My dad and husband got in a fight and won't make up: Advice?

Mine both got in argument on the Fourth of July, and to this day, they both say the other is lying and won’t apologize. I’m just stuck in the middle of it and can’t ever seem to do anything without them hating on each other. I just don’t know who to believe, and it drives me crazy. I don’t think my dad would ever lie to me, but sometimes he drinks and forgets what he does. My boyfriend, on the other hand, does get really mad too and forgets what he does and says, and I’m just always in the middle of it, and I’m constantly sad and don’t know what to do. I’m scared that I might be in a relationship that just might be toxic, but I don’t know if my dad is overreacting.


Your dad raised you and loves you more than any other man could possibly imagine. I highly doubt he would lie to hurt you💛 as a mom, I always swear I’ll love my boy more than any other woman could. Your boyfriend should be the man and make nice with your father, and it should be a deal breaker for you for him to atleast try.


Can’t say unless I know what the fight was about

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I need more info. What happened. It depends what happened, what was said?

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Just tell them both to man the f up and move on.

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I’ve gotten into arguments/fights eith my husband’s mom and I’m always the one to apologize first and sincerely apologize for that matter. Tell your spouse to apologize and just set boundaries/distance after that. But seems like you have made up your mind and think your spouse is toxic. They both sound toxic though🤷‍♀️

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What’s the fight about

I don’t know the details but I would tell them both to grow up and get over it. If they want to be mad at each other fine but don’t put you in the middle cause your are not gonna play that game anymore.


Probably not the best advice seeing as I have no idea what went down. But if it were me, I’d stay out of it. If they both truly love you, they will confess to the truth and possibly make up. If not, I would still see my family with or without my man :woman_shrugging:t2:. If they are gonna hold grudges like children, they are allowed to do so. I have family members that pissed me off lately and I still see them and get along with them. It is what it is.

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You might want to talk to your dad and tell him if you are in a toxic relationship then you need him more than ever.

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Hard to say without more details but they both need to pull up their big boy pants and move on. Secondly, it sounds like you’re almost making excuses for both of them.
Another thought, has your dad ever lied to you before. How angry is angry when your boyfriend gets angry.

Sometimes we just need to eliminate people from our lives, even if they are a relative. You can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your friends. Which one do you want to remain in your life?

He’s your Dad! Nothing matters more than that!

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Well we don’t know the whole story who do you believe and who is right and who is wrong :expressionless:

Unless you are 100% sure of your boyfriend, I would go with Dad. If your boyfriend is causing conflict with your Dad of all people, just imagine what he could do to you.


Well you don’t choose your parents but if you’re concerned about how your future may turn out you are looking at it especially with drunken stubborn people. You can not make anyone especially adults do anything so if you are very sad and you want things different than what they are -if they don’t care about it how does it affect you? What can you do to move beyond this so you’re not sad all the time?

It’s not about believing anyone. It’s about mediation. They need to sit down and talk! Make it right and move on


Your parents are your parents, spouses although should be forever aren’t always. Is it boyfriend or husband? Depends on the disagreement.

Is it your husband or a boyfriend?

They are both adults and entitled to their own opinions as are you. They should not have to compromise or apologize just agree to respect one another. Tell them that and to grow up and leave you out of it.

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Dads and boyfriends can both be liars and toxic. It could both be them.


I agree they need to have a talk and try to resolve it.

Honey is he your husband or your boyfriend?:thinking: The title is my husband and dad got into a fight and further down he’s your boyfriend. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I can’t really give advice because I don’t know any details. But I will say this, you answered your own question hun. If you fear that you’re in a toxic relationship with your boyfriend/husband, then you probably are. I’m more concerned about your husband/boyfriend getting really mad and forgetting what he does and says. It sounds like you probably had some run ins with him yourself. When you have to question if you’re in a healthy relationship or not, it’s time to move on.


I would tell them both to grow up. Their issue is with each other and nothing you do can fix their problems. They need to fix it. However it sounds like you made up your mind and just believe your dad.

Tell them both you dont care who is lying grow up and move on

Make them sit doen together. with you. and make them apologize to each other. Tell them you love them both and can’t stand the division.

Sounds like they both need to grow the hell up. Stop being in the middle of it. Tell them both it’s between them and you are having no part of their petty argument. They need to sit down and hash it out so they can put it behind them. Sounds like you also need to reevaluate your relationship. If you’re having these doubts then there’s a reason.

Where one spot it says husband another it says boyfriend, so two different guys? I really hate giving advice without more information and conflicting information, however in that situation I would sit both guys down together in the same room and make sure they understand loud and clear you love both and their fighting and being jerks is hurting you more than they realize. That you also don’t want to be in the middle you don’t know who is right who is wrong, maybe they are both right and both wrong and the truth is somewhere between what they are saying. Make it clear whatever it is they need to forgive each other and move on, neither one is right at this point because of the pain it is causing you. As far as a toxic relationship there is not enough information to give advice on that, however imagine yourself being single without your guy in your life, never being able to see or talk to him again, if that thought does not make you sad then maybe he is not the right guy for you.

Theres boyfriends truth
Your dads truth
Then the truth.
Most likely they are both exaggerating and the truth is somewhere in the middle of what they both say

Your relationship is probably toxic if your dad says so and you’re inclined to agree.

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You choose a Loving father over a boyfriend, EVERY TIME.

Is it your husband or your boyfriend? So sad , no respect for each other? No love for you? None!