My daughter hates sleeping: What can I do?

She wants your attention that’s all probably. I got a Fisher price smart connect noise machine and night light. You control it from your phone. My 3 year old still uses it. No tv or tablets an hour before bed. Don’t get her up no matter how much she tries. Just pat her and caress her while speaking in a soothing voice.

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My son was like that, I ended up taking him out of the crib and putting him in a regular twin with guard rails…slept great after the change

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Cut her nap shorter. My daughter would do that too. It got to the point that we couldn’t even let her nap at all because she wouldn’t sleep at night.

I rocked all mine at bedtime and sang a song. Worked for all four of mine. No late naps. 12-2pm ev day. They got up at 6:30 am. Tired after lunch

I don’t like to sleep haven’t my hole life I know where she coming from lol hope everything works out for you

Have you tried a cup of sleepy time tea about 1/2 hour before bed time. Add some milk, warm milk is relaxing. Make it a part of getting ready for bed and tell day care to have her sleep only 1 hour.

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Get her an adjustment at a good chiropractor, out newest grandson was having trouble he is only 2 mo old now, he has been adjusted twice and made huge difference for his sleeping and spitting up issues

My granddaughter did not sleep either, she had GURD so laying down hurt her stomach. We fixed her crib on an incline or she would sleep in her car seat!

Go in and comfort every 10 minutes but don’t let her get out of bed just keep saying it is bed time. Eventually the Wii exhaust themselves and sleep.

One thing when they have Alergys that happens too my granddaughter was like that we started Alergy medicine she sleeps like angel

Don let her nap or cut it down a lot, she’ll sleep at night…hopefully.

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My daughter did the same thing. I just stopped giving her a nap and she started to go to bed sooner. I also would add a dab of lavender oil to her bed to help her sleep

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Try cutting out her daytime nap. Keep the same night time routine and see if that works. She may not need a sleep in the daytime any more.

Let her cry it out…She`s performing her ACTION because she knows what will be your REACTION. May take a few nights but the tirades will diminish.

My daughter did this. I stopped napping her at 15 months. She is 28 now and is still the same way

Maybe try a white noise machine? My kids are older but that was a big help to us about 4 years old on.

Try to mix up the routine maybe and do the nursery rhymes before dinner and the book last and read the book while rocking to get sleepy maybe and then the last feed right before bed —turn down the lights after dinner to make the house dimmer maybe

I saw on born different a child only slept 3 hours a day it was some condition I don’t remember but it was normal for that child

Does she have a night light? My son was the same and we had to stop naps (which I will be honest, makes afternoons much more stressful) and I let him pick out a new stuffy for bed only

There are several videos on YouTube on that subject like stroking her head and face lightly with your fingers.

It’s probably the daycare letting her sleep more than the two hours they claim as it makes their lives easier.

How many naps does she take? Cut naps out. Problem solved.

She could be napping longer than you think

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Went to the same problem with my kid and his doctor said to give him melatonin. He now is in bed by 9 and is up by 7 a.m.

Have you tried playing ocean sound music or baby Mozart music?

If she is napping at daycare you should ask that it stop. My daughte4 was that was at 3 and 4…i couldn’t get her to sleep before midnight constantly except weekends when I wouldn’t let her nap or she didn’t have the chance to nap. I found out she was getting a minimum 2 hour nap early afternoon Every day she was there.

It is a sign of adhd


i have 2 year old twins and we recently got them to sleep in their own rooms. we got black out curtains, white noise machine with nightlight, liquid melatonin in their bottles and I sit in there for about 5 to 10 minutes not talking or making eye contact until they are calm and I leave and they do cry and scream on occasion and if they do that for 10 minutes I’ll go back in there and sit for 5 to 10 minutes not saying anything again and no holding and then leave again. it’s a bit of a process but it worked for us.

Don’t let her take any naps during the day. Her body will adjust.

Put music near her and pretend you’re sleeping and it works for my kids kik

I got 3 grandchildren that dont sleep they are bi polar n ADHD n autistic


What is the sleep schedule at daycare?

Try to limit her nap to one hour. Have them wake her up. See if that helps.

Lavender oild or sleepy time oil bottom of feet and white noise or ocean sounds on you tube. Do it for the grands works wonders

If there’s no medical reason, try letting her cry it out as the others have recommended. Are you certain she’s only napping for two hours?

Lavendar in her room and in her bath. Calm music and then sleep. Also keep her super busy after daycarr

Probably doesn’t need her nap. This may help!! Hope so.

Melatonin it relaxes their little minds or lavender in a warmer

Try give her some sour so leaves Bush she sleep very well all threw the nite

Have her checked for sleep apnea.
Toddlers and young children do have it.

She may need a different nap schedule to be honest

She is afraid of something or someone.

Have you tried a lavender essential oil diffuser

Maybe day care is giving her a late nap

Try to avoid the naps… Good luck

Have her checked out by youPediatrics

Humidifiers help a whole lot

Try to shorten nap time

Shorten her daytime nap to start.

Melatonin gummie bears… BUT CHECK WITH DOCTOR FIRST PLEASE. They do help.

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Melatonin is not addictive but is habit forming. A person can get used to taking it and it makes it more difficult to sleep without it.

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Melatonin worked wonders when my daughter was 18 months. They have gummies, liquid, or little tablets that melt in your mouth. Don’t know what I would have done without it.


Talk to your doctor FIRST. Melatonin is NOT recommended for children under age 4 no matter what the bottle might say. I have discussed this with my pediatrician on several occasions for sleeping issues as well. Also a good pediatrician is necessary! Good luck!


I do melatonin for my 3 year old and then I do a roll on melatonin oil for my 1 year old (its not really a melatonin its an essential oil) but they both help


My son has high functioning Autism, so he has sensory processing disorder. This was my life. He never slept through the night, if I actually got him to bed early, he woke up at 3 a.m. After he was 5, we started to see an Occupational Therapist, she explained to me that the amount of sensory input for kids like him has to be right, too much they won’t sleep, too little they won’t sleep. We finally got it right and he started to sleep through the night around 6 years old. Quiet time, reading, calming, did not work. I started to use YL calming bath bombs and nightly exercises. Sit ups, jumping jacks, dancing. We still read, with the lights on. Turning the light out with one lamp caused hyperfocus, making him alert instead of putting him to sleep.

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Baby by Marc Weissbluth!!! Read it and it will tell you how to sleep train and why it works.

Check out Takingcarababies on Instagram

Somebody letting her day sleep-

That age should go to bed earlier. Staying up that late is not good for her brain. Schedule should be between 7-9. Kevin if I stay up late I cant sleep. A routine brushing teeth reading books. Etc. My granddaughter cries, but ten minutes later she’s out. Make sure she’s getting fresh air and playtime. Although she is also teething right now and very clingy and whiney.

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Start at 7:00 pm. Bath, books, NO SCREEN TIME. Try melatonin gummies. Works with no side effects.

Try lavender scent in bedroom