My child is becoming a bit overweight, what should I do to manage her weight?

She doesn’t like many vegetables and refuses to try too many new things. She’s a picky eater, but definitely enjoys snacking. She doesn’t eat out of control and she’s not lazy, but her weight is catching up to her. She is 8 years old. And 82 lbs 50 inches tall. I want to get a handle on things before it gets out of control and she starts being self conscious. I’d appreciate any help


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My child is becoming a bit overweight, what should I do to manage her weight?

It’s very common for kids her age to get a little chunk before they grow in height. I don’t think this is an age to worry about her weight at all so long as she is active and you’re saying her diet isn’t out of control.


Just do your child a huge favor…

Don’t comment on her weight!

As the parent…Make better choices at the grocery store but don’t make that about a child.

She’s not self conscious about the weight YOU ARE so stop Mom!
her body is fine

She’s growing and human

Unless her doctor is afraid she has a metabolic issue then let her body grow.


80lbs is not bad at all! While it’s on the higher end of weight for her age, it’s not overweight!
I have a 5 year old that is 72lbs and around 47inches , his doctor has never had an issue with his weight and he is very active and healthy.
Obviously encourage healthier choices of food and snacks and lead by example but please do not make her feel like something is wrong with her. Her weight is fine


Stop keeping snacks and sugary foods in household. Don’t make her feel because of her let her think it is for you she will try for you.

Weathers getting cooler now.Start walking with her.Also,instead of buying snacks,make them together.Have her choose a healthy recipe and the family try it together.

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start being more active with her. lead an active lifestyle🖤


I was doing all of this and my 8 years old is over 100lbs now Dr’s realized it is a horomone imbalances in her body and I have been complaining for years

My 5 year old is 4ft and 70lbs and her pediatrician days she is fine.

Portion out snacks. Only one after school.
Try to put together balanced meals and have her help make them.

Cut out u healthy snacks, don’t buy them. Also, cut back on juice if she drinks it. No soda.


Don’t buy unhealthy snacks and go for walks with her :heart: make it inclusive and fun. Get her involved in cooking healthy foods with you.


She is 8 but is 82 pounds? Girl that’s nothing, all my little cousins and my brother who is 7 is like 75-80 pounds and they are very healthy and very active and are all built slim or husky but still the same weight as each other . Every kid is built different, maybe it’s a thyroid problem? Maybe a hormone imbalance problem or maybe it’s just how her body is built. Either way, as long as she is healthy and active I see no problem, but if you are worried for how others perceive her or how she’ll perceive herself to be held up against the beauty standards of today, than please don’t. Teach her that all body types are beautiful just the way they are and to love herself as she is and teach her to as well. :woman_shrugging:t2: all I can say is teach a healthy lifestyle with exercise that doesn’t see, like exercising, just fun active activities :woman_shrugging:t2: idk lol and make food where it hides the veggies lol I do that with my kid


Eliminate sugary drinks and get more active.

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This is kind of an asshole thing to say. My daughter turns 4 in February and she weighs 57 lbs and I don’t think she’s overweight at all. Stop trying to impress people. As long as she moves and plays as well as the other kids I wouldn’t worry about it.


Lead by example. Do some yoga or gonoodle videos. Get her helping with housework if she doesn’t already, could she push the hoover? Do the mopping?


Cut out soda, and be more active.

You’ve probably already made her self conscious being concerned with her weight. Kids pick up on things like that. Is it Actual concern for her health or are other people telling you she needs to lose weight? What’s the DOCTOR say? Sorry but this isn’t an issue for strangers on the internet but for your healthcare provider…And for the Love Of God don’t ask the doc while she’s in the room :roll_eyes:
Honestly this is ridiculous. I’m Certain you have better things to worry about…:woman_facepalming:


Try letting her help you cook. Maybe if she cooks the food, she will want to try it.

My advice is just keep unhealthy snacks and drinks out of the house. But also, don’t try to lose weight now just let her maintain that weight and as she grows in height it will even her out. My almost eight yr old is going through a husky phase right now as well, but her sister did too. It will all work out! :heart:


Don’t make this about weight. Make it about health. Pitch the chips and soda. Buy carrots and hummus, watermelon, apples, cherries for snacks. Add a healthy salad at dinner. Up the exercise. Family walks, roller skating, biking, nature scavenger hunts. When you can’t get outdoors do a dance party or a pillow fight. Anything to get up and moving.


Maybe don’t talk about her weight so she doesn’t develop an issue. Stop buying her snacks.


I would really work on those vegetables. Just phase out all junk food for veggies.
Not necessarily worried about the weight aspect of it- but kids need to learn to eat food that isnt chips, cheese, or cookies. And if theres other stuff available- it’s really hard for a kid to have the willpower to choose the healthy option.
Also just keep in mind that even fruits are not a replacement for vegetables. Just get her in the habit now and her weight will follow :heart:

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Kids can be all different sizes and be healthy. My daughter is almost 8, 50 inches and 52lbs. I wouldn’t worry unless the pediatrician says something.

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Purchase healthy snacks, go outside and play with her and tell her she will be joining a sport (let her pick). Don’t make it about weight. What is important is she takes care of herself by staying active and eating right.

This sounds like an eating disorder waiting to happen. Do not mention her weight to her. She is a child, make sure you buy healthy snacks, go on walks together. It is your job as the parent to make sure she has healthy lifestyle choices so you need to start incorporating healthy things. 80lbs is not big at all and she is still growing.

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I have a very picky eater, but a great snacker as well…here for the comments. But, I try to include fruits and veggies with every meal and I TRY to stay away from unhealthy snacks. He’s also very active, even if he’s just running around the house. Get active together

If her doctor isn’t concerned about her weight I wouldn’t be either. My boy is 9, 107 pounds and 5’ even. He’s taller than most kids his age. However he’s a growing boy, his doctor isn’t concerned and neither am I. He’s healthy. He’s very active in sports, and plays outside Dailey.
My youngest boy is 6 and he’s 40 bounds and 3 foot tall. My daughter is 8 and she’s 4’6 and she’s 80 pounds.

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Check with your doctor for sure. But maybe see if she wants to do an activity? My son is in the 98th percentile and eats all the time. But he does swimming once a week and we just started Ninja Warrior classes where he moves for almost a full hour every week. In addition we try to walk to school to get some extra healthy movement in. For us it’s about health and not size. We have fun fuel and fit fuel and both are important, we just try to eat more fit fuel and move our bodies in a healthy way.

Most kids boys and girls get a bit husky between the ages of eight and when they start puberty and the one thing you can do is get snacks out of your house right now and have her go on a walk with you every night after dinner

My son had that problem at 10 yrs old he was in a 34 waist same as his dad. When he went to the Dr. The weight had caused a thickness to start developing around his heart. I cut out all fried and fast food nothing but water and OJ for a year. Pure OJ no sunny D or substitutes. I literally made him excersise until he sweat. No second helpings and limited his snacks He was not the same boy a year later and it probably saved his life It was many days he was mad and upset but I did it for his health and it was the best thing I could have done for him.

I would recommend talking to her pediatrician about your concern. If her doctor is also concerned then test can be done to rule out any health issues.

Just keep the main meals as healthy and low calorie as you can suitable for her age/height. Try to control the snacking by having fruit and popcorn and other low calorie options. Get her to be active and NEVER mention her weight to her. As long as you are eating healthy and being active, she will be encouraged to be. So if you are not, mommy, you might also need to work on yourself. Set an example. All the best.

It helps me to eat a protein when I eat a fruit, usually peanut butter. Just a small spoon full to dip it in or even just lick right off of the spoon with a banana. And stick mostly to water and low fat milk in moderation.

Don’t talk about weight to your kids, or else she surely will grow up self conscious. Make it about health, not weight. Keep unhealthy snacks out of the house and enjoy treats in moderation. Look up healthy recipes you think she’d like. Maybe take walks in the evenings or weekends. Maybe enroll her in sports to get physical activity. Speak to a dr if you’re concerned, or if her weight is affecting her health. If the dr hasn’t expressed concern, then I wouldn’t worry much. She’s still a kid who’s still growing.

Dont buy junk food and bring it in the house. Dont eat it around her. Find some physical activities to get her or you and her or whole family. Walking at like a park…zoo… If there’s gymnastics or dance classes… Some sport to put her in… Limit screen time. All screen time. An hour a day… And must earn that by doing daily chore… Keep room clean… Make bed… Take trash out… Unload dishwasher… Set table …clear table… Dust or Windex things… Is movement. Find fun things to do too. Get a volleyball net for back yard or a trampoline…go on nature hikes. Ive done all ad well when my daughter picked up dome weight years ago. Gotta practice what you preach too though. They learn from what see too. Also get her bloodwork checked that not a medical issue. Maybe a therapist cause they go thru depression too. Schools all have a psychologist on site. Little girls bodies i think start changing around that time. … With other changes not too far down the road. Try every avenue momma. It can be a variety of things((( hugs)))

My oldest is 10 and he’s only 58 lbs and my 6 ye old is 42 lbs don’t make it about weight just cut out the junk I dont see that’s she’s close to being overweight

My 2 yr old is 40 lb and 3 ft 3inches. No worries about his weight just keep healthy food in the house and be an active household

Don’t say anything about her weight to her. Enroll her in some sport at school…cheer, softball ect

Don’t talk to her about her weight talk to her about health and be healthy if discussing the topic to her.
Don’t cause ED to your child.

Trying to make her loose weight is going to make her self conscience.

I was not a big eater, bit we also didn’t have all the crap/snacks people have in their house today, And that went the same when my kids were little, Yes, there was a half of gallon of ice cream in the freezer, maybe a thing of cookies, but that was it, except had a lot of apples, oranges, bananas, pears, grapes…a lot of fruit. So get rid of the junk food, in the small bag size as a treat once in a while, but more of the fruits. And encourage her to ride her bike more, ride with her, take walks in the local park, if you live near the beach, take walks with her there & collection shells, etc. Turn the TV off, invite one of her friends over & have them built a fort, teach them hopscotch, jump rope, kick ball…

Holy cats are my kids tiny?!?
6 yo is 44" and 49 pounds. My 8yo is 46" and 49 pounds.

She is fixing to have a growth spurt. She is way to young to put on a diet……send her outside to play

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Just be very careful at this age. I remember my mom telling me if I eat past a certain time I’d be big as a cow, I only ate one meal a day for years. Just be positive about it, make it a thing for you both and more of a hobby and it will become a habit :blush:

What is her diet ? If it’s mainly crap carbs , processed food , and sugar , than you aren’t doing her any favors .

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If you don’t put unhealthy snacks in the home she can’t eat them! Family walks after dinner are always fun as well!

It is natural for children that age to gain weight. Don’t focus on it and definetely don’t talk about it. Go for walks, the park, bike ride, roller skate, hikes. Focus on a healthy lifestyle. Also weight does not define a person. This is your hang up it doesn’t need to be hers

Look at it from my perspective I’m probably the same exact height as your daughter is right now and I weigh 89 lbs and I’m 30 years old and I’m 4 ft 6 and I’m way too skinny :woman_shrugging:t2: so maybe look at it from a different perspective and I’m only 9 lb more than your daughter :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

What’s gonna make her self conscious is you trying to control her weight and making comments about it

Quit buying snacks. If you do, offer healthy options