My childs teacher is concerned he is not social in school: Advice?

Anyone else have a child that keeps to their self at school and is quiet? My kids teacher seems concerned but my child is just an introvert and likes keeping to himself…he has plenty of friends at home and plays outside whenever he can so hes very social…its just at school he doesn’t care to make friends while in class…he listens and does well in school…just doesnt care to talk while in class…she always brings this up and I try to tell her that I cannot change his personality…is your kid like this too?

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There are teachers who have real issues with introverted personalities. In the same way that loud people in bars think everyone should be loud too. I would talk to your kid about why he doesn’t have friends at school just to check for bullying and whether he minds not having friends there. It may be he’s just not in the right school. If he’s genuinely settled, just tell the teacher you’ve spoken to him and he’s content. And ask the teacher why it bothers them so much!

i was that kid lol i had 1 friend in class and couldn’t stand 97% of my classmates. now i consider myself very social and outgoing. its totally ok. he is a rock star. teacher can’t change his personality as u said. he is who he is and that’s enough

I was out through the same thing , my daughters teacher wanted to force her to talk and participate more
She listened and payed well attention but she wouldn’t talk
After a few therapy sessions
My kid teacjer now complains how much my daughter talks and won’t be quiet

My advice is let the child be himself and let him open up slowly ,
Can teach him at home how nice and smooth he can raise his hand and participate if he wants to or how fun it can be depending his age
But pushing them won’t take us far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve got a kid that’s like this. A large part of it for her is that she’s very mature for age. The vast majority of her classmates are “very immature” (her wording). She also of the mindset of “I’m here to keep my head down, learn and get my work done.” She has a couple of friends in the school, but it’s also a school of several hundred kid’s.

She has friends outside of school. I don’t worry about it.

I think this happens more often then we think. My GreysonBlu who has ADHD and “disruptive mood disorder” is like that as well. I was always an introvert and I am now more then ever so when my son is displaying the same symptoms at school I am not going to hold it against him. Like Frances says I think I would get him in a sit down one on one and ask him if something is bothering him at school, if there is something he’s going through that you might be able to help him with and pick his mind a bit but without pressing him too much about it.