My daughter is being bullied. What should I do?

My 4 year old daughter started preschool a few weeks ago. Today she came home and told me that she sits by herself at recess on the bench because no one will be her friend. She tells me other kids tell her to go away and that they don’t want to play with her. I was heartbroken to hear this as I was bullied when I was kid and still vividly remember it and am still somewhat traumatized by it. I refuse to watch my daughter go through this. I am going to talk to her teacher in the morning. But what else can I do? Should I look in to transferring schools? Homeschooling? I can’t believe this is already happening to her in preschool! Kids are mean and already in cliques. I just want my daughter to make friends and ultimately be happy! What’s the next best step?

Talk to the teacher, see how things go. Transferring schools would probably be the next thing I would go for. If it still doesn’t work out after that look into homeschooling. A lot of people have turned to that option especially with covid, so I’m sure you could find support groups and information easily. Kids are really mean & im sorry shes going thru that already so young ):