My child has been sick since starting daycare: Advice?

Hey mamas, with kids in daycare. When they started daycare, were they sick all the time? My child has had a “cold” since they started in December, and the cough they have with it makes them throw up at least once a day. We have taken them to the Drs at least ten times since December, but the dr keeps saying they only have a cold. Is this normal for them to be so sick? How can I help get rid of this cough?


Absolutely normal , they are with other kids who are sick . Builds their immune system up

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If it continues, ask to be referred to an allergist. Probably just need to strengthen their immune system tho.

My oldest got sick a lot his first year, just colds and cough that lingered. We visited our doctor and she said try allergy medication. Talk about a life changer for the next year!!!

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Totally normal! Incredibly frustrating but better to get it over with before they start school. OTC prevention and treatment is your only hope until their immune system builds up

Elderberry gummies and probiotics help a lot!

I have been in daycare forever and it’s the germs around and people need to be washing hands and spraying and cleaning everything daily and we just take the immunity things and vitamin C

Try probiotics, elderberries and grape juice!

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It’s normal for them to get sick when they first start. New kids, new germs. After a couple weeks, they’ll be okay! Then they’re going to have an awesome immune system for when they start kindergarten lol


So what I learned from my oldest with daycare… my dr won’t do anything unless they have a fever, or are in actual pain (ear ache, strep throat) so I usually don’t go to the dr and let the colds ride out. Motrin and Benadryl help immensely. It’s completely normal! My little one his first two weeks of kindercare was vomiting for two days, then had a pretty bad cold for 10 days! He’s been fine since… but now the last few days he’s had boogers. Nothing too crazy. My first one was the same way their bodies get used to it. I just learned not to even waste my time at the dr bc most of it is viral and they can’t do anything to help anyway. Just got to keep the little ones comfortable.

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Unfortunately it’s part of daycare until their immune system gets stronger

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My son has been in daycare 3 months and is just starting to get use to the germs lol he has a bad cough and runny nose for ever :weary:

Yep. My son has had RSV and cold. My daughter influenza B.

Day care and school is like a human pierre dish

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Elderberry gummies and for the cough maybe try vicks on the feet…I’ve heard that really helps but I haven’t actually tried it. Good luck!

Sorry meant pietre dish

My kid has been sick once since starting daycare and it was something she caught from me. I’d suggest talking to your daycare as well and asking about their cleaning routine, sick kid protocol etc.


This is probably your only kid then LOL during the sick seasons our kids will stay sick 4 months


It doesnt end at daycare, schools are germ ridden too.

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Honestly its normal. As is the first 2 weeks of every school year. :sob:

With alot of kids brings on alot of different germs in one room. Best thing to do is give them foods that will help boost their immune system, vitamins and practice hygiene with them at home so they can take that with them to school. No hands by mouth, sneeze in elbow, wash hands, etc. The more they practice the more they will carry that with them. Airborne your out of luck but the above should help cut down on some sickness.

Yep - exposure to a lot of kids means exposure to a lot of germs. Especially if they weren’t exposed to a lot of people until daycare. Super common…as their immunity increases they will be sick much less often.

Elderberry syrup has been a huge help for our kiddos. We give it daily during cold and flu season and double up if they get a sniffle.


Very normal, it even happens to new teachers.

Stop sending them to daycare… Lol no but seriously kids are germ factories :rofl::rofl: my friend’s daughter is 2 and has had RSV multiple times since starting daycare! Try to add as much vitamins to the kids diet & push hand sanitizer & other things like that to try to prevent the germs. But someone said about an allergist, I second that as well!!

Its a fact of life. Each kiddo will be exposed to germs and pathogens and will get sick when they start school, whatever ‘school’ is for them (daycare, preschool or kindergarten). I’d rather have a child miss daycare than kindergarten, personally.

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I would get a second opinion on such a bad cough. Poor baby must be miserable if coughing so hard they throw up.:cry:

This is what my pediatrician recommended and it has worked wonders. My little man never got sick in daycare anymore and we have gone 2 years without catching the flu even when they had to close out schools down and disinfect because the flu was so bad. I highly recommend it.


Yes it is normal first year in daycare

My kid is 11 now since the first day of pre school (4) she has always been sick for the most part. Get used to it lol

I’d start investigating—starting with mold and mildew, and cockroaches. All of which can cause a cough, asthma, and cold like symptoms.

Yes!!! always sick when in child care, due to other parents drugging their sick child and taking them to day care. So they dont have to stay home and miss work. My kids were always sick and it was crazy , I lost work and several jobs over it being a single mom. Good thing is when the child starts regular school he or she will already have been thru it all. Now my first 2 kids went thru day care and were always sick, my 3rd I kept home and was never sick until now . Shes in regular school and is always sick due to the same issue people drugging kids and sending them to school . Now I’m 15 days away from number 4 and since my 3rd one gets sick from school often I’m just worried about baby getting sick alot. She was sick for a month finally got her back to normal. So over a month I was sick also with same thing she had while pregnant it wasnt a easy month.

PS: find a different doctor. Nobody has a cold for 12 weeks.

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A cough from certain viruses. Can last up to 12 weeks. I had rhino virus and was like this


So normal. Fortunately their immune system will be super strong when they’re a little older because they will have already had a lot of viruses. Elderberry syrup or gummies help SO MUCH!! Best thing for your immune system!

Ask for him to be swabbed to see what cold / virus it is.

Totally normal. Probiotics and frequent cleaning/disinfecting will be your friend.

Immune system is learning. They’ll probably stop throwing up from coughing once their body figures it out. They get sick for like 9months out of the year. It’ll be a normal part of life for you soon lol then they won’t get sick often at all

Triaminc is the only meds that works for my kiddo nothing else. Was sick whole month with fever , snotty nose and really bad cough she wouldn’t touch any food the whole month. After trying tylenol, motrin, Robinson, all kids of over counter crap only the triaminc worked and when she took it was was ok when she missed a dose u knew it. She was sick Dec 20th to Jan 7th went back 2 days was out another 7 days for same thing . Back on triaminc and went back to normal and went back to school then 2 days later right back out like come on. U gotta find what works for your child since docs only give amoxicillin for everything.

Yep! Normal from what I am told. Started daycare December 2nd and has been sick since her 3rd day there. Numerous doctor visits and one hospital visit . They all tell me it’s normal for them to be sick the first year.

Could be mold exposure, they could not be cleaning properly and they could just keep getting the same germs over and over .

Take them to a specialist something is wrong don’t just depend on one doctor say

Make sure you build their immune system by vitamins C, zink, vitamins, drink juices etc. I do this every year before they go to school.

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Please Have your child checked for RSV. I almost lost mine to this lingering cough. IT IS A SIMPLE TEST.

My daughter’s are 14 years apart. My oldest had to go to public school, because I had to work. Thank God I am a stay at home Mom now, and can homeschool my youngest. My oldest daughter was sick constantly in school. It was a breeding ground for germs. She would be at the doctor constantly in the Winter. Thankfully, my youngest doesn’t have to deal with all those strains being at home. :purple_heart: I know what you are going through, and it’s a nightmare. Find a doctor that is old school that will actually give you antibiotics when your child is sick. That is the only answer I can give you. :sob:

Get Elderberry! But, I’d get a different opinion. Request more testing. Never hurts to be sure.

It could be allergies as well but mimic a cold my daughter was like that but I would give her children’s Claritin and she’s gotten a lot better now

No but I have 2 in preschool and they’ve gotten the flu twice in the last 3 mos and came home with colds and stuff, I don’t like it

It’s normal , new germs

I was told it can last 6 months while they adjust

My kids been in a day home since around 6 months old, there was a lot of colds in the beginning, but now she’s a trooper and hardly gets sick.

Totally normal getting exposed to other germs and when your child starts preschool/kindergarten itll start all over again.
Give it a couple months and you should be good.

Elderberry gummies really do help. I myself started getting a cold, popped two in my mouth, i’m really only dealing with post nasal drip rn

Unfortunately yes. The first 6 months are rough with germs and sickness and starting in December is prime germ time. Hang in there momma! Keep treating symptoms and be preventative.

I also reccomend since its prolonged get your kiddo checked out for asthma, my 6 month old has a cough and a phlegm and we are taking him to get checked out for asthma this month

That’s not normal for your kid to be sick all the time

Their body needs to get used to all the germs and build up the immune system.

Hand washing. My toddler became a hand washing freak and hasn’t been sick in a year outside of allergies

My daughter was sick for months while in daycare. Turns out she was being exposed to mold.

Once they start school it’s a germ fest…classrooms aren’t sanitized or cleaned properly on a regular basis. When my granddaughter started school I made sure her classroom had plenty of Lysol wipes.

There body’s are getting use to new germs its normal my daughter was same way. Shes 6 now

Yep normal! It takes a good 6 months to build up a bit of Immunity to all the new bugs!!

My son would always end up sick from daycare, the cost outweighed my earnings and it was making him sick everytime, i just couldnt do it to him. But people have told me it gets better after 6 months, but six months is a long time to have a snotty nose…

Yes, verry normal. Elderberry syurp to boost immense system and a healthy diet helps but I knkw how picky kids can be.
So a natural vitamin supplement helps to.

Yes it’s normal. My daughters pediatrician told me when kids start going to daycare they average about 13 colds through the cold season which is roughly about 3-4 colds a month. They are just building their immune system so by the time they start school they should be pretty good to go!

Kids usually get sick but it shouldn’t last for months

When my daughter was in daycare, everyone got sick & nobody was getting over it. They closed the facility & bleached everything. It was a business, not in a home. People would send their kids there really sick! I ended up pulling her out because of how inconsiderate the parents were!

Normal. Sometimes it last up to a month. Just give them those gummies vitamins. And lots of fluids.

Neosporin swap in nose will help prevent them from getring sick!

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They can get over it byt if they keep going back to the same place that made them sick then they will continue to get sick

She’s building up immunity.

My baby is 2 started daycare in August. Got to coughing they first treated it as upper respiratory infection. It never would completely go away but would get better at times. She is still coughing. Keeps a runny nose and cough. No allergies,but she does have reactive airway disease (asthma) shes on Zyrtec in mornings, singulair in evenings pulmicort nightly.

I don’t think it’s normal for the child to cough so hard he is throwing up every day. Maybe try to see a different doctor in the practice or an urgent care or s little clinic for a different viewpoint. He could be allergic to something there also.

When my son has a cold he does tend to throw up occasionally. We try to limit dairy intake and that helps a lot. The cold is normal, and as long as the cough is just a normal cough and not a chest cough (lungs, etc) he should be just fine. Usually my kid’s cold only last a couple weeks, maybe 3 at the most but then it’s not long before he gets another one. And he goes to an In home daycare with not too many kids. It’s just part of the joys of having young kids in daycare. Oh and we monitor his ears too, he tends to get ear infections with his colds too and doesn’t show symptoms.

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The pediatrician told me that on average you get one virus a month but starting day care and pre K it’s up to 3 times a month and were living up to it also.

Very good you can find it at Sam’s club

Get another opinion. Plenty of liquids is a good idea. Have them checked for allergies. Change daycare!

Do either of your children have asthma? An exaggerated immune response like you’re describing may be an asthma sign. Can you ask for a referral to see a pediatric pulmonologist?

They have the virus going around. And yes, starting day care is usually a definite they will catch a cold while adjusting to the new germs. I have an in home day care and every one of my kids have had the terrible cough, parents too. Some with low grade temps, some with 103. It’s been over a month now and 3 of 8 are STILL coughing!!

They will stay sick for about a year but the nice thing is when they start school they are mostly immune


Start giving them elderberry. Every day twice a day.

It’s normal… when starting daycare…


I have worked in childcare almost 11 years. It is normal for the first 4 months of them starting. Their immune system is getting used to the extra germs that are around with other children. ( Not trying to scare you off) their bodies are just adjusting to it all. If the daycare sends him home because cough and they threw up ( not standard policy) get note from doctor stating the cough with have a few episodes not throwing up and they are not contagious) as long as no fever or vomiting ( can sit through 2 meals) and no diarrhea for 24 hours your child will be fine to attend child care. Give it a couple more months and your child will be okay. Plus other parents do not follow the rules and give medicine before school instead of keeping sick ones home. It happens everywhere. I hope your child care does see if this is an issue and sends them home. Good luck


Ask for a nebulizer/breathing treatment.


Normal. It drives me mad x

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It’s normal because the kids all go through it! But as they start to go they will get a healthier immune system!

Normal. Daycare babies get sick more than normal bc they’re exposed to all the germs.

I hear it’s normal given that they are exposed to many different germs/kids throughout each day. I would say boost your child’s immune system. Make sure that they get a quality multi vitamin daily and vitamin C and of course healthy eating! Teach your child to keep their hands away from their face and to wash before they eat and not to put things in their mouth. Good luck.


Yes! I’ve worked in childcare for almost a decade. With 2 kids of my own. Multiple centers. 100% normal!

The first year is the worst .they are expsoed to so many new people bugs etc .

With the coff have u had his ears cheeked can be related to ear infection.

Get nebulizer treatments

Yes this is normal. My daughter had the same issue we got a nebulizer and a steroid inhaler and have to use it every winter

My husbands daughter is that way too. She’s had a cough since 2018 it feels like. Multi vitamins and trying to teach her to wash her hands and cover he cough has helped keep her from getting all of us sick all the time.

It’s normal because of all the germs he is being exposed too. My son is normally pretty healthy, but since he started school he has been sick at least every other week. Only thing you can do is having wash his hands, maybe give him a bath or change his clothes when he gets home from school.

Totally normal. They’re around all kinds of people and germs they haven’t been exposed to before.

It can be normal. But this happened to my 4 year old a few years back…turns out he was sensitive to regular cows milk and he’d get cold/cough symptoms anytime he would receive milk.

Yes! Omg! Yes yes yes. It’s totally normal. My 2 year old started in November and she’s was sick on and off for about a month and a half. Thankfully she’s gotten use to the new germs

Unfortunately, yes when they first start daycare they don’t have much of an immune system. They will stay sick 6mos to a yr til they develop a better defensive mechanism.

It’s normal but you might want a second opinion from a pediatrician because it could be a sinus infection. This happened to my nephew this year when he started kindergarten.

Get their little systems filled up with Elderberry juice. Find someone who makes it homemade and just keep making your kids drink it everyday. At least a cup a day, maybe two at first to get it jump started. That stuff works amazing and we actually use it as a preventative to keep from getting sick each winter. Also, these little things are super awesome as well and we keep them on hand for funny noses.

When u introduce ur child to an environment with a lot of germs they have yet to be around they will catch a lot of them! He will build up an immunity eventually