My child has high levels of lead in their blood: Advice?

Has your kid ever had a high level of lead in their blood? What was the source? I know it wasn’t from an old house or contaminated water or paint chips. Could it be in any kind of newer toy? Help!


how are you going to ask the internet the source of your childs situation? you know what its NOT? but you don’t know what it IS?


How do you know your water isn’t contaminated? Are your levels high too? If not, what’s different in where you go & what you ingest? Where are their toys from? Do you buy food from a dollar store?

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Most likely not from newer toys as they are checked, but don’t rule out older toys and furniture that the child may be around frequently, before things were regularly checked for lead.

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baby rice cereal has high amounts of lead and arsenic that is why I will only use the baby oatmeal


Baby cereal had a lot of iron in it but your water could also have high amounts that’s why they say to use bottled or filtered water. But if it’s so high it won’t be from a toy or furniture it’ll be from food or water.

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Had a friend who experienced this with her daughter, the final determination was never concretely decided but it was thought the dollar store jewelry that she loved was a significant contributing factor. You have to use caution when using checked older glazed dishes and enameled pots and pans

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Water. Paint. Have you bought anything from wish and given it to your child … There are many ways. Does he go to daycare. I’ll tell you this I hope you took your child to the Dr and I hope you find the source because that’s very dangerous for your child

Why is it soooo hard to keep scrolling and mind your business instead making a rude or ignorant comment??? She isn’t asking for a diagnose and you do not need to know it all. She is simply asking a damn question is someone has experience this! Wtf YOU are part of what is wrong with world. Instead of using technology and all this social media frenzy for something POSITIVE and HELP each other… come with this bs.


There should be a state person who comes to your home and does a sample test of every surface in your home, as well as outside too. Literally every surface…ceiling to floor.

Eat lots of high iron foods and give Poly-vi-sol drops. The person from your local health department should be coming to your home to talk about all of this with you.

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Have you bought any toys from China or Wish lately? I heard many products coming over have lead in them. Good luck figuring this out.

This is a question for a doctor not doctor-wanna-be.

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My natural loving friend’s daughter did once. They figured out it was from playing in the dirt in their backyard. She was about 1-2 at the time.

It can be in the soil. I would Google what all lead can be found in and go down the list. Have someone come and check lead levels in and outside your home. There’s foods and drinks that lower lead levels in your body as well.

Could b a toy, or water pipes, or a bunch of other things. Its hard to say for sure but u definitely need to get everything checked

Artisan water… Have her drink it for 3 months ( you can reasearch it its the silica in the water that gets heavy metals out ) theres foods that get metals out too… Do you cook with metal… Maybe it is a toy, but id like to know how all these people keep saying test things for it… So my question is, how do you test things for metal ??

Could be a few things but definitely check the water. When my oldest child was a baby I had the exact same thing happen and couldn’t figure out exactly why, I checked all of her toys, date of the paint in the house etc. finally I switched to bottled water and a britta filter and she went from having a sky rocketed dangerous level of lead to completely under normal level.

How old is your child

Could be a number of things but has he had any new toys lately? Wish there was a bit more info like is he of teething age then we would know he probably puts everything in his mouth or older where it could be tap water!!! I sure hope you find out where it’s coming from.

paint used on toys from china have high lead in them …China is not regulated like the USA. Best toys are the ones made in America. I’m surprised your kids doctor hasn’t given you a list of items that tell you what to avoid. House dust or soil can cause it also

My daughter was only a year old and her lead level was 27. But it was from living in an older house with lead everywhere. She had a speech therapist bc of it but when we moved (to a newly remodeled house) her speech increased dramatically, and her therapy stopped within two months later. I hope you find the source and take care of it quickly bc its no joke! Iron medicine will help get the lead out faster too

Toys perhaps.

I’d become almost minimalist and get rid of everything

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Any toys, jewelry or such they can mouth that might have come from overseas, may contain higher amounts of lead.

We did but it was because of a house the state comes in and test everything that how we new the house was loaded

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Usually it’s caused by lead paint in the home

I moved into an apartment that I ended up having to sign a contract that was about 3in thick stating that if me or my family got lead poisoning that we were not able to sue the homeowner

Where do you live? It can play a part

Tap water. If the pipes are lead, there’s lead in the water.

Has your soil been tested? Lead is commonly found in soil in some areas. Does your child spend a lot of time playing outside in the grass, dirt, etc?

I may be entirely wrong, but could it be in the soil near the house where lo plays?

They sell lead tests on Amazon. I would test some stuff out

Soil, fertilizer

Could be tracked in from shoes

Your health department will come and help you figure out the cause at the house, and your child will be retested in 3 months to make sure the levels go down some.

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Toys from China can have higher lead allowed than a U.S. made product. Doesn’t seem right does it?

My 9 month old just went to the doctor for her check up and they tested her in the office with a finger prick. It came back higher than what they want it to be at. So they sent me to a lab to get her blood drawn from her arm and it came back fine. Said it must’ve just been the sample they took at the office. But they did say if it did come back higher still then they send the health department out to test everything in your house where it might come from. Maybe contact the health department to see if that is something they do?

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It could be a variety of different things. Old home with lead paint…soil from out doors…toys…even can be caused by you or your spouse occupation…guns…

Most dishes and cups ceramic have lead and cadmium in them and a lot of toys from china do. Follow lead safe mama on Facebook she has lots of products she tests for lead and you wouldn’t think it but even your pots and pans if they are non stick can contain some nasty chemicals. There’s literally lead in most mainstream products :weary: she does have a list of safe products as well so you can slowly replace the items in your home that contain high levels of lead. You can also send her stuff to test.

Could be toys. Water. Outside

Could be lead from the water pipes

Soil or paint. You can find soil testing kits. Even some old flooring and wall panels could be the culprit.

If your home is older than 30 years or so I believe, yes, it could be the paint (even if you’ve painted over) or pipes. Could be soil. Most toys do not have lead, but its possible.

My kids did a few years ago. It was bc of the water pipes.

Buy this so you can detox the heavy metals from their body. We were victims of the Flint water Lead crisis. Please buy this ASAP before your child ends up with brain damage. Not to scare you but heavy metals are BAD.
Lead is in cheap toys from shitty stores like dollar tree, walmart plastic shoes, ect. Don’t buy your kids cheap junk. Don’t buy shit off WISH because 9/10 its coated with toxic chemicals. You all need to be thinking about your exposure to toxic things everyday.

Dealt with this like 3 times. (Hubby works with Lead) if they didn’t send you for a blood draw then it’s nothing to worry about (even if they do send you, don’t stress until you need to. )

The one at the doctors office is always way higher than the blood draw. The blood draw is more accurate. So don’t stress or worry till it comes back.

I think over 10 is when they start to worry and everything otherwise they just keep an eye on it.

Trust me I was freaked out the first time.

More than likely your water.

2 of my kids had high levels. My daughter had to be test quite a few times. We were told to do bottled water.

Where do you live? I mean the area. Some old manufactur area that were repurposed might have it in the soil. Also do you live by a old bridge or infrastructure? How old are your pipes? Do you live a mine?
Do you use homemade ceramics made in a kiln? Do you make your own ammunition? Do you make your own knives? Mechanic or in the automotive industry?
Do you have any older toys or Collectibles older than 1950?

Does the child fish? A child near me got it from fishing gear.

I heard the “jelly shoes” contain lead

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I live in an area with naturally high lead levels. Most of the people that live around here have higher levels than normal because of it. 90% of us have 0 problems.

My daughter had really high led level when she was younger still only formula fed we couldn’t figure it out because she couldn’t even crawl. Come to find out it was from pipes in building I started using spring water for her bottles instead and her led level went right to normal over a couple of months.

Some toys have them especially from China I’ve heard my oldest was really high we had to get his blood tested regularly

I saw someone else commented jelly shoes. I know a little girl who recently had high levels of lead and it was from Walmart brand jelly shoes. Obviously the child is probably not wearing those specifically right now, but maybe check into anything daily use coming from Walmart, as their suppliers clearly aren’t thoroughly testing their products.

My youngest did, it was just a really messed up test. We did the finger prick which we later found out aren’t very accurate. She got a second test ( regular blood draw) done at the hospital and it came back perfectly normal. It didn’t help the nurse was just collecting blood dripping down her elbow. 🤦

There are tests you can get at the hardware store (home Depot) and test different things in your house. Carpet and window sills are a good place to start. Been there done that. Drink more milk… vitamin D neutralizes and washed the lead put

Area would be more than helpful for this post and if not already , take your baby to see a doctor asap

At my son’s one year check up, his lead levels came back high. We went for a blood draw and still high. We couldn’t pinpoint where it came from. They told me to feed him iron rich foods and lots of oranges or oj. When we went back 3 months later, his blood tested normal. Don’t stress yet mama.

It’s not normally a problem unless it’s over 10. We all had it as kids cause of lead pencils and leaded petrol in my dads cars. We were fine lol.

Toys from china have had lead in them.

Run your water for a minute or two before filling up their cup or using the water for cooking. It could be from the pipes

My son had this problem and it was because of the house we lived was contaminated of lead it was old and after an inspector cane checked the walls and doors windows with a machine I had to move out for my son safety. After I had to keep his hands clean at all times and is mostly small metal cars that had a small amount of lead I wouldn’t allow him to play with and the rest of his toys everyday i would clean them with bleach and maintaining the house clean with a small amount of bleach and window frames I tried to keep him from putting his fringes in his mouth and he couldn’t play with playdoh till this day he still doesn’t and his lead level is now a 2 and working to lower it still.

My son was 1 or 2 when he had lab work done and had high lead levels. He would chew on hot wheels and we never thought that the paint had lead in it. Once we took those away and cleaned window sills, he was fine.

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My son tested borderline and the health department came out and investigated. We never found the culprit, but I did get rid of a bunch of toys just in case.

My son had “high levels” from his feet, did an actual blood test, turned out he was fine. His sandals were made in china and plastic

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Goodness, it was like 10 years ago but my oldest son tested high once, never knew why but when it was rechecked, he was fine. Still have no idea and never happened again

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My daughter had elevated levels when they did a finger prick. They then did an IV blood draw and sent it off for testing. I got a call from the health department explaining the results. My daughter didn’t ingest any lead. They said her levels were slightly high but not concerning to the point of needing treatment. They said it could be from playing outside (it was during a time when we were going to the park everyday). They said some areas have high lead levels in soil and we just so happened to live in one of those areas. They explained all the possibly different ways she could be getting exposed and said she would be retested in a few months.

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My second daughter did, it was like 4 years ago now. It was from our sink water though so I started buying bottles for us and gallon baby water for her.

I try not to buy anything made in China. Anything from the 99 cent store is a big no no for kids as well. Avoid at all cost. High lead and Cadmium levels.


If you live in an area near where they are doing lots of construction in can be in the dust. Particularly if they are doing roadwork.

It honestly could be anything my youngest had it when she was about a year old and was tested afew times then she was fine and we never found out what caused it.

My son had high levels of lead when he was a baby. we never quite found out the source but he used to like to chew on anything made of wood. Wooden toys, wooden furniture. Window sills. We ended up replacing our wooden furniture with plastic ones and that seemed to help.

A lot of things contain lead… My daughter’s level were high… Keys contain a lot of lead… If you child plays with them… They need to stop…

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Toys painted…lots of toys painted in china while back… even Disney ones…check

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Pipes in your house (water source)

Try bottled if you don’t already


It could be from wall stickers if you’ve got any off Amazon

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I remember reading article once that some Walmart’s kids sandals had lead in them


My son had extremely high levels of lead and the health department came & tested the house & dirt outside, while he was to young to actually “eat” it the levels outside was so high it affected him by breathing it in. He was under a year old when we found out

Could be from the soil on your ground. That was what did it to my nephew.

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Sometimes cheap or knock off toys come from other countries that do not have rules against lead in the paint they use.


From someone who lives in Michigan, check your water.


Painted wooden toys made in China? In your water? On the crib rails?


Water, broken etch a Sketch

You can get lead testing kits for your home

High iron levels could be a blood condition called Hemocrotisis. Has he had a blood test? If not, do so and ask to look for that.

Have your water tested…

Your child has a potentially serious medical problem, and you’re turning to FACEBOOK for help? Ever heard of a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL?

We live in the leadbelt of Missouri normal range here is 6 and under. If the level is over 6 they monitor are blood levels to see if they increase if they don’t and they’re fine if they do they go to children for treatment. It’s from the air the soil the water we drink etc.
Here’s an article from the CDC about lead in plastic toys and Christmas decorations, mostly imported. Maybe something like that?

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does he chew on things?

my sons levels came back at 12, he is almost 2 1/2. the main source of lead the health department told me is dust, if your renovating your home that could be the source, being in a garage or working on cars and coming inside without showering or changing your clothes could be the problem, they said always take your shoes off and leave them outside, wet mop your floor atleast once a week. alot of different things. I will tell you this, even if your pipes or water contains led in it the health department told me your child would have to drink gallons and gallons of water a day to have a elevated led level. our home older and unfortunately when they tested some spots came back positive. toys, literally anything can have lead it in. look up online of healthy foods you can feed your child to help bring the levels down. we changed a few things of how we do stuff in our home and what we feed our son and his levels dropped to 9 in 1 1/2 months. If your saying its not from chipped paint it could always be dust in your home. try vacuuming often.