My child has been sick since starting daycare: Advice?

I would agree and say it’s totally normal! It seems like kids are either sick all the time when they start daycare or either when they start school. So I guess you’re building their immune system now and most likely they won’t be as sick once school starts for them.

Airborne once a day natural herbs help boost immune systems plus u can tell them its juice parent win all around

Elderberry, vitamin c, vitamin D, washing hands, not touching face, stay away from sugar.

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Yes unfortunately! My niece was sick off an on for months she’s been there almost a year now and is starting to finally build up some immunity. Plus I got her some zarbees immune boosting gummies with elderberry and they’ve helped a lot too with boosting her immune system!!

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Dealing with it now. Constant sinus infections.

My adult daughter teaches 3 yo nursery school as well as working afternoon daycare. It seems the germs are shared! Over the years she’s had countless sore throats, some even went to strep. Pink eye, and stomach virus too. Most recently the school had an outbreak of lice. So I do believe this is a normal part of early interaction. Although I recommend seeing the pediatrician for any concerns. Wishing everyone better health :+1:

Children in day Care get sock more often but when they start grade school there immune system will most like be stronger. Better to be exposed to germs at a young age and develop some immunity to them. Also should consid the child might have asthma as my granddaughter had been constantly having cold like symptom like productive cough and such from a young age and the symptoms got worst when it rained. Her doc said she just had the cold frequently but I consulted with another doc who diagnosed het with asthma at age two and started her on meds to block things she had allergies to like leaf mold that explained her getting I’ll when it rained. Asthmatic allergies is common in young children worth checking out also worth a consult to a new doc.

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I had the same exact thing with my daughter, it took her 9 weeks to get over that cough and now she has another cold 🤦

It’s not permanent, I promise! The first year of childcare is the worst! I have worked in this field for many years and both my boys are with me. My oldest hardly ever gets sick anymore and my 3 year old catches a bug here and there! But nothing like the 1st year!

My child has been in daycare for 3 years and is still consistently sick through out the winter. They all pass it around and once it gets through everyone, something else comes along and they are all sick again. It’s never-ending :scream::scream: praying for summer! We have already had 2 colds and the flu this season.

Mines been sick every other month since she started in May I’ve yet found anything to help her

I would be looking into a second opinion and getting your child on a really good probiotic

I’m a preschool teacher and no matter how much I sanitize my classroom and equipment/toys… the kids get sick and spread it around. I’ve been sick with the flu and a bad chest cold myself these past few months. Sadly there isn’t much you can do other than hope your child’s immune system boosts itself.
Also, if parents can, keep your child home if they are really sick. I’ve had parents give their kids Advil or Tylenol before school (knowing full well their child is sick) and by lunch time they have fevers and are vomiting. I understand parents have jobs and need to work, but they also have a responsibility to their child and the other children in the centre. It’s not acceptable.

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My son was always sick so I took him out of daycare. It calmed down a lot, but unfortunately when he started school he was sick all the time. He is nine now and only sick once this year so far. It sucks but seems like when all those kids are together there isn’t a lot you can do I guess.

Completely normal. Expect this to happen for a couple of cold seasons.

My kid has had it since starting preschool and i started her on children’s clariton and shes been pretty good.

Yep. Unfortunately. My kids started in sept 2018 and they are still sick constantly. I talked to my pediatrician and he said it can take up to 2-3 years for their immune system to even out especially if they are going from at home to a center.

We are currently fighting an upper respiratory thing that is making my 6 year old puke she has so much mucus. We put her on Zertec, a cough medicine and got her an inhaler and it’s helps a ton. Not to mention a multivitamin and elderberry gummies

A lot get sick,but by the time go to kindergarten their immune system should be built up,at least some

Yes it is. They are basically just passing it back and forth.

Yes but I would also take the child to a different doctor and get a second opinion


Following. My daughter has been the exact same, with a “cold” all the time.

Day care needs to desensitize everything.

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Oh yes. Mine was a snot factory for at least 6 months. Building those immunities! If you dont want to shove cough/cold medicine 24/7, id give my kiddo ginger tea and saline flushes, hot steamy baths/showers, ect.


Unfortunately yes, their immune systems are still developing and they catch everything.
The vomiting is probably their gag reflex, my daughter used to throw up when she coughed to hard.

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Yup. My kid got everything under the sun when she started daycare. She was sick almost constantly for like 9 months. She had never been sick before. It was a disaster. I lost multiple jobs in that time because well, you cant start a job and have to kiss more than half your days the first month. :woman_facepalming:t2: Shes almost 6 now and barely ever gets sick. Its just their immune system building up. No worries.

My daughter was sick off and on the first year of daycare. It’s normal- now in the 2nd year she hasn’t been sick at all. Her immune system is way stronger now

Yeah my daughter was consistently sick for the first 6 months. They’re basically just passing germs back and forth, and your kids immune system isn’t quite built up against all that yet. Make sure they’re getting all their vitamins, try cepacol kids cough drops if hes old enough.

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I work in daycare and the first year is definitely the hardest. After one year of cold season they get better. My daughter was sick all winter the first year and now the last two years she’s hardly ever sick.

Yes the first year of daycare is awful for kids getting sick until their immune system gets stronger

Yea, daycare is gross lol my daughter has a constant running nose and at pick up I can see other kids are even more snooty and drooly than her :face_vomiting:

Yup. For about 6 straight months. We suffered through it as a family though so she wasn’t alone. :face_with_thermometer::mask::sneezing_face:

Totally normal. Then each year when they start school, they get sick for awhile at the beginning of the school year.

Totally normal. The teachers, I’m sure, are sanitizing as much as they can. But, you have to think about how often kids put things in their mouths, fingers in their noses, they even shove their hands in other children’s mouths and nose. It’s impossible to keep up with. I agree with above, the first year is the hardest. It will get better.


Oh my gosh yes! I hated working during the day bc my son stayed with a cold or something when he first started! It’s hard to keep your child from getting sick, when they allow parents to bring in their sick children. For certain ages they don’t recommend cough syrup, just try and keep him hydrated. When my sons cough used to make him puke, they told me to have him drink Pedialyte and Gatorade. If he’s over two, try a cough syrup that’s natural, I hear Burts. Bees is really good. Claritin or Mucinex

When I first started she was sick constantly but we added alot of liquid vitamins and shes rarely sick now like ever most of daycare has had RSV HFM and the flu and we havent gotten it once after we started the vitamins from they are all liquid so they get absorbed into their system better then the ones your get from super stores… it’s more expensive but not like awful more like 2-3 dollars more and its kept her from the dr so it’s worth it considering co pays and prescription costs

I used to give my kids probiotics. Still continue with my grandson. That helps a lot with building their immune system.


Lots of vitamin c and Flintstone gummies


Very normal they have to build their immune systems i would get them some vitamins that may help. Right now is sick season too it will get better give it some time. I use to work in prek first year i stayed sick now knock on wood i rarely ever get sick and i think its because of working many years with kids.


We had the same problem when my son first started preschool. So many different germs. I think it’s normal. We’re hoping with my now youngest when he starts up he’ll have a better immune system since his older sibling brings all kinds of germs from school.

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YES!!! It’s normal… my kids got sick so much when they first started… that was back in June. They now only get minor coughs and sneezes… nothing as serious as before…

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I don’t have daycare-aged children, but I’ve worked in school settings for about 10 years altogether. What I’ve found is that I have NEVER gotten as sick as often as I do when I’m working at school settings. Kids just get sick more frequently and there’s stuff going around to begin with. Unfortunately, it’s kind of normal…

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Mine were always sick in daycare. You can try some vitamin c to boost their immune system and just try to encourage good hand washing. Hope it passes soon

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That was my son as well. I kept him on a vitamin & stocked up on Energen-C kids.

My kid has had a cold since she started kindergarten. Its germs they catch. An constantly have to have them wash hands. An my kid is getting vitamins an updated on shots. Im stock up on medicine but i dont constantly give it to her just as needed.

Normal. My son started going at 18 months just twice a week for a half day (to give this SAHM a break to to socialize him) and he had colds all winter and and four ear infections in 7 months. Luckily they stopped and he didn’t need tubes. He’s doing much better with illness now that he’s being going for year.

Totally normal. Mine was sick for the first 6 months he was in daycare. It’s horrible.

ABSOLUTELY it’s normal. Even now at school age after all summer off they tend to get sick more in the first 2 months of school. I typically up their vitamins and this flu season since doubling their vitamins and especially Vitamin c my kids haven’t been nearly as sick.

My son got sick all the time…he started when he was 3 months. He is almost 3 and hardly ever gets sick now. I know it sucks when they are sick but it does help build their immune system. If your concerned talk to your baby’s dr.

The kid is just building its immune system. I’ve seen it many time while working daycare as well as having 2 kids start daycare as toddlers. They weren’t exposed to those everyday germs so their body needed to catch up so to speak.

Yep but the bright side is there building a great immunity system lol

My niece was sick ALL THE TIME when she attended daycare!

yep. this is all normal. depending on your child’s age, wash their hands frequently and make sure they have fluids (and vitamin c!) at home. it just sucks for the first year :disappointed: but i truly believe it helps their immune system. my son was sick when he started daycare, but once he hit kindergarten, almost all the other kids got sick but my son almost never is (he’s 12 now). and if he does get sick, it’s usually a stomach bug. :disappointed:

When my daughter started daycare when she was one she was always getting colds and getting sick. They were always calling me to say I needed to come give her children’s advil because they cant attend with a fever. I remember someone once told me kids will either build up their immunity when they go to daycare by getting sick alot or if they stay home they will get sick alot when attending kindergarten. She also had asthma so any change in weather or temp would bring on a cold. She has since grew out if it though

I guess it’s normal :woman_shrugging: My son never went to daycare or anything so when he started pre-k this year, he just doesn’t ever stop coughing and bringing every sickness known to man home lol.

Elderberry syrup! We give it to my grandchildren and it helps plus vitamins. Teach them to watch hand regularly I know all can’t do this because of age but hand sanitizer helps too.

That’s how I feel my 3 1/2 month baby girl caught a really bad cold and goes to a daycare 3, hours once a week

All my kids got sick starting school for the first few months, its a major whack to their immune systems being around a whole bunch of other kids where germs can be passed so much easier. Vitamins, rest and patience eventually worked for me.

Normalcy shouldn’t mean complacency. Do research. Is your child fully vaccinated? Start there.

This is what happens when you keep your kids in a “sterile” environment! Making sure the pacifier’s sterilized before it goes in your kid’s mouth, wiping their hands every 10 seconds, this all contributes to their being sick when they are ezposed to other children!

This. Our daughter is literally sick every other week it seems since like October… She has seen all kinds of specialists from a hematologist, infectious disease, immunologist, etc. They all tell us it’s normal to be sick this often. That it’s her new immune system catching everything unfortunately. It’s comforting to know we are not the only ones. Just cannot wait for the warmer months to get here so we can hopefully move past all these viruses.

It is normal, kids get sick easy and being in a room with a lot of other kids means they’re giving it to each other constantly.

Ok, I worked in child care for my whole adult life so I think I can answer your question accurately. Yes is normal for kids in day care to have colds a lot. That is just the reality of it. I think you just need to let it run it’s course and let your child system adjust to all the germs that are new to her. No matter how much caregivers sanitize ( and they should be sanitizing everyday) their rooms kids will still get sick. They are a lot of kids in close quarters at day care centers and kids naturally carry a lot of germs.

Dark honey works great

I use vitamin c, D3, wishgarden immunity for kids, the hylands has a kids kit that is bomb, and probiotics, elderberry syrup…i mix and match these when he needs it. he is now 3.5 and has been sick maybe once or twice. as soon as I see symptoms I attack them like a ninja…

Normal mine did. She was 3 months old and was like that I even drove 2 hours to children’s hospital because of the cough. They told me normal. My kid doesn’t get colds much anymore we are 13

Yep my son started preschool when he was almost 4 and he was sick for pretty much the whole two years. The problem was that he was never around other kids his whole life until he started school so he hasn’t built up any immunity to all those germs. It gets better eventually just stick with it. My son also has seasonal allergies and those have the same symptoms as a cold. Maybe get your kiddo checked for allergies also.

Absolutely hate some of these comments, people are so quick to be “it’s normal, and get used to it” instead of giving input on how to help. :roll_eyes: Elderberry works great for immune system support. And just general vitamin C helps kick it. Also there is a vapor soap that Johnson’s makes for baths. It’s great for any age. And putting that in there helps release phlegm and anything else that could be irritating the throat and causing the cough. Also hylands for kids is all natural, I use it for my son when he’s sick and it helps relieve the symptoms he’s having and it’s super helpful. I hope your child gets better. :blue_heart: