My child refuses to drink cows milk: Advice?

My baby just turned 1 and refuses to drink regular milk. We have tried all different kinds. Even different cups, bottles, etc… He will only drink formula. Has any other mamas dealt with this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My child refuses to drink cows milk: Advice?

Just mix his formula half and half milk and gradually give him less formula every day he will never know what hit him


He will if that’s his only option. You are in charge.


What about almond milk or something that isn’t cows milk


He doesn’t have to drink it. Just give him cheese or yogurt and you’ll get the nutrients.


I’m a medical assistant at a pediatrics office and hear this pretty often. You wanna start weaning him by mixing regular cows milk with his formula. Do a quarter milk, then half milk, then three quarters milk until he gets used to the taste and texture. If he still doesn’t take to cows milk you wanna be sure he’s getting other foods with calcium in it so he’s getting that and vitamin d elsewhere! You can even pick up some d drops OTC. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Had the same problem, started using Enfagrow

Are you transitioning or just going straight to milk?

There’s toddler formula or just stop giving it to him and make him eat yogurt or cheese or drink or be thirsty stop letting toddler be in charge

Try it but Half cow and half formula.

I put a wee bit of homo milk in bottle with formula and every other day I would increase the amount of milk. I did it slowly because I had a fussfart of a child. She never even batted an eye. I would just suggest going slow


There’s no need for milk or any dairy product past a year old. Just make sure he gets plenty of healthy fats in his diet (things like eggs and avocado) and he will be fine.

My baby breastfeeds and she’s 14 months and I’m so over it :crazy_face: she was refusing milk as well no matter how I tried giving it. But I recently warmed the milk and put a little bit of honey in it and she loves it! It’s worth a shot.


Mixed half formula and half cows milk , and put less formula gradually


I had this issue actually worst as after 6months of being on maternity leave when I went to work my son would not drink formula or milk but he ate…

At 1 exactly he was underweight and not growing as she should have

I took him to a hostipial and they provided him a multivitamin and a strict schedule and plan of eating and told me if the formula or cows milk is not something he likes I could try the nestle Milkshakes just to add some dairy to his growth but if he was having yogurts as part of his scheduled eating plan that it was okay the multivitamin can help him to eat rather than drinking

Even tea mainly Rooibos with milk in could help

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Just stop buying the formula and if he really wants some milk he will get used to cows milk.

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Give him water to drink. Allow him to gain his nutrition from other sources. Yogurt, cheese etc.

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Have you done the transitioning such as 3/4 formula 1/4 milk?

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Human’s don’t NEED cow’s milk to survive. I haven’t drank cow’s milk since I was 5 and am now 40. I absolutely hate it. Your child can get calcium from other sources. Try finding alternatives


Just do 50-50 and slowly ease into it.

My daughter will only drink cows milk if its warmed or chocolate

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If he’s getting calcium from other sources, then don’t worry about the milk. He may not like it.

Cereal. Porridge. Mashed banana. Keep trying the blue milk. Less formula weekly and replace with blue milk. Warm up 30 seconds xxx

I would warm up the milk just as it would be when they had formula. That helped a bit.

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Yup, it’s either milk or water. They’ll get thirsty enough to drink whatever you give them…

Try nut or coconut milk

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Don’t give it to them. They don’t need it. Drinking milk from a cow is so weird imo


Dilute it until you have more milk then formula…

Mine never really drank milk, although milkshakes went down well. Don’t worry about pouring it down their throat, give them water or diluted juice instead. They can have milk mixed in cereal, or through things like cheese instead. Milkshakes, ice-cream, milk based puddings are a great way to add dairy to the diet.

We recently struggled with my one year old. I had to start with mixing it with formula and slowly taking away formula and adding more milk to the mixture. Until it was only Milk and warming it slightly just to take the chill off.

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My son is the same, I ended up getting the powder vanilla pediasure and mixing it with the cows milk and he LOVES it!

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Talk to your pediatrician

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Not all kids like milk. I’ve always hated milk unless it’s chocolate. If the kid doesn’t want it. Don’t force it! Try other types of milk. Almond. Silk. Etc… don’t ever force your child to eat or drink something they don’t like. Yes they need to try new things but don’t force them to eat or drink something they clearly don’t like…


Have you tried almond milk yet


Use an alternative I never gave my daughter cows milk. I hate it too. We use Oat, hemp or rice.


Have you tried adding flavor to it? Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, caramel?

There are different flavor extracts that you can buy in the baking aisle thar you can try to find one that kiddo likes.

Or maybe try a protein powder maybe.

Ummmm or try a milk alternative like almond milk or soy milk

Cows milk is NOT necessary


I am in the same boat with my little girl and she doesn’t care for juice or water much either but I found she does like the lactose free milk a little better and she took to the toddler formula better than milk too. But she eats yogurt and cheese so her dr said not to be too worried.

We used pediasure powder or there is a Gerber toddler formula that is great. But cows milk isn’t necessarily a requirement. Or you can slowly reduce the formula by mixing it with milk and making it more milk than formula until it is only milk after several weeks.

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My girl hates it too. I just give her the Nido powder milk and she loves that.


Why is this an issue?

We mixed bottles so it would be 1/4 milk and 3/4 formula and over the course of the month slowly went with more milk less formula and it helped a lot for my son.


They don’t need to drink it.

Add carnation breakfast drink mix flavors it has vitamins too.

Water the formula down so it doesn’t taste as good to the child

She doesn’t need to drink milk.

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Did you wean her off the formula but adding small bits of milk to her bottle to start with and increasing til its just milk and not just do it instantly

They don’t need cow milk :roll_eyes:

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Try soy milk. It tastes like ice cream

Mine wouldnt drink milk for awhile but we would warm the milk n put a splash of vanilla in it n he gobbled it right up…aldo cow milk isnt needed…it can ALWAYS be compromised with something else

My daughter was the same, so we switch to almond. She will still only drink the chocolate almond milk. So she drinks water all day, only thing she will drink.

Some people don’t like cows milk

Just go with a plant based one then. Check with her pediatrician first of course.

Just like you gradually introduce new foods, try mixing milk and formula to graduate to the only milk routine.

My boys stil wont drink it. They drank formula till age 3.5 yrs and doctors said it was fine. Cow Milk is for calf

Yes! We did toddler formula! If the price is the concern I do Nido. It’s the red label can generally in the Hispanic foods isle!! This is the best price for toddler formula! And I usually do milk in a glass for meals to try to get her adjusted. Eventually we were able to fully transition and cut the formula all together

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Other milks like almond maybe :thinking:

My daughter did too! I gave her Nido and she loved it and it has vitamins,iron & zinc.

U have to mix it and gradually lessen it but I feel that toddler formula is a good one to switch to I used it with a few of mine and I have 7

Don’t drink it. Humans don’t need another mammals milk.
If 1 and older, water only is good.

My boy refused cow milk but likes oat milk

Transition to formula. Mix it together. Start with a lot of formula and a little bit of milk, then move to half of each and so on. Warm the milk too! Cold milk can be hard to Transition into

It’s cold before that what temp were all of his drinks?

They sell a toddler formula and there is pedisure

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Yes. I did do toddler formula with 1 of my 6 because of this but only u til 18 months then she decided choc milk warmed up was her thing. She drinks milk fine now and she’s 7. But was told if they eat other dairy products a day that’s fine too.

Add chocolate syrup to it

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He doesn’t have to drink milk if he likes cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, things like that. He can get his calcium and Vitamin D that way. Check with your doctor for other ideas too, but I’m sure that’s the case.

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Start with 6oz formula, 2 oz milk. Do that a few days. Then slowly increased milk & decrease formula until it’s all milk. Imagine drinking 1 thing all your life then all of sudden it’s no longer available & you have to drink something else.

Yes! Start by mixing with yogurt and slowly reduce yogurt until just milk.

Maybe the cows milk is upsetting their tummy, sometimes a child’s refusal is a way for them to communicate somethings not right …


No need for cows milk. Check with your pediatrician depending on your child’s needs. You’re looking to fulfill nutritional needs that can be met other ways. I have a kid who is almost 5 and never drank cows milk. He’s healthy :blush:

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We did 4 oz of formula mixed with 4 oz of milk for like 3 weeks then dropped it down to 2 oz of formula and 6 oz of milk for 1 week then we gave him straight cows milk! We also use fair life milk and almond milk too, we also heated the bottles up before giving him the milk

After breast milk or formula, you don’t need cows milk.

Mix the formula and milk. Start with like 3/4 formula and 1/4 milk, then do half and half, then 1/4 formula and 3/4 milk. Do it over the next few days to a week. It should help. If it doesn’t, don’t worry to much, as long as there is plenty of other dairy options in the diet.

There isn’t any good reason to


Swap to the toddler milk, then start diluting with part cows milk.
My youngest (of five) was same way. He stayed on the toddler milk for a few months, then cows milk, then decided he liked water and juice better but loves cheese!

Have u tried heating it up ?

He doesn’t need cow’s milk. No one does. There’s other options like hemp milk that provide more nutrients


Add his favorite flavor

Then move him onto toddler formula, humans don’t need cows milk.


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My grandson drinks toddler formula. I alternate between that and almond milk (original but Not the unsweetened original) the regular original has a slight sweet taste. He loves it. He won’t drink the unsweetened or the vanilla or any other flavors. He’s very picky😅

Start adding more milk and less formula in the cup. Slowly so he wont notice rt away. Thst what i did w my sons and it worked

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My daughter was the same after breastfeeding she was on enfamil and we just switched to the toddler one

Mix it in with formula and ween him off. I wouldn’t keep doing formula. It is expensive. You could also try a different type of milk.

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Had this issue with my grandson when he would get bottles of formula his mother always warm them up so when he started drinking milk out of a sippy cup when he turned a year old it was cold poured it in the cup and gave it to him he would throw a fit after he took a drink and basically let it run out of his mouth so I stuck it in the microwave and warmed it up for 30 seconds to take the chill off of it and he drinks milk now no problem he just won’t drink it ice cold out of the fridge got ta warm it up in the microwave for 30 seconds so you could try that and see if it works he drinks other things cold water juice but he won’t drink milk cold

Mic formula gradually with cows milk, then eventually it will taste the same to him and he won’t notice any longer

I don’t like milk nor drink it. I had blood test last year funny think is I didn’t have low calcium it was pretty good as other food has it in it. As long as your child has other calcium it can be ok. Cheese, yogurt

he may even know himself that he isnt good with cows milk, have you tried any other kind off milk, ie our daughter didnt even like the same formula as her older brother and ended up on a soy based 1 and now as an adult has been diagnosed and she cant drink normal milk only lactose free and also gluten free diet

When converting my daughter over in her 8oz bottle, I would do 7oz formula, 1oz milk, and make sure it’s warm for her. Then the next week, I did 6oz formula, 2oz milk, I didn’t make sure it was the same temp though just the warm for the formula. Then the next week 5oz formula, 3oz milk, and I repeated this until it was completely milk. :slight_smile: it may or may not work for your little one :slight_smile:

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We used Baby’s Only organic toddler formula. My daughter didn’t like cows milk either. It was a good transition for us from breast milk.

Mix half regular milk and half formula gradually put less formula in the cup. It also works best if you use chocolate and strawberry powder.

Have you started mixing the milk with formula a little at a time so that it’s not noticable than a little more ECT ECT .pretty soon his formula will be mostly milk and he will be more use to the taste…Do Not add chocolate or strawberry flavoring because that is definitely not a good habit

I had to mix formula with cows milk and slowly ween off formula

We had to warm it up for our son to get him used to it. He is 13 months tomorrow and does fine now. He drink lactaid milk but liked regular it just tore his belly up

My grand daughter was a year and half before she would try 2% sometimes the whole is to much