My child is constipated: Advice?

I went to the doctor for my daughter two months appointment. She has been gassy and the most time she goes without pooping is 3 days. I tried to get them to change her formula for wic and they said she needs similac neosure because she was a month early and she needs the calories. The doctor told me that every time she have her bottle give her gas drops and if she have a hard poop, i could give her a little prune juice in her bottle. Does anyone else have this issue and did your child pediatrican pay you attention or just ignore you?

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Some children can’t handle the iron and the protein in the formula I take car of babies from 3days old they mostly used the neosure for children under weight if constipation is the problem the that works very well is Enfamil gentlease it works amazing

Doesn’t sound like your being ignored, prune juice is a natural laxative an infant can have, what did you want the doctor to tell you. If doctor feels baby needs that formula probably true, why would doctor lie to you , why not try the prune juice first , without , thinking it won’t work

Massage her belly and do bicycle stretches with her. Maybe put a little vaseline on her bottom to help ease the pain of pushing.

My little had trouble pooping the first few weeks. I have her apple juice that was way watered down. Their body sees the sugar as a laxative. I also had to stick a q-tip up to stimulate the poop out. They said to use a finger but I couldn’t. Good luck!

When my kids were little I would put a tablespoon of karo syrup in a baby bottle with water!

Try a infant pro biotic good luck mama