My daughter complains her eyes hurt...advice?

My daughter is 8 and for some time now she’s been telling me her eyes hurt. I don’t know what she means and she’s not good at explaining it just besides the fact that they hurt. Her bedtime is 8pm and we don’t do tv before bed or while falling asleep. I always feed her breakfast. She has an appointment coming up on March 16th to get her eyes checked. She’s never said anything about not being able to see. I’m ruling out the vision test before I go to the pediatrician because I know they will tell me to do that before any testing. She mostly was telling her teachers and going to the nurse about it but she started telling me at home last night. I just don’t know what it could be or why.


Could be allergies or dry eyes too

Very smart to start with the eye doctor, it could be she has increased pressure within her eyes, or she could be experiencing a headache and it’s just felt really intense behind her eyes. Good luck with everything!! Hopefully they will figure out the culprit!!

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Needs to see eye Doctor for exam

Take her for eye examination.
Took my kids for one and found out my 6 year old at the time (now 8) needed glasses

I second she probably needs glasses.

I would take her to an eye doctor. It may be that she needs glasses. My daughter started to complain about her eye hurting & head aches.

Being in a classroom with white boards and technology can fo that. It’s not just what you are doing at home with limiting TV, etc.

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Maybe take her to the optometrist for an exam.

my daughter is 3 and she complained that her eyes hurt…couldn’t tell me anything else but they hurt. i didn’t think anything of it because i thought she was just tired but then her eye started crossing. i took her to the eye doctors and found out she needed glasses. her left eye was straining because it wasn’t focusing while her right eye was.

That’s why you are Taking her to the doctor. They will figure it all out for you . Lots of luck :four_leaf_clover:


She probably needs glasses. My oldest could see fine but her eyes were over worked from focusing. She just needed light prescription reading glasses.

I used to get “hatband headaches” they were focused in my eyes. I wear glasses when I’m looking at screens now and don’t get them.
Hopefully it’s something that simple.

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Could be trouble focusing or mild vision issues. I can see fine but close up gives me headaches which are normally felt originally around the eyes for me. I forget what they said I had in high school something with trouble focusing on screens. Then they came back recently and said I should wear them for close up.

My daughter did the same thing a little over a month ago. She’s 5 and was telling me nothing but “they hurt” . She needed glasses lol we just got them. She feels so much better and happier

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My got headaches. We asked over and over if she could see. She said yes. Took her to get her eyes checked. Could not see the top line

Please ask her if it is hurt or pain when blinking her eye or if it is behind her eye…
Any redness or swelling visible?
If not I would take her in immediately to be seen!

The eye doctor will need to run a series of tests to find out why. It could be vision problems or it could be something else. I definitely recommend trying to get her in sooner, eye pain could be something more serious than just vision problems


Alot of times young kids describe headach as my eyes hurt


I second poor vision as well. She’s probably straining to see and needs glasses.

Sounds like she needs glasses

She probably needs glasses. I remember when I was that age and having to strain my eyes to see things like the black board at school always caused me head aches and eye pain.


Go to the pediatrician first. They might get her in the eye Dr sooner. I’d definitely do that instead of coming here.

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More than likely she has an astigmatism

This was me. I got glasses at 8

Hey. Optician here.
She needs glasses. Don’t freak out. We love fitting children in glasses. It’s the best part of the job :heartbeat:

Have you taken her to an eye Dr? Not the family dr.

The eye Dr will test her eyes. If they find anything of note they’ll send her to an optomologist for more in depth tests.

Could possibly be sensitivity to light, associated with headache or migraines. Eye doctor and pediatrician for sure, get their opinions, if they check out maybe consider neurologist- migraines present on different ways for different people

That’s how my then 4 year old explained having extreme dry eyes. He ended up having to have a drop but I’d see an eye Dr as it could be a million things.

Umm. Take her to the eye Dr?

I had some pretty bad pain behind my eyes that would just hurt all along the side of my head too. Went to get my eyes checked and turns out i needed glasses. I’m 30 years old and have never noticed a change in my vision, just always assumed i could see normal. That may be the issue with her too.

Could be migraines behind the eyes triggered by so many different things…

My son did complain also. He suddenly needed glasses. Each year his eyes decline. This year within 6 months his eyes hurt. Eye doc looked but talked to him about hunger. Turned out he needed to eat more . So he eats before the bus after the bus then dinner. My son said he didn’t think he was hungry at all.

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