My daughter has been crying when she thinks something is lost: Thoughts?

my daughter is five years old not long started school. She loves it, but recently she started crying if she thinks something is lost like her teddy or tv remote or if I can’t find my phone or misplaced something, she starts to panic. I try and tell it won’t be far, but she says she’s scared it’s been stolen. I thought it was shes tired from school but it been over a month now literally when she opens her eye she looking to see if she can find her remote she doesn’t even watch much tv, so don’t know why she panics so much but it’s over anything if she thinks it’s also lost she has little cousins a few under three and if they’ve left the room she starts to panic and crying thinking there going to hurt themselves even though there’s an adult with them I’ve been reading online it could be child anxiety I’m going to book an appointment for her was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience before


Sounds like she has anxiety, has has anyone stole from her at school? Like a pencil or notebook?

Talk to her doctor about this. She may have anxiety and need treatment which could include medication and counseling.

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My 8 year old has anxiety. There’s a fantastic book called There’s A Bully in my Brain by Kristin O’Rourke that we read together in kindergarten. It helped give us an age appropriate way to address her fears. Is my teddy really lost forever or is that my bully talking?

Has she been thru a traumatizing situation? Maybe she saw a movie or something in tv that might had triggered her to anxiety. :cry:

Is this her first time being away from home during the day? It could just be adjustment issues with a new schedule.