My children misbehave when their dad isn't around: Advice?

My husband works long, odd hours, and when he is home, our children behave like children, but when he at work, I feel like they go out of their way to misbehave. I am every bit as strict as he is, and I keep to our daily routine. I have been the stay at home parent for the last year. I just don’t understand what I can do. I am expecting a baby next month, and I am concerned about how the older kids will be once the baby is here and my attention is stretched further.


I’m the exact same I have three girls and a son on the way in august he is stricter than me though but when he is around they act more behaved than when he is not here. I think they think were not as strong so they can get away with more I dont know what to do as well. I hope the best for you

Lay the law down stick to it but also make sure to spend fun silly time with them and let them see you laugh and let go , dont let yourself be a 24/7 stress case .

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I have the same problem. My grandmother told me it’s because I’m home with them all day and are more comfortable with me.

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Maybe they are bored with the everyday Routine so they are acting out from boredom if you do the same thing everyday and you are the only parent home usually. Try shaking it up a little bit or adding a few sensory activities to get them thinking and interested in something and give yourself a break. If all else fails try to tire them out by playing outside or going to the park.

Kids tend to behavior worse around mom! Just set rules and expectations and stick to them, cuz when baby comes it will be harder for you to discipline them, so sit them down and tell the the rules! And remember being a mom is not an easy job!

it’s the same thing with my husband and kids, as soon as he walks out the door they start!

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I raised 3 boys…dad worked all the time…they didnt act any dif when dad was gone or home

I dont even understand how this is in any way funny


They sure do know mommy is their “safe” place and are more comfortable with letting go of their emotions. They know we have unconditional love for them and no matter what we’ll always be there even when they act out

They have no respect for you and taking your kindness for weakness. You need to tell your husband about this immediately so he can have a talk with them about mistreating their very pregnant mother.

Have him explain to them once if this bad behavior happens again and he hears about it, there will be serious consequences and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Have him demand an apology on your behalf for disrespecting you and in return disrespecting him. You are his wife and you are an extension of him and he will not tolerate that.

My kids are the same way…Im actually delivering number 3 tonight.I have just guessed they missed him when he was away…

That sounds normal. Kids act up around the people they feel most secure with. If dad’s not home as much, they won’t do it as much when he’s there. The best way to head off misbehavior is to talk to the kids about how much you will need their help when the baby is there. Teach them to help clean, warm up food, and start being more self-sufficient. They will have less time to act up if they have more responsibility and will be more likely to help you with the baby than cause trouble.

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Unfortunately the parent that stays home becomes a child’s safe zone and children do not hinder themselves when they feel safe. Setting up chores and times to play hard will help get their energy out and that can have a huge impact on helping them be calmer.

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Give them stuff to do, lots of activities. Idc if you hit up dollar tree and buy every thing they have for crafts just keep em busy. My kids are the same way. Angels for dad and wild for me, I’ve learned over my 9 year span and 5 kids later to just let them play and the chaos stops. And trust me youd rather clean glue up off your table than have all of them screaming and bouncy with a little baby your tending to. And I got told when i had my fourth from the pedi to start reminding the older ones that they can wait, the baby comes first and isnt capable of waiting, just try to instill it, its a life saver. And remember momma just breathe and if you get overwhelmed step away and i promise you they will all be ok for a few minutes.

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