My daughter dislikes tummy time: Advice?

I’m struggling with getting my daughter to do tummy time!! She absolutely hates it and will only do it for maybe a minute at a time. She is three months old, and I just know how important it is! Advice? Suggestions??


Just keep trying it. Dont force it. She will adjust in time

At the beginning they all hate it, they still need to build their core hence why it’s a bit uncomfortable to them, just keep trying little by little for just a few minutes a day. :heart:


I tried a ton of things and really the only thing that worked for my baby was putting her on my belly and entertaining her enough to spend some time on her tummy.

Try and make her comfortable and place some toys in front of her possibly with lights, music, anything with noise to keep her interested.


My grandson was like that with him we found after talking with his pediatrician that it causes a little pain and more if he has a full belly at the time and he told us to try doing it a hour before or after he eats and to also try just a diaper and t-shirt to be sure his clothes aren’t pinching him or to snug and be sure to put down a couple of soft toys and try laying down next to him well after a few weeks he’s doing great just not sure which advise really help.:rofl:

Mine hated it then to, but after a few mths they tend to start crawling

Mine hated it as well, but her doctor also told us that holding them in your arms, facing away from you (head resting in the crook of your elbow, tummy on your forearm) also counts as tummy time. That helped a lot in the begining

Shes only 3 mo. Chill n give her space. She will get used to it but forcing it on her all day will only make her hate it more. Do it once a week n build up.


Even if its just for a min, place her onto her tummy & the secret is to roll her over onto her back ‘just’ at that point where she starts to feel uncomfortable…don’t wait for her to get upset…distract her, then roll her back onto her tummy again when she’s in a good mood …repeat the process a few times a day, (like a game) she’ll get used to her spacial awareness & learn to turn herself…Providing ‘Tummy time’ is crucial for babies especially as at night when their able to roll over in their cots, as it also it encourages the head control🙂

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A min ti.e is ok for a 3 month old she will increase time

What in hell is tummy time ?

I had two children. Never heard of tummy time. If she doesn’t like it. Leave her be. She’ll still bond with you in other ways.

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My daughter would only lay on her belly on Me bc she would throw up other wise. Don’t force it the baby will be ok. Don’t be so rough on yourself and go with the flow.

My son hated it too. I would flip him back over after he started fussing. Don’t stress it mama. It’s normal. No need to torture her by forcing it. Just keep trying. She’ll be holding herself up and crawling before you know it.

I’ve never heard of Tommy time and I have 2 grown kids. What’s the purpose?

Give it time. My son was the same way

My daughter was the same way. Just have patience and keep at it. She’ll get used to it.

When they get angry they get the best work out. Turn on some music and let her get pissy

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Lay her down on your chest while you lay on your back. Baby gets that safe feeling and still gets in tummy time.
(She’ll get to where she’ll do it on her own, and it counts even on your chest. My kids’ pediatrician confirmed it lol)


My son was the same so I would just put him on his back. Eventually he started rolling over onto his stomach

Hold her against you and have her look up at you, does the same thing

So my daughter is 5 months old. I stopped listening to the “they’ll get used to it and just keep trying” advice. Some babies do NOT like tummy time. I’m not going to sit there and watch my infant scream and cry and force her to do it. I stopped doing tummy time and only tried once every few days. She almost immediately started crying. Eventually I had her on her back on her activity mat watching Cocomelon while I was washing bottles and I came back and she had tried to roll over onto her tummy. She screamed once she did it. She still hates it and rolls over on purpose and still screams and I roll her back onto her back. She still learned how to roll. She’s starting to learn how to sit with assistance. Don’t let ANYONE tell you to keep forcing your baby to do it if they don’t like it. They will absolutely still hit their development milestones. They’ll do things when they’re ready. Like obviously yeah try once a week at least but I mean…they’ll sort it out themself. My child is advanced and almost never does tummy time. It’ll be okay!

Google alternates to tummy time there’s several

My daughter hated it with a passion lol, she had Severe reflux and colic so we didn’t do it she sat up fine she holded her head fine she crawled fine and walks fine don’t worry about it x

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My baby would roll right onto her back every time I gave her tummy time lol

Oh mine hated it too. Always screamed during it for months and months finally until she was old enough to sit up and everything (like 8 months). Some kids just hate it :cry:

Lay on your back and let her do tummy time on your chest


When ur sat on ur sofa pjt your legs up feet flat on sofa and lay her tummy down on your legs. I used to do this with my lg and she loved it and would just watch tv or fall asleep but helps with tummy time and helps them gain strength in the neck xxx

She’s still new and getting used to things!
Try putting a mirror down so she can see herself.
Always, take a rest and try again later.
Don’t feel defeated, you’re doing great!

My daughter hated it in all forms, so I didn’t do it… she turned out fine. doing tummy time with your baby on your chest helps if they hate it, mine still hated it. Good luck mama.


My daughter did as well but she is still stronger than ever! She will be fine couple minutes a few times a day is totally okay!

Tummy time isn’t just being on the floor. My kids preferred to be on my chest during. Anything thing that encourages them to pick their head up and start to use there arms will work. You got this just think outside of the box.

I lay down and lay mine on my chest and let her do her tummy time like that. As long as they are working their muscles it’s good.


My daughter ended up having tongue and lip ties and the tongue tie actually was causing her pain when in the position. She enjoyed tummy time after we got her ties revised.

My oldest HATED it. So I didn’t force it. She didn’t roll over until She was like 7 months old. Didnt walk until she was 14 months old. Docs were never concerned. And guess what? She’s a happy, Healthy, perfect 11 yr old. No baby is the same


All 3 of my babies HATED tummy time. They are ALL fine and ALL have met milestones with no hesitation or issues! Don’t force it! Have her do it for the minute or two she’s willing and let it be

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What exactly do you mean because to be honest with you just leave her . Does she only lift her head for a minute or she only stays on her tummy for a minute period is she rolling over already or do you pick her up

Daughter is 6 months still hates tummy time except on her changing table. :roll_eyes: but she has been sitting up unassisted since 4 months and can stand holding onto things unassisted for a few minutes. She also rolls over when she wants!

Stick with it. Do a little longer each time and make sure there are toys to keep her entertained. Also try putting a little mirror near her so she can see.

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What I’ve found that helps is put baby on your chest/ stomach and you recline your body. Baby might just want the warmth and connection.

Sit in a chair and lay baby along your thighs.

Lay baby on couch and you sit on floor with toys or books. It’ll help distract baby and you’ll be at their level.

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Sorry…why is it important?? I don’t remember doing it with mine at all :joy:

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Just keep working with her everyday on it an keep it constant. When she is done pick her up an tell her she did a good job. I babysit a little boy who was the same way he didnt like being on his tummy at 4mnths old but after about two wks of working with him an having his toys where he could reach them he eventually loved tummy time an now I cant keep him off the floor😂an he is a 1yr old.

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My daughter also hated that lol never did that but I let her roll over and ‘toss’ around in bed & she turned out just fine started sitting down unsupported at 5mos, started standing up with support around 8mos. Your daughter will be fine, babies are different from each other.

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My son hated it until we got him a tummy time mat you fill up with water that had little foam aquatic animals in to move around


You can sit her on your lap to make her back stronger, try skin to skin laying down. She is still on her tummy. Also, when she is on her back, talk to her. Roll her over on her tummy for as long as she will tolerate and then back to being on her back. I also talked to them throughout this process. All of my kids hated it.

Carried my baby on his tummy around the house and placed him in front of the tv as he looked up at the visual and sounds. We don’t watch alot of tv so it was basically the only reason we watched it.

It’s fine. Let her adjust to it on her own time. My son hated it too until recently and it hasn’t affected anything, as he started crawling about a month after fully getting into tummy time(he is 8 months)

the natural way to do tummy time is to carry your baby on your chest–easy and you can get stuff done!

Mine liked to do tummy time on mom or dad’s chest. Or on the boppy

I did tummy time with my baby on my tummy. On the couch. On a pillow. I hated the floor because she would throw her head down. My niece hated tummy time as well but she walks just fine now at 17 months. :woman_shrugging: I say still do it, because it is important, but do it for that minute in the morning and do it for that minute in the evening everyday. Try it on your tummy or a softer surface, and always play with her during it!

My daughter was the same way but she’s been holding her head up on her own since birth. She is now 18 months old and happy and healthy and I have another daughter on the way and she loves kissing her baby (my belly)

Try tummy time on your tummy! Mine also hated it but on me she loved it and so did I

Please don’t forget about BabyNet! It is a free service from the State of South Carolina! We help to meet development milestones…it is important that she does tummy time which leads to head lifting, rolling, and affectively rolling to crawling. I am an Early Interventionist…pm if you want more assistance!

You can do tummy time by laying her on your chest while laying on your back. Also, provide toys and stimulation and talk to her and play with her as she does it so that she will learn to associate tummy time with having Mom’s undivided attention.

My oldest HATED tummy time. Until he finally was able to reach toys and such he’s 2 now, my youngest is 3 months and he doesn’t mind it after a bit he fusses but he does really well! Just keep trying for little bits at a time!

Mine hated tummy time just keep at it every day for at least 5 min 3-4 times a day. Consistency is key now all she wants to do is be on the floor she is now 5 months but started rolling over as early as 3 months because I kept at it . Best of luck mama.

My son is 6 months and hates it after about 3 minutes!
Rolls from back to tummy then gets stuck and my god will you know about it​:woman_facepalming:t4::rofl::rofl: he’s never been a fan since tiny he’d either get mad or fall asleep after not even 5 minutes hha!
But also his neck is super duper strong and can hold his head etc, he likes it more laying on mums tummy!
Maybe try laying down on your back with her on your tummy, that’s what I do just so he’s getting in some tummy time lol

I sit reclined and put my 10 week old on my chest (he is 15 lbs so we don’t baby wear much anymore). Or my older two will play with him on the floor when he is on his boppy pillow or play mat.

My daughter HATED tummy time. Come to find out, she had reflux and it was making her hurt. I felt bad that it took so long for us to figure it out lol.

My daughters would only do tummy time if they had a mirror toy to see themselves in. Would put it in front of them and they would play also made them want to move faster. I think its because they had something to go after because they were seeing themselves lol

I would get down on the floor with my boys, put them on my bed and just do little thing they liked. My youngest son had his baby girl do tummy time on him, on his legs tummy, or chest. Didn’t take long for her to really e joy it.

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I laid mine on their belly on my chest and leaned back on the couch. Then they are working their muscles and getting FaceTime.

All my kids (4) hated it… They were all still holding their head up good and strong by 2 months… The only one who didn’t crawl properly by 10 months like the other was my youngest… And that’s because we were always on the run and there wasnt enough time to play between getting the older kids to and from school, nap time, making dinner, chores and not having an open floor plan.

Don’t push it. A minute or 2 to start is just fine. Every baby is different.


LMAO my son hated it and I just let him do tummy time on me. I never pushed it and he was doing an the things he needed to either on time or earlier than expected

Most babies don’t love it. If she’ll only do a minute at a time, do it more frequently. With mine, I did it with them on my chest or stomach until they got to the point of liking it more.

Don’t worry so much. Tummy time was not a thing in the 1960s when mine were babies. By the time they learned to roll over they had all the tummy time they needed. If you are worried, do what others are saying. Put her on your chest when you are sitting in a rocker or recliner or just sitting in an easy chair. That was one thing I did do, but it was cuddle time then.

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If she cries , let her cry it out. It will be ok. I would do 4 min. Then increase.


My kids all hated it. It was a struggle. Do t worry. They are 3 healthy strong individuals now!

My son is almost 5 months and he just started to like it. I just kept working with him in it just for a couple minutes a day. Now that he’s big enough to lift his head easily, he likes it… just keep trying!

They have a cushion like a boppy, but it open and you can prop them on the cushion…put a musical toy in front of him and it will keep his attention.

My boys were the same. The doctor told me to keep trying throughout the day, short stints. He also told me to try to have baby do tummy time while baby is lying on my chest (hard to imagine but any effort is good), or lay on the floor with them and play.

One minute at a time is good, that’s a long time for a little one. Do it multiple times a day, try distracting with a toy.

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Get a pat mat. It’s a water filled mat with things like play fish, glitter etc floating in it. It gives them something to look at. They sell them at Walmart, Target and I’m sure online. We use these in our infant room at our daycare.

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I started out with tummy time on my chest. My son wasnt fond of it at first either, eventually he started to like it when he had stuff to look at. Trial and error. Find things she likes to look at or do. My son liked playing with empty wipe packs lol. The crinkle was amusing to him

I attended a sensory time class and the OT suggested using a yoga ball (or a large bouncy ball from Walmart) to lay her on. I would roll her back and forth until she became used to it. Then we were able to transition back to the floor. She took off rolling and crawling after that!

Put her on you- belly on chest or across your lap. Sometimes they need that comfort. Maybe try using a water mat? That’d be fun for her to look at

It is a crucial exercise for baby’s visual, motor, and sensory development. Start with small sessions after nappy changes… and increase time as baby gets older. Lie down with bub to encourage her… good luck.

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She may not be ready if worried talk to her doctor

Never heard of tummy time. Our two grew up to be great adults. What is the purpose? What I hear is many babies don’t like it.

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I wondered what tummy time was , I’ve learnt from a comment above used to to this with my son , not to do with muscles I used to lay him on a towel and take his nappy off ,just to give him a rest he loved it

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Let her do it on your belly. She’ll lay there forever. Then work on tummy time on the floor. Do both and she’ll be more comfortable

Just try a few times a day for as long as she will tolerate it, my son didn’t do long periods of tummy time and he hit all his milestones

Both mine did also. I tried making it fun, played with toys and did tummy time also. Also used the boppy pillow (whatever it’s called)

So does my daughter. If you have a boppy use it for tummy time, it helps!

Tummy time in our house is skin on skin contact.

It still has to be done. Maybe try a big stuffed animal.

What is tummy time??

it is not that important why make her suffer you can do lots of other stuff with her why piss her off

Depends on what you’re doing. One of my kids REALLY hated it until I got her this water filled mat with toys inside. She loved it then. Maybe try different toys and things to do. But tummy time doesnt need to be long. You can do it for a few mins every so often. If she starts to fuss try getting her attention by singing, clapping, maybe playing a baby show for her.

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Give it time… it will get better!!!

Most babies hate it when they first start. You put them down let them fuss a little if they start but don’t let them scream. It will get longer time wise the more you do it with them.

Most babies hate tummy time. She’ll get over it.

Use a soft bolster and out some favorite toys in front of it to gain attention.

Are you putting her on a pillow or some kind of mat?

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If y’all just place your babies sleeping on tummy since birth (supervised), you won’t have that issue. I have 4 grown children, 1 8 yr grandbaby and never heard of it or had issues

Never heard of it and I have 4 grown up children they loved laying on there belly