My daughter has terrible night terrors, what can I do?

How can I help my 3 year old daughter. she has terrible nightmares or night terrors about 3 times a week, she will kick scream and cry for an average of 10 to 20 minutes. I can't wake her up , I've tried, she doesn't wake up or respond to anything I say to calm her down. she breaks out in a sweat and says things like no no she doesn't want to and asks where her stuff is Im unable to figure out what exactly she is asking for, sometimes it sounds like a bat or a bear ? but she doesn't have anything that she is obsessed with or goes to for comfort as far as her asking for things during this time. she doesn't have a babysitter. she isn't around anyone but me her mom and her 5 year old brother. her dad is out of town for work. that is the only thing in her life that has changed. It breaks my heart that I can't comfort her of calm her down during these moments. I feel it is night terrors due to I can't wake her up, she will sit up but isn't awake. any advice appreciated. her doctor says it will pass but that doesn't make me feel better,she seems so afraid of something when asleep but is a happy little girl thru out the day.

Night terrors are the absolute worst. Do not try to wake her just comfort her as much as you can. Night terrors are like sleep walking so you won’t get a response no matter what you try. Unfortunately it’s best to ride them out. Being over tired can trigger them as i found with my toddler. If we had late nights she was more likely to have them otherwise she seems to have grown out of them. Good luck I know how upsetting it can feel like you can’t help your baby.

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The best you can do from my experience is to keep a very low profile and calming presence. The headspace their in is one that is very hypersensitive. A lot of the times their auditory cortex is in overdrive and something as simple as opening or closing a door can sound amplified by a large margin. So therefore one of the natural parental reactions of asking them questions, can just irritate this even further. Be very quiet, comfort them. Hold them, try and get them to go into a comfortable position. Sometimes a new environment can help, and other times its sensory overload. Take it on a case by case basis and decide your best approach. Melatonin, chamomile tea, a lavender scent in their room. Make sure they have the best shot at a relaxing environment. And don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a learning process

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter has terrible night terrors, what can I do?

She will.grow oit of it.i did.

careful about what you are watching or listening to around her. i know anytime i see something scary i have nightmares for a week straight. even if my dad was watching a war movie or something i’d have that in my dreams that i was in a war zone Nd i only saw the tv screen for a minute


Mine had to grow out of it… stopped when she was around 7… dont rush into her when she does it, alot of times they don’t even know they’re doing it & walking them are startling them can hurt them… worst case scenario tv baby monitor so you can at least look without running to comfort…

Try saying prayers with her every night :heart: you can keep them short and sweet and have her repeat after you. I think she as well as you both will find comfort in doing that every night


I’m 35 and still have horrible nightmares I have as long as I can remember, I have always slept with my bible under my pillow and my granny Doss’s prayer clothe also pinned to my pillow

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My 3 year gets comfort from her baby blanket it’s really soft with a satin edge I noticed when I watch her an she sleeps she holds a little piece of the corner touching both soft an satin my opinion something soft is very soothing for them :heart:

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With my 2 year old, I was told to stop waking her up? Not sure why

I find if I have anything sugary or cheese before bed I too suffer horribly from night terrors… could the source be something she is eating/medication etc?

This was my daughter at age 3!!!
And yes i hear you when you say you can’t wake her or comfort her (or ANYTHING really!!) for that 10min mark… My daughter also used to have night terrors awake too! (worked out it was when she was over tired)
I could NEVER touch her or even sit close (during the terror) and boy did I try! As it’s natural as a mum to want to comfort and hold your child when this is happening - but for me it just made the terrors worse and longer!
I know it’s hard - but i found just sitting/laying close to her, while (as calmly as i could) say things I knew would usually comfort her… "Hey gorgeous girl Mummy’s here! I love you! Say her name over and over…
As soon as the Terror was over (and it would almost be like her snapping back to herself) she would look at me and call to me - that’s when I would swoop her into my embrace and talking calmly and lovingly saying things like “its ok, Mummy’s here! I love you, you are safe!”
Yes! This is just a stage! Your child WILL grow out of it, but i know from experience - it’s scary AF and you feel like you’re not in control…
But Mumma YOU ARE​:bangbang::heart::heart::heart:


Does she drink milk before bed? The tryptophan in dairy products can cause an extra boost of serotonin that can sometimes mess up levels of sleep causing nightmares.

My granddaughter used to have night terrors and I would have to wipe her face with a cold wet rag to wake her up

My 3 year old daughter also has night terrors several times a week.

I believe they’re triggered by being over-tired and too warm while sleeping.

During the summer she was having a lot of “episodes”, but now that the nights are cooler they’ve stopped.

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do for them while it’s happening. You just have to ride it out and be there when they snap out of it.

My daughter used to do the same. I moved her room around every week. Not sure what it was but that seemed to have helped. We also used to speak calmly to her and say everything is okay, she can go back to sleep.

My son had these and it was the worst to wake up too. He’d cry and run around the house. I would fill the tub add chamomile and lavender and we would both sit there for about 15 mins.

Watch the kind of movies or carton she watches. I hope she is not exposed to domestic violence.

Melatonin can cause night terrors. If you are giving her that decrease the dose by half or fully.


Put selenite and tourmaline under her bed

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter has terrible night terrors, what can I do?

My son takes imipramine. He is 7 now, but he also has focal seizures at night. Which can be misdiagnosed early on as night terrors.

I read that if it’s happening at a similar time each night that if you wake them up before it starts then it can break the pattern. My son had them often at one point and now rarely. It is not nice to see but they are perfectly fine and he never remembered them in morning and he’s 6. Good luck.

My daughter has night terrors too, she’s almost 3 1/2 and has had them since almost 2. The best thing I have found to help was make sure she didn’t go to bed overly tired and to make sure if she had an episode/terror to just calmly sing/talk to her until it passes because becoming upset only makes it worse. Sometimes her dad would take her for a walk to try and snap her out of it but it doesn’t work all the time. Now unless she doesn’t get a nap/goes to bed early she doesn’t have the terrors but she has a hard time not crawling in my bed :woman_facepalming:

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Does she still have naps? One big cause of night terrors is being overtired when they goes to bed, if she doesn’t nap maybe try and get her to even just half an hour to an hour around lunch time, it might help

I’ve gone through this with my 2 year old exactly! He would scream mom over and over again but I couldn’t comfort him even tho I was right there. Its the hardest thing to go through! I wish I had advice to give because I still occasionally go through this too, your not alone! There is no remedy for it, it sucks!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter has terrible night terrors, what can I do?

My lb went through this for a while, I was the same can’t console him he would kick and scream and bang and roll around you literally just have to talk them through it let them know your there watch they don’t hurt themselves he’s 4 now and he hasn’t had one for a while

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter has terrible night terrors, what can I do?

My son used to have night terrors like this and we tried everything and in the end the only thing that helped the most was… Every single night we put him to bed and let him fall asleep, after about 10-20 mins just as he is really going into a deep sleep, we then roused him back awake… In a nice gentle way, kept him awake for a couple of minutes then we put him back down to sleep… And he would then hardly any night terrors, we got told to do this back in 2005 by our doctor who had spoken to a sleep expert… I think it had somthing to do with disturbing the rem sleep cycle, but it worked for us


Figure out why she’s having them. My daughter had them bad right before and after I left her dad. I believe it was stress and her hearing us fighting. Other than that, just sit down with her when it happens, put your hand on her leg or arm, and keep telling her she’s ok, she’s not alone, you’re with her, etc. That seemed to help my daughter and she eventually stopped having them.


I’m so sorry to hear this. My daughter has them and she is 16 had them since she was a baby. I have found for us if we turn on lights and move her to another room she has a better chance to come out of them. It also seems to work with my granddaughter.

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Do not wake kids up from a night terror they can remember the night terror of you do. My daughter had night terrors also. They will eventually pass. You can comfort when they have one but never ever wake a child up from a night terror. I learned that in college. Comfort but no NOT wake.


Your intuition is right that it’s probably night terrors. Take her to see a pediatric neurologist. The need to do an EEG study. In VERY rare cases, it can be a pediatric seizure disorder. My son started around 2.5, we used medication to manage after 6 months because everyone in the house was so exhausted. He finally outgrew his by age 5.

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My son had them every night from the time he was 18 months until a trip to the ER in the middle of the night when he was almost 3. We were desperate for help and sleep. The amazing ER doctor explained what a night terror was and had us track the pattern. We would wake him about 30 mins after he fell asleep each night to interrupt the REM cycle. It seems to be a neurologist issue with the sleep cycle. After keeping a journal of the timing we eventually were able to figure out exactly how long to wait and the night terrors stopped. I can not express how bad they were. One night the neighbors called the police thinking that we were abusing our baby. If not for that kind and knowledgeable ER doctor I don’t know what would have happened.


My nephew has them and it seems to be brought on by over heating. My brother has bought a cooling mat for under his sheets and that has really seemed to calm things down for him. Naturally over tiredness can bring it on as well but maybe try seeing if cooling Her down helps?

My daughter had them badly as a child some lasted for an hour or more. Nothing helped. They eased. But she still has bad nightmares every so often and she’s in her 40s. So all I can say is be very patient.

My daughter is 2 and a half and gets these when she is over tired. I used to when I was over tired too.

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If she says a prayer every night asking God to protect her from bad dreams she won’t have any. I suffered from night terrors when I was that age and the prayer worked every time. “No I don’t want a bad dream, please God, tonight or any other night.” Truth.


Trust me it will pass. I went through night terrors myself when I was younger and was due to a new change in my life (emotional change). After speaking to a therapist, I managed to have less and eventually none.

It is a normal part of childhood for some kids. Just stand by, and keep her safe. She will outgrow them.

My 25 year old autistic son had it for a few years and stopped having them when he was about 4 years old.I wasn’t able to hold him,he was really strong when he was having Night Terrors,so his dad would hold him. His dad would tap his back alittle and we would try to talk to him. Sometimes we would wet a wash cloth and wipe him with it. We also would rub his forehead lightly. All that would work at times. But,he would never remember that he did it the following morning. He still doesn’t remember.

My son was the same,they are scary as a parent to watch esp when they won’t allow you to comfort them and don’t recognize you…all you can really do is put a small light on and just be there close by.Reassuringly the kids do not even remember the episodes.Took a year for my son to grow out them x

My daughter went through this when she was about a year old she’s now 2 best thing I’ve read is leave them alone and don’t hold them or try to console them it only makes it worse just stay there and monitor them they will work through it

Also my daughter still has them once and a while and they don’t last as long anymore

Hope this helps

I am a grown adult that suffered from sleep terrors as a child into my teens.
My mom did 2 things…just to elimate any medical issues.
Sleep clinic and EKG.
We found out food was a small trigger. It was like I would replay my day… So we did a thing called reflection at bed time… so for example if I had a fight with my friend we would empty out my day before bed time. Talk about any fears before bed. The brain needs to reset. We dream because we get into such a rem state. There’s a science behind sleep and to help your daughter reach a healthy state of sleep.
I had my serotonin levels checked. It steams from typically a trama.
Good bed time routine. Take away devices a decent amount of time before bed.
You are allowed to wake up your child but your to follow her cues… Allow the moment of the terror to pass.
Once you have everything in front you…then make a good sleeping plan. The sleep clinic was great for that types of plans.


The only thing that helped my son was to bring him to the toilet to pee and he would snap out of it

I know it sounds odd but have you tried turning all the lights on I’m 30 and have had night terrors as long as I can remember only thing that brings me out of it is the bright lights I still sleep with my lamp on

We would take them to bathroom just about time terror would start usually about same time. That usually broke the terror

Scrunch face / horror face is common. Don’t sweat it. Possibly having nightmares about her absentee father. Coddle, feed, and bathe.

Sometimes it’s something in her diet. Or if she’s had a snack too close to bed time.

She is over tired and don’t put her to put in to warm of pjs that’s what my daughter

^ This. Look into night terrors and sleep cycles. I used to wake my daughter a hour after going to sleep, just for a few minutes and a cuddle. It definitely helped.

My son had them but now he doesn’t as much he would have then upto 5 times a week numerous times throughout the night we was advised not to wake him but to sit and hold him through it they advised me to write a diary so they could monitor the times and length I didn’t leave the doctors eventually they got him councilling and therapy as it drained him each time keep on at your doctors.

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I was sexually assaulted at a young age & had a lot of trouble sleeping.
Bad dreams NIGHTLY.
Wake up crying relentlessly, etc

Read to her a funny book or books give her a nice warm bath ,rock her, and put a radio in her room that you can get soothing soft music. Has she watched tv ? Maybe something that might have disturbed her ?

My son used to be the same. To we got a dog. The dog use to pick up on it before it got fill on. Would cuddle up on the bed and the night terrors wouldn’t continue.


Sometimes they might sleep walk so becareful of that


Place a bible next to her when she is sleeping…just a it better when she has a nap or the same

Try putting on a CD of calming music when she lays down, try turning it back on when the night terrors start. Very low soft music

BEST SURAHS TO LISTEN TO BEFORE SLEEP | 45MIN PLAYLIST | FATIH SEFERAGIC | Relaxing Quran Recitation - YouTube try to listening quran it can help 100%

Consult your pediatrician

poor thing, I feel bad for her

My 4 year old has night terrors has for about a year. It was every night unless his sister slept with him. Her Being at school I allow him to sleep with her 1 day a week. Then I tried magnesium bath salts and my world has changed. Now he has a magnesium bath every night and we don’t get night terrors at all! Last week he didn’t want a bath for 2 nights he showered instead then for 3 night after he had night terrors. Highly recommend magnesium salts it has saved me!

Take her for physical activities and some meditation and be with her so she opens her mind with you, let her draw some pictures if there some different in her drawing than usual it can be useful. It’s like working on her mind without letting her know.

My son was the exact same at 3. He’d be clawing at the walls screaming whilst still asleep and all I could do was sit with him until it passed. We went to the doctors and had no answers other than “he’ll grow out of it” and six months later he did. I’m sorry your little one is experiencing this, hopefully it will pass soon

Keep her nice and cool at night. Her getting to hot can cause the night terrors. Both my kiddos (6&2) mainly get them while being overheated sleeping.
Also its not good to wake them while they’re having them. They could hurt themselves or you… try putting in a bath (if she’ll allow it during) or even running water on her hands to help her to come out of it… but thats after so long of letting the night terror run its course

Its natural, and she’ll be ok. Just let it run its course, she has no idea what she’s doing
Just make sure she doesn’t get hurt.

One of my daughters had night terrors around that age. It’s common after a traumatic experience, but also happens when they go through growth spurts. Hers used to happen around 1am every night for weeks, so our doctor had us wake her up about an hour before every night to break her sleep cycle. Our doctor also had us talk to her during the day about her fears so that we could work through them while she was awake and it definitely helped.

Have u tried any of the soothing lavender bed time soaps or lotions for kids? Worth a shot? Use it in the bath b4 bed, see if it gives any relief

Whatever you do please do not try to wake her up during her night terror. Let her go through and try to talk to her. Let her hear your voice and try to calm her down. My brother had night terrors to the point he would be up screaming and running around the house crying. We noticed that if he ate before bed, this is when it would happen. Check daily routines before. What is she doing before bed when they happen vs. when they don’t happen.

My son had night terrors every night until he was 5. I was exhausted and hopeless. Finally after research and working with a respiratory therapist we came up with a plan that worked! I was so lucky to be a receptionist for a sleep therapist at that time. Every night I would put sleepy time oil on the tips of his toes then about 30 mins into him falling asleep I would go into his room and make alittle noise (opening a closet door, rustling around toys) just enough to get him to toss and turn but not wake him up. This actually stopped him for getting into the REM deep sleep where the terrors come into play. Let me tell you I havent sleep that good in years. I actually cried when I woke up that morning. He is 10 now and his terrors are down to one every 2 weeks or longer. I stopped with the oils but it’s almost habit to go in and still make noises. I hope things get easier for you and your little.

A change in temperature is the only thing that would snap my son out of it.

If you use melatonin, stop. It can cause night terrors. I would set up an appointment if you don’t use melatonin. See what they say/recommend

Simple fix for my daughter was a dream catcher. She was told it captures the bad dreams and makes them go away so good dreams can come. It’s been working great!


I have them still, and my daughter also had them around that age, pretty much every night for almost 2 years. During the episodes, I would close her bedroom door, leave it very slightly lit (like her nightlight alone) and sit on the floor with her. She would eventually calm down and kind of walk around while still mostly asleep. When she was mostly done, she’d come sit with me and I’d put her back to bed.

These are the morst.
I assumed it is being over stimulating during the day. Just rub her head and let her know you are there. Mt husband picked her up and walk her to the pourch while talking calmly to her.
Hugs Mama it is rough… but she will grow out of it.

This is going to sound silly but I suffered from night terrors as a child, my mum said I’d look like I was awake but I wasn’t n wouldn’t remember anything the next day, I even became violent once :disappointed:. So the silly part one night I’m having a night terror n screaming and my mum shouts leave her alone she doesn’t want to come with you, I never had one again. Strange I know but just thought I’d let you know x


Change her room around or decorate it, involve her as much as possible, good luck!

I have a night light in my daughters room and have some type of sound like a fan or sleep music going

Yea pretty much same thing with my son and there was nothing I could do. He grew out of it and stopped but I spent an hour or 2 at a time trying to wake him and console him.

I prayed with my daughter before bed. I loudly proclaimed this house is protect by the lord. I encouraged my 3 year to has the courage to say “in the name of Jesus be gone” and that has helped.

This is “normal” I was concerned my daughter was hearing too much about the election and made her overwhelmed. (This was during that time) we made a point to not have the news on so much and tried to talk less about things that could be hard to understand or overwhelming for little hearts. She tends to still crawl in bed from time to time staying she’s scared but we just reassure her that we are always in the next room that she’s ok and welcome to come to our bed if she’s scared.

I don’t think it has much to do with anything. Just reassure her that you right there and she’s safe. Cuddle her during the episode just tell her mommy is hear. You are safe with me.

Do not wake her or touch her. If she’s running and walking through the terror. Follow and keep her safe. But do not touch or wake her.

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May sound weird but give her a big scoop of peanut butter right before she goes to sleep… a friend of mine was a medic in the military and his son had night terrors. He would give him peanut butter before bed and they stopped.

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Don’t try to wake her up, Just let it take its course. As long as she’s not a danger to herself, let it be.
Does she have a schedule that she follows for bed time? Sometimes night terrors are brought by over stimulation or being over tired. Try to have the same routine and same time to go to sleep daily. If her routine has changed maybe that’s why.
My son had them when he was little, maybe at 2yrs old. We changed his bed time routine and didn’t let him go 5 mins passed his bed time. This really helped.
They don’t remember anything. So just be there with her but don’t wake her up. I’m sure they’ll go away soon.

PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO WAKE HER UP. If is natural for some kids. My daughter had them they were terrible. The best thing to do is change nothing. Do not touch her unless it’s too so her from being hurt like falling off bed or something. Don’t tally to her, doubt change the lighting or TV or anything in the room. Changing anything like that will make the brain go more hyper but that’s not the word I want to use. Most of these in kids that young are because the brain is growing rapidly and the best time for the brain to do that is when the body is sleeping, relax, calm. The brain notices of your say turn on the light so the brain starts sending more signals making it worse. Best you can do is time it, don’t let her hurt herself and when it’s over make notes of everything

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Get her to a doctor ASAP. I had these as a child and it resulted in several serious injuries! There are medications she can be put on to stop these and also like me, there could be a psychological explanation for this. Please get your daughter professional help.

Is she eatting before bed ?? If so that could be the issue as it was with me as a kid my mom stopped feedin me before bed n it stopped sometimes heavy food before bed causes this my issue was pizza id eat 2 slices before goin upstairs someone told my mom to stop that for a week n see if it helps n it did

Do not wake ur child up thats the worse thing u could do i would sleep walk and my mom had to redirect me not wake me up she always stressed that

Don’t wake her up. Just hold her if you can or sit next to her until it’s finished. It’s very scary for them but they won’t remember a thing in the morning. I have 6 kids and 3 of them had terrors. Super sad to watch.

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My pediatrician said let them ride through it. Keep them safe and talk to them. Keep saying their name. Tell them you love them. She also recommended the monster spray. Take an empty spray bottle fill it with water and write monster spray on it. Spray the room at bedtime

I started having this issue with my daughter when she was about one - one and a half. I went on to my local Mama’s page which had over 3,000 mothers on it. I asked pretty much the same question and also my daughter would thrash around in her bed ripping at her hair and smacking her head (I think sugar was giving her a migraine), she was completely inconsolable and I had to just wait it out which it usually lasted about 20 to 30 minutes every single time also it would happen sometimes twice in one night and usually it would happen around the same time 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. The weirdest thing about it was that it seems like she wasn’t aware that she was doing this and she had no memory of doing it either, after 20 or 30 minutes passed of her screaming thrashing and ripping at her hair she would just all of a sudden come out of it and start talking to me and acting happy and completely fine. I had a huge response on my page and about 99% of the responses suggested that I take as much added sugar out of her diet as I could. Once I started to do this I noticed little things like ketchup or jelly setting her off on these terrible night terrors. I became more vigilant in looking for things with no corn syrup and no added sugars and finding alternatives with natural sweeteners. The night terrors completely went away! I figured out that natural sugars in fruit as well as stevia and other natural sweeteners like erythritol do not set her off like this. I haven’t played around too much with honey or agave because they are a little more expensive and usually add a strange taste when I’m making baked goods. My daughter is now 6 years old and she handles sugar a little bit better, when we get a little bit overboard with allowing her to have things at birthday parties or with grandparents we don’t get night terrors anymore but I do notice that the next day she is extremely grumpy and she will cry over the littlest things and about pretty much everything. Russell Stover’s just started making candies with stevia, there’s also awesome brands like Swerve, they make pancakes cookies and cakes as well as they sell their own erythritol in Crystal form and powder. Good luck and I hope that you have the same luck I did taking out added sugars from her diet. The only issue I had was with the daycare not taking me seriously, my pediatrician not taking me seriously as well as family members. Finally my new pediatrician is on board with helping me understand what’s going on and helping me figure things out. We believe my daughter is on the low glycemic level and my pediatrician told me that if she is going to have sugar try to make sure that it’s with milk or a fat because the fat will help bind the sugar and help her body process it better. So for example the pediatrician told me that ice cream might be a better sweet than maybe popsicles. Otter pop does make popsicles now with apple juice tho so just look in your stores for better alternatives and things made with natural sweeteners and you guys should be fine.


My co-worker went through this with his daughter. He said they took her to the chiropractor for some adjustments and it literally snapped her out of it. :woman_shrugging:t3: I don’t normally believe in chiropractics for things like that but thought I would share anyway. Good luck.

My son did this for a few years when he was younger but he would actually get out of the bed and run around screaming and crying. When I talked to him he wouldnt even acknowledge me. It was like he didnt see me . And it freaked me out because he would just stare at a wall or a corner screaming like he was terrified and then he would turn around, walk back to bed, lay down and sleep. He is now 10 and has not done it for at least 5 or 6 years. Most of them do grow out of it.

With my grandson (actually 2), my daughters put Bible under his pillow. They were little older but it seemed to work.
Maybe if she’s missing Dad, have her put picture or something of his under pillow. Something to help calm her subconsciously. Good luck

My daughter had the same thing. I gave her a lion stuffed animal to sleep with, his name is Lambert, Lambert didn’t help stop the night terrors but he helped her fall back asleep better afterwards. She did grow out of it after almost a year. Hug her, hold her, tell her you love her.

With my daughter her night terrors started around the same time every night. We would wake her up 15-20 minutes before they normally started and that seemed to really help. Also we would do a routine at bedtime with bath and night time lotion. Not sure if it was those combined but it eventually stopped and it hasn’t happened in well over a year.

My daughter has been having night terrors since she was about a year old. She’s 4&1/2 now and still gets one every once in a while. Some things that have helped is not letting her eating within an hour before she goes to bed, cutting back a lot on processed sugar, and not letting her get overtired. She sees a chiropractor but I didn’t see an improvement in them when she started going(although a lot of other stuff was greatly improved). Also there really isn’t much you can do for them. Just be there when she has one and make sure she’s safe and can’t hurt herself and NEVER wake her up. It makes it 10 times worse if you wake them up. It can also be triggered if she has been sick lately, a fever, stress, etc. I know it’s hard to just sit back and watch but it’s definitely harder on parents then the kids. Kids don’t even remember that it happened at all.

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Does she watch TV before bed ? Does she nap in the day ? My daughter was the same. I now play calming night music before bed and she has to nap in the afternoon. Otherwise this happens. It’s terrifying

Does she do it at the same time every night ??? If so , try making just enough noise to make her roll over like a half hour before she usually gets up to reset her sleep cycle

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