My child will not eat a full meal

Do you ever feel like you have failed your child because they never eat a full meal or as much as you would like them to eat?


I think kids are no different from us. Sometimes they’re just not that hungry or sometimes we look at what’s in the plate and it doesn’t seem like enough. I think most of the population actually over eats instead of stopping when we feel satisfied. Kids haven’t created this mindset yet so stop when they are satisfied. As long as they aren’t filling up on junk between meals I don’t think you should be beating yourself up


As a child who almost never at a full meal who has become an adult who doesn’t eat full meals it’s important to remember that we’re not cookie cutter. We have different appetites, eating habits, space in our stomachs. As long as they’re not suffering from malnutrition don’t worry about it.

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Nope. My child is in charge of their own bodies. If they say they are full they are full.

My daughter is like that! I offer her high protein snacks throughout the day! Or charcuterie boards we call them shark boards then she can graze and I feel comfortable knowing she ate

No. Children often know when they are full far better than adults. People were always shocked how little mine ate but perfect weight for height.

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I never eat everything other people want me to eat either……your child will be fine they don’t need to eat everything it’s super good u offer but don’t be so hard on yourself about it……ur kids not starving and im sure your kid is healthy.

Children have much smaller stomachs than adults do. As long as ur child is gaining the weight they should be, then I wouldn’t be worried. My 5.5yr old has days where he will eat me out of house and home and other days where he barely eats anything at all.

My youngest didn’t and still doesn’t at times and she is now 11 going on 12 one thing I do feel doesn’t do enough is drink liquids

Don’t forget they have itty bitty tummys.

As long as they’re eating something, and you’re making sure they stay hydrated, then you’re not failing them.

Most kids let alone adults don’t even finish a full meal. :laughing: