My Child's Father Stole Money From Me, What Can I Do?

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"so I need some advice, the father of my youngest (which is 7 months old) came to stay with me for approximately 3-4 months, I had money In my safe which only he witnessed when I put it in and when I made the code for it. I was trying to be discrete but I guess he saw it. Yesterday he left suddenly( he lives in another state) and was acting irrational. which also happen to be the day my landlord collects rent. I went in the safe to take out some money for the rent and my code doesn’t work, I think its so weird so try so many times and it doesn’t budge. I end up calling a locksmith, all of this took a couple of hours.When the locksmith opens my safe there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE SAFE. He stole thousands of dollars from me, when I messaged and called and he finally decided to reply, he replied saying he didnt take my money. He gives me no help with his daughter whatsoever and doesn’t help me with my bills or expenses and he had the nerve to steal from us. I am so hurt, I had to borrow money to be able to afford my bills for the month and to get by for the week while I get paid. I guess my question is, Is there anything I can do to retrieve my money ? legal advice ?? I’m so upset and shocked I just literally dont know what to do or where to go from here … Thank you in advance mamas !"

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"I would def be making a police report"

"File a police report fersure!!"

"Unfortunately, unless you have proof he took the money, there’s nothing they could do. It’s he said she said. I’m so sorry he is scum of the earth and did that to you & your kids."

"Report it to the police. Let them know he was the only person it could be. And the fact you’ve had to get a locksmith because the pin changed. Change your door locks so he can’t get in. Put cctv up outside so if he tried to come back at any point you’ve evidence"

"File a police report and get him on child support change all your locks as well"

"You have no proof he took it other than he’s the only one who was there. Its cash. Untraceable.The cops won’t do anything especially since he’s in another state."

"You can fine a report but without definite proof I doubt much will be done. But they may be able to scare him if he is in fact guilty."

"Get fingerprints done on your safe, if his our on there, you have proof needed to make a case against him."

"Small claims court maybe"

"Since it’s cash likely you won’t get it back, but if you’re serious about the theft file police report"

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