My childs father refuses to use his last name: Advice?

The courts let my oldest child’s father change his last name when he petitioned for paternity rights. We weren’t married and I had given the child my name. Heck I didn’t even tell him that I had a baby, but he found out!


Daddy needs to get the fuck over it. Your child has a name. Use it. You’re literally upsetting your kid by refusing to acknowledge his last name and that makes you a piss poor father who doesnt deserve to have his name carried on anyways. So.


Tell your son to get over it!


Sounds like you didn’t let him name his kid. He can call him what he wants… the kid will be fine.

Why not use both names… Hyphenate. Whatever the problem is between the two of you, it needs resolved and allowed to rest.


Not sure the age of the child but you need to teach them how to just let things go or ignore them…that’s what I do with my son. People will intentionally do things to get under your skin or child’s, it’s your reaction that matters, they are trying to rile you up and you have to not let it get to you or child.


How about some psychiatric help??? Good Lord, does anyone have a REAL problem???

?Refuses to use his last name (mine)???

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Don’t worry about it , when the kid gets older the kid can choose!

I personally blame the hormones in the chicken for these types of things. Maybe try turkey more often. Hope this helps.


So call him “DONOR” see how that works!!


Funny men are commenting the child should have his last name. Not all males deserve to have their last name carried on. Some of you are an amazing father’s and yh u should but it’s the women’s choice at the end of the day. But a lot of you don’t help out with milk nappies clothes bottles etc an women have to beg for it. Or some of you leave an do whatever u want. Them males don’t deserve to have their name in the childs name if the mother does most things for the child plus carried an birthed them on top.


It doesn’t matter if his last name is your maiden name. If that’s his legal name that he goes by and the father purposely calls him something else KNOWING full well that it upsets your child, that “man” has more issues than a name.


If you’re looking to the courts to weigh in on this, it sounds like you’re the one who’s upset about it. This is not a legal issue, it’s a ‘both parents need to grow up and stop torturing this child with your petty bullshit’ issue.


She left out so much in that paragraph. So I don’t know how anyone can give suggestions or get in minor tiffs over this. If she truly wanted true advice, she would have supplied the important information to give advice

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So, my parents divorced when I was really little. My mom won full custody of me, but since my dad’s last name was on my birth certificate, I used his name until I was almost 16. That’s when I had my last name legally changed to my step dad’s last name (who for all intents and purposes, is my dad. He was around pretty much my whole life, I’ve always called him dad).
Whatever last name is on the birth certificate is your kid’s name. Whether or not you’re sharing custody, you will have to petition the court to get the name changed, but changing a name is a process that is open to be contested, especially when the person getting their name changed is a minor.

Hes been childish. If it affects the child so much then why let him be subject to bullying and mental abuse. If a dad can be so petty then why should he have the joy of his child???

I know plenty of kids that have different last name depending on who they are with …you can add a preferred or an aka name when enrolling at school … don’t let it stress you tell your son it’s fine as his dad I’d proud of him being his son …

Well the dad is upsetting the child so he needs to stop. Not a good dad if he’s purposely getting his kid upset

can’t change name without parental concent as a minor. even then it’s a costly & cumbersome process.

Why wouldn’t you give him the dads last name? Did I misunderstand?

Is he actually the dad tho? Or is it someone else’s left overs?

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In what situation does someone need to refer to their child using their full name lmfao


I think you need to cut it out and be a wife not a petty narcissist

Maybe she want that welfare check. I don’t know who the father is lmbo

He refuses to use his last name because he isn’t his true father he’s his step father how dumb are you

Man this comment section is yikes.


What is on the birth certificate?

Who is Nameless Network???

At the very least they’re not fighting over what gender he is!

Confused by the question…

Id like to know how hard she fought to not use the father’s name. All the saltiness & pettiness involved. How much of the story we aren’t gettin.

2 of my kids have my last name. Dads are dicks and dont deserve kids to hold their last name. 3rd has her dads last name

Nah, if you’re not married don’t change it. We hyphenated our daughters, if I wasn’t married to him she’d have my last name.

My son has my last name & I don’t regret it at all :woman_shrugging:t2:

My died raised me while my mom was in prison. I wanted his name SO bad, but was told my mom had to sign off on it. She never did and fought me on it for years. Not sure if that is true or not 100% but I ended up just sticking with it and it wasn’t a big deal. I am married now so my name changed anyways.

My niece’s parents aren’t and never were married. Where I live the courts changed her last name without either of her parents consent as soon paternity and support was ordered. Her mother was not happy when she found out.

I gave my son my last name because at the time me and his father we’re having problems we weren’t legally married and I told him that if things worked out and we got married that I would add his last name on and I’m glad I did it that way because things ended up not working out

My son has his dads last name… I think if your not married, give the kid both last names. Because that’s their actual identity… and it’s fair.

This post is very vague. Need more info.