My child is still struggling with school...advice?

My toddler (4) has been in preschool since October and still hasn’t adjusted. She cries before school everyday and begs me not to go because she’s scared. And she says everyone hates her, I’ve talked to her teacher about it and she said she does fine while she’s at school. Is this normal?


Yes it is very normal.
I don’t know why, but often times children don’t like being left, if they leave you. They are ok, I think it’s just the idea that you are leaving. Many children go through this.

If you want to ease your mind, ask another parent to video your child after you leave.

Good Luck!

I remember crying everyday at that age when my mom dropped me off at school. I’d tell her different stories so she’d let me stay home with my Grandma.

I’m 23 and in college, i still cry before leaving my house so it’s perfectly normal. Sometimes it takes a while for kids at that age to be adjusted to a new environment. Give her time, she might make a new friend and will be begging you to take her to preschool

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My son did this at the beginning of the year he’s also 4. The teacher made him a schedule thing so he knew everything he has to do before I came back. And I noticed instead of me going in to help him get situated it was easier for me to just give him a big hug and leave him at the door

hmm… idk. my oldest was very difficult and not a lot of people enjoyed her. she was very bad all the time! and there was a particular place that involved school that brought on worse issues. come to find out, an ADULT was the issue! just bc they didn’t like her! and she was just a small child in this trustee adults world
… I’m not saying this to scare you, only to be aware. adults bully too bc some humans are just plain mean.
if you haven’t yet, seek out a Dr appt to discuss what’s going on and see what she recommends.

Mine did it for like the first 3 year’s and sometimes still at 9 years old. He’s a mommy’s boy and a Home body. Other 2 kids didn’t struggle that long.

She might be manipulating you like my daughter was doing.

Some teachers are not nice when they are alone with the kid. My son had issues and i requested another teacher. Anxiety is not good for kids and they can’t learn if they hate the place

It’s normal. She’s trying to manipulate u. Just keep sending her

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my 5 year old cried every day last year until nearly the end. this year she still hesitates when saying bye but does so much better. she also settled down quickly once I left last year.
But I would explore why she feels like no one likes her. It could be a deeper issue if there’s a bully or something.


As heartbreaking as it sounds its best to let hwr go in while crying, most of the time they end up absolutely fine 5 minutes after your not in sight, especially reception because jts still all play mainly so their minds are taken off you not being there etc and their day will go quickly because their enjoying themselves.

My eldest cried nearly everyday in year 2 (she’s now in year 3) she didn’t like it she was saying that the kids was being horrible to hwr and she didn’t like the teacher but quiet a few of the kkds in that class didn’t like the teacher they had last year and now they’re going to have them again next year for year 4!!

My daughter says she feels like she’s doing too much at achool sometimes, it’s literally learning 6 hours a day for them then they get sent home with reading books and homework aswell… in all Honesty I don’t agree with homework and reading books to be takenhome! There at school 6 hours a day mo day to Friday they only have couple hours evenings at home and the 2 days on weekends and that’s meant to be for family time and playing with toys plying out with friends etc they shouldn’t be made to sit doing more work and reading st home when they’ve just done 6 hours a day of jt at school

It’s not normal to pawn your kid off to strangers
Kids don’t adjust well because it’s not biologically healthy or normal.