My daughter has been acting different toward me since I gave birth...advice?

Every since having my son, my 18 month old daughter hasn’t been the same with me… I co sleep and she usually would just lay down with me and now all she does is scream when it’s bed time or time for a nap and not only that but she will only hug and kiss her grandma. I don’t know what to do and it really hurts my heart

She’s acting out due to new baby.
Do you allow her to help with baby?
Are you having one on one time with her when baby is sleeping?

My friend had this problem … she will grow out of it. It’s just being jealous… nothing big. But when buys asleep maybe have mum and daughter time… read a book, bake a cake

You brought a new person into the home (not a bad thing lol), it takes time for EVERYONE to adjust to that. Littles tend to regress or act out. Make sure you are giving her some 1-on-1 attention during the day, and be patient with her. She’s just learning a new normal, it takes some time.

She will be fine. My kids are 18 months apart and when I brought home the younger one my daughter would death stare me and the baby and refused to say momma anymore. She was confused and any change can be a lot. Just make sure to give her some one on one, give her the space to figure out the baby It will all work out ok