My daughter has been having accidents: Advice?

My three-year-old wee’s herself! She gets lazy or sometimes waits till the last minute then it’s too late? She knows how to go the toliet. Any suggestions? As I’m at my wit ends…


Keep reminding her to go to the bathroom

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I would imagine, like any 3 year old, they get busy with what they are doing or don’t want to miss out and just wait too long. She will get it, just keep reminding her.


Possible she might have a bladder infection or a uti. Maybe bring her in to get checked out?


Every hour ask her to go toilet

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Set a timer every hour and she has to go no matter what. If that doesn’t work then take her in to get checked out.

She’s still learning. She’s only three. She’s not being lazy…


Ask her a million times a day :woozy_face: basically as a reminder


Remind her every 30 mon to an hour to go potty. If she fight you use if…then statements. Ex if you go potty then you can watch TV. Or if you gotta then you can play

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You could always try a kid friendly watch with a timer on it.

Set a timer. Say “I bet you are so proud of yourself” when she goes potty. Use a visual chart. We do stickers

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Most likely a bladder infection or prolapse. I had it a lot as a kid.

Set a timer for her to remind her to go or get her a potty watch that will remind her. And if she makes a mess, make her clean it up herself (with your supervision of course and you helping if she really needs it.) This is what I had to do with my daughter at that age. She got over cleaning up her own mess pretty quickly and we didn’t have anymore accidents.

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Get a potty watch or a timer and set it every so often to keep her in the habit.

Try having her wear long dresses/nightgowns but no underwear. That feeling of having underwear there makes it feel like she has something to go in.

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Put her back in pull-ups, maybe she won’t want nothing to do with pull-ups after that.

She is 3, and that is normal. She needs to be reminded after a certain amount of time that she needs to go.


She’s three, she’s not lazy. Have patience, remind her frequently. They’re extremely distractable at that age. There are plenty of 3 year olds who are not trained at all. You don’t need to be at your wits end with a 3 year old.


Get her checked for a water infection x

She’s 3…she hasn’t been potty trained that long to not have accidents. Remind her if she goes when she feels the need to go. She’ll get there earlier. I’m going through the same thing.


She still needs reminders.

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My daughter is the same way! Drives me NUTS ! I look for ques , such as her dancing or holding herself. Most if the time I have to force her to go potty by following her to the bathroom

Remind her every so often as she is still potty training.

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My son did this when he was 3 but I figured why at least with him he regressed really bad after my dad died he went from being completely potty trained to going back in diapers for a year he also stopped talking all together for awhile… I just kept reminding him ect he came back around but it took alot of work

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Your lazy for not taking her!!! You should walk her to the bathroom every 20 minutes to try to go


My granddaughter is 2 and she is doing great with her potty time as we call it lol but I’ve noticed the only time she has accidents is if she’s watching a show she likes or has a phone watching something!! But I do remind her about every hour about going potty. Sometimes she goes and sometimes she says she has to and don’t. But it’s all in teaching them. It’s up to us as parents to do that!!!

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My 6 year just went through this! Turns out he was constipated! Has she been regular? Could be that!

Shes three! It takes time and a lot of patience from parents. How can you be at your wits end with a toddler who is learning? Sounds like you should get better about reminding her. That is your job as her pwrent


Remind her every hour, ask if she has to go. A few days of keeping her from getting too excited and reminders should do it.

My 4 year old has been having problem. She’s been potty trained since she was 2.
Have her checked out, make sure there’s nothing medical going on first.
Then just make her go to the bathroom every hour or 2. & if she’s having any caffeinated drinks cut them down or out.

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My son was the same way at 3. She’ll catch on. Be patient momma. <3

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She’s 3. That’s normal. Keep working with her. She’ll get it.


My daughter is 4, almost 5 and I still ask her if she has to go potty or remind her to go potty.

She’s 3. Please be patient and know she is still learning. Shes learning how to hold it or signs she has to go potty. Kids get distracted easily and have accidents. Please don’t get frustrated. That could make her regress and you’ll be back to full on potty training.


Shes 3. Lighten up. Accidents happen & will probably happen for a couple years.


My son has done this. They are young. Remind her often. Make her take breaks while playing or whatever she’s doing to go.

She is only 3, she’s still learning. Reminding her and then making her try to go ever so often will help alot. She is probably getting to invested in what she is doing to take a break and go. My son did that also.

Make her try every hour I’ve trained 5 kids

‘Voiding dysfunction may be related to urinary tract infections, constipation, stress at school or at home, or drinking caffeine. In most children, overactive bladder improves with age. But in the meantime, try to have your child use the bathroom every two hours whether he or she thinks it’s necessary or not” and definitely talk to your doctor to make sure everything is ok. Don’t let anyone tell you you are over reacting. It’s your child and your gut instinct will tell you if something feels off. Good luck

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Maybe ask yourself has there been any big changes in life? Are you pregnant? New baby? New boyfriend? New daycare? Start there

It’s just what they do, they don’t want to stop playing. You have to enforce it and remind her every so often. Maybe get a rewards chart.

My daughter is 6, still happens.

She’s still in the process of learning how to control her bladder so constant reminder would be best. If it continues, have her checked.

At her age, they get so involved in what they are doing (playtime, etc) that they think they can hold it for longer when they can’t. It’s normal. Just let her know that she can come right back to what she is doing after going to the bathroom

First of all, great job on already having her potty trained already.
It’s important to remember that for the last 2+ years she has never had to stop what she was doing to go potty… this part is still very new for her. The best way you can support her is to just ask occasionally “have you gone to the bathroom lately? How about you go try” I’d plan on this being your ‘normal’ for a little while

She’s probably not lazy she’s probably just busy being a kid my 3 year old does that and then when he needs to go to the bathroom sometimes he gets there too late ask her as she’s playing

If she is playing on tablets or phones… take them away. My daughter was going through this. She was so lazy! Yes she was lazy! She was/is potty trained she knew when she had to go but would rather not stop what she was doing.


My little girl who is 2 started to do this out of the blue. It was a water infection

Be careful because although I was 9 or 10 I always had a problem w peeing in my pants…I just couldn’t hold it…turns out my bladder never grew with my body…I had to have a surgery…

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:joy: shes 3 it happens calm down just take her hourly even if she does nothing

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It happens. It will pass

I wouldn’t use the word lazy on a 3 year old. :pensive::weary:

It is a learning process. It doesn’t happen over night.


My 3 year old will only do it when she wants attention, and since we’ve been cleaning and packing up our house to sell it she’s done it a few times this last week.

She’s only three…thats normal

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First off your child isn’t lazy and you’re wrong for even calling her that. Second off it’s normal cause she’s still learning her bodily functions and just needs her parent redirect from playing to the bathroom.


She’s not lazy. Her body is still maturing. Don’t tell her she’s being lazy.


She didn’t call her daughter lazy she said “she gets lazy” which I’m sure we all do lol (not the potty accidents so don’t come at me :rofl::rofl::rofl:) I’ve potty trained literally hundreds of kids and I am still currently potty training other people’s children. We don’t know this child or her personality so we can’t give a specific reason. If you believe your child is potty trained and knows that she needs to potty and not hold it maybe something is distracting her rather it be what she is doing or something is on her mind. Has anything changed in her life that she might be stressed over, because that can cause the accidents a well. I’ve had children pee on themselves because they didn’t like the outfit their mom put them in :woman_shrugging:… but I would recommend setting a certain amount of time between going potty and/or after she drinks anything. Maybe she just needs to get back in her groove!! Much love and good much vibes :crossed_fingers::blush:


Give her a break she’s 3. Find something small to give her as a reward when she uses the toilet. A sticker or a couple m&ms

Try reminding her or asking her every so often to use the bathroom.

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Some kids are pushed too early .or an over reaction from accidents can set them back .

Just keep reminding her to go. Don’t stress yourself or her out about it

I can tell you exactly what you can do… you could have more patience for your child… your child is 3! How can a three-year-old be lazy? I really do think you might need to re-evaluate how you look at your child to start with.:woman_shrugging:


Three year Olds aren’t lazy, parents that say their 3 year old is lazy, are the ones who are lazy. Take her to the potty every so often. Smh

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Holy shit. She is not lazy she is 3. Her brain and bladder are still developing. Cut her a break? My goodness.

Ugh gotta hate those lazy 3 year olds.

Just keep reminding her, won’t be long before she doesn’t have accidents but until that time u have to remind them constantly. It’s not laziness it’s easy for them to be side tracked in play or whatever they’re doing. Toilet before bed, before car trips, after meals u just have to keep asking if they need to go!

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Very common at that age to have accidents… they get sidetracked easily. If you think it’s extremely frequently occurring have her checked for a uti at the pediatrician. Also if it’s something your comfortable doing/under your supervision, have her “wash” her undies in the sink when she has accidents… it gives her awareness that it’s not fun having accidents at a level she can grasp(Reward when she goes potty on her own!!). Also try reminding her more frequently to go and try even if she says she doesn’t need to go. Yelling or getting frustrated doesn’t teach her that accidents shouldn’t happen… give her responsibility by cleaning up her mess but reward with excitement for when she does go potty.

Something that helped with my kids was to send them on a schedule… like every hour or hour and a half. Pay attention to the time in between her potty trips … and try to prevent accidents.