My childs father makes it seem like I should not ask him for help...advice?

My baby daddy makes it seem like I shouldn’t ask him to help with our kids that includes buying things for our kids like diapers ect. What does it mean, I mean they’re his kids too


Get court ordered child support.


I left my kids dad because he made me feel like a single mom, y’all deserve better than that point blank period


It means he’s a deadbeat dad.


My son’s dad is the same. Some men just give us the gift of our children and that’s all they are good for :100:


How is he with seeing his kid? Does he spend time with his kid? And buy things when he’s with kids I know some dads are hesitant to send child support incase the mother wastes it but will buy things such as nappies, groceries ect while out with them

If you have split custody then you can ask, but you’re both supposed to provide for your own respective homes. Otherwise you could probably ask for help. Asking for help in general isn’t bad, just think of who you’re asking and why.

Take him to court for support. “Benefit of doubt” is not going to help. Easier to get it over with tbh.


Sounds like it would be best to just go through the courts with child support.


If he’s not already on & paying child support it means you got pregnant by a deadbeat & you need to go file for support, because what you allow will continue. If he is already paying child support & pays the set amount on time you need to budget better & use the child support for diapers & the kids other needs rather than for whatever you want.


He needs to help with his kids. Take him to court since he is so reluctant. The state will help you get everything started


Been there. Save yourself years of headaches and heart break and just leave. You’re already doing it alone anyway. Get child support. He’ll have to help then. :woman_shrugging:

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My ex-husband was like that with our daughter. He pretty much doesn’t want responsibility for anything and just do his own thing and think about himself only. My daughter is 21 now . Ya he paid child support and I worked too. But he never spent time with her or asked how she is doing etc. Good luck and keep moving forward with your little ones. You got this

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Does your baby daddy pay a set amount monthly. (Support) if so, then he’s already contributing and meeting his financial obligations. If not, you need to seek council and have him pay support

He doesn’t want to be a responsible parent


I hear you with that part he doesn’t even pay child support he is like -$4000 and isn’t even trying to.

You shouldn’t have to ask, and don’t! Just go through the court system and call it a day!

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These guys are f**king crazy. Makes me sick, smh.

What are you doing to help?

It means he’s not ready to be a parent and you’ll lose your mind trying to make him one.

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Girl ask any ways. What the he** does he think that it’s easy? Or cheap??? Ask any ways! He’s not your father you already have one. Do what you have to do.

Child support is what that means lmfao

First how old is he?? Second have you ask for help? Some men and women are oblivious to things that are ovcious to others. Some don’t want any part of being A parents.

Means you should petition for proper child support.

Sounds like my sons dad…

Child support is not easy to get. If the parent doesn’t pay then no one really makes them unless you get a lawyer

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Don’t have another baby with him.

It means child support for him and wage garnishment.

That means it’s time for CS :raised_hands:t3:

scum and losers do this. Get child support, unless of course, he is asking you to carry him too in return for staying with you. Then just throw the whole man out. That ain’t a man. As a fact, he ain’t even a baby daddy. Act on behalf of your kids, cause nobody else will.

Take him to court can’t force him to be a father to the baby but can make him pay, move on with your life. From sounds of it you and baby will be better off, good luck

If he’s paying child support then no,that’s what child support is for,

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Does he already pay child support?

That’s what child support is for. Without that, he’s not legally obligated to help unfortunately.

You know what it means, and you know what to do but I bet ya won’t. Several people on here have told you what to do.

Take him to child support and be done keep it moving
He showed u he’s not showing up for his kid
Deadbeats are a turn off

If he comfortable with watching u struggle be comfortable walking away living yo life

Focus on yo child


Are you together? If so, leave him, you deserve better. If not, get child support.

Means you, ma’am, chose the wrong man to reproduce with. Enjoy.


He is legally required to provide for his child. Are you together or separated?

Well if he’s not giving you enough child support taking back to court but if you’re spending your child support money on yourself and then expecting him to buy your other stuff nah that’s not how that works get a job

My lawyer said to not ask for child support to keep doing me and not depend on him for anything . That way I prove I do it on my own and don’t need help 100% responsible on my own. Take it as it is and let him be then…

My children’s bio was the same way. F em. I don’t need no one who doesn’t want to be there for their own children. Never recived help because I didn’t want court ordered visitors to be forced.

It means ur a single parent so toss him the court will order him to pay

Dads like him is why child support is a thing

It means that you had children with a deadbeat!

Go to court and file for child support.

Let him carry on and do all on your own. As kids get older they will see which parent did everything for them.

I mean… Mine doesn’t either.

It means he’s a typical entitled male who doesn’t think the kids are his responsibility at all.

If you want him in your kids lives apply for child support. Show your lawyer the texts that he is annoyed by you asking him for basic needs. The judge isn’t going to like that.

It means he is a selfish pig