My child from another relationship isn't being treated fairy: Thoughts?

Would you stay with someone who’s family treats your child (from a previous relationship) differently than the child that’s actually blood-related? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense, not sure how to word it.

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Your husband’s family isn’t obligated to treat your child from another relationship as one of their own. In an ideal world, sure it would be nice if they would, but they really don’t have to. However, as the parent you ARE obligated to explain to your children the reason behind the behavior in a way they understand. As for the child from the different relationship, I would like to assume that your child maintains contact with that parent and their family. Honestly though, would you expect your first partner and his family to treat your new child as one of their own?


This is wrong on so many levels. Yes i expect my wifes family to treat all the kids the same. Yes my ex would treat any kids i had the same as he treats his. I would do the same for him. Because all the kids are siblings. So they all need to be treated with respect. Why wouldnt you want that. Kids have no say in the situation so they shouldnt be treated different.


Never, never start a new relationship that you are bringing “other” children into unless you are sure, your previous children will be welcome. Your first responsibility is to the children you had first. It is unfair to expect people to help you support your previous children.
It would be nice if that happens but your new family is not obligated to do so.