I bring a foster home. They will establish a boundary and eventually be fine with it. It takes time. Let it work itself out. Let him know he is loved and eventually they accept the new arrangement.

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Yes it’s normal… new kitten is up in his territory. They should adjust eventually. Probably be easier if he’s young himself and fixed. We have 4 cats of our own and have fostered several kittens… they typically get over it in a week or so! Sometimes they’ll still be a jerk to each other but it gets easier as they learn to give each other space, figure out they can play together and share. I’d give them separate litter boxes and food/water bowls. Cats do not like to share litter boxes!


My best friend is going through the same thing - only 4 kittens

Territorial insecurity. The kitten should be separated into a separate room. Introductions should be extremely slow. Let the original cat have something that smells like the kitten and vice versa. Do not put them face to face until they are both comfortable with each other’s existence.
Give your cat more things to mark their territory on and “own”. This helps them feel more secure.


From a cats perspective think of it like your spouse brings home another spouse (I do know a few are ok with that most are not.)

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Normal, get the feliaway diffuser for your house, it is a pheromone that helps cat adjust with stressful situations.

Yes, it takes them a while to adjust.

Normal. Our 2 cats are only beginning to look in the direction of the kitten we got 3 months ago.

my cat did that for a while when we got a baby kitten. he soon warmed to her though and then they we’re like brother and sister🥰

They should be in separate rooms for a good while. And slowly introduce each other basically through the Crack of a door then in same room…working towards meeting each other.


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Cats typically need an adjustment period. One generally keeps the two cats separate, exchanging bedding like towels between the two, for a period of weeks or months gradually allowing visual contact such as through a pet gate and then allowing them to meet face to face.

A week is not enough time for things to settle down in your household with the new addition.

I don’t know how much older your older cat is but he may not be comfortable with the rambunctiousness of a kitten. He may always hiss at that other cat/kitten especially if your older cat is of an age where he is starting to slow down.

Try to sit with the older cat, pet him, talk to him and let him know you still love him. Get cat treats for him. Perhaps get a special canned food for him. He is very anxious right now. He has been displaced. He needs reassurance that you all still love him.

Separate the kitties and gradually reintroduce them to one another. Keep food, water bowls, bedding and litter boxes separate from now on. Don’t expect kitties to share everything or anything.

When you reintroduce them, get a feather on a string toy and try to get them both interested. Get cat scratching pads (2) and put some catnip on them. Just like kids, pets have different personalities. Just like kids, pets need to feel loved.


It will stop. You’ll be fine. Our cat did this too and when we took the other to vet to get fixed he done this for about a week too

It took almost a month for our first kitten to adjust when we got a second kitten a couple years ago. Our adult cat adjusted a little quicker but it still took a couple weeks. All cats have different personalities and feelings so give him some time and extra treats. Is the adult cat fixed? The adult males we had that weren’t fixed were always moodier and angrier than the ones that were fixed. If it continues you might talk to a professional about ways to make it easier for the adult cat or how to calm him down some

Completely normal. Took my older cat a year to stop hissing at my younger one. They eventually adjust. My older one is always cranky so it wasn’t a surprise lol


Sometime it takes a while

Make sure you give them good places to have space like a cat tree tower or a simple card box with a towel and her the muti cat feliway plug in diffuser it promotes calming.

Make sure you give them their own space, cat box, and food bowls.

That’s a way of showing you he’s upset with his current situation.

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I just went through this! My cat Daisy was thoroughly pissed off at the world when I brought a kitten home. Try keeping the kitten in a room by itself for a about a week so your cat can learn his scent from afar, and gradually introduce them to one another. Or you can do what I did just let them duke it out lol (I had no available room to lock my kitten in) and they will eventually learn to coexist


My cat did the same, you didn’t introduce them properly and you might have 2 unhappy stressed out cats now. Sometimes it’s better to just have one cat if your first one isn’t social or open to having company….my cat got over the hissing part but he’s not as happy as he used to be and isn’t very nice to the other cat.

Probably feels like he is being replaced. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and my dog thought we abandoned him, my dad feed him while we were gone. Anywayy my dog turned into the neighborhood dog, he no longer stays home he visits everyone who lives on our road. My dog is the cheater he has several families :laughing:

Yes sometimes it can take a month to adjust

They should be separated and slowly introduced to each other. Jackson Galaxy has some great cat videos.

Mine is doing the same but it’s 2 kittens. My daughter’s & nieces. It’s going to take a LOOOOOOONG time and it may never be. So cats just don’t like other cats. So be prepared

You can try a vet visit to rule out medical issues if you believe he may be acting strange.

Animals tend to not like a sudden addition, but they don’t usually avoid everyone if they used to be a loving/attention-seeking cat.